In The Stars

By Risa D’Angeles

ARIES: A revolutionary idea is about to manifest. The next seven years brings forth what you’ve longed for and hoped would occur. Through persistence you will love this dream into existence. 

TAURUS: No matter what occurs, know that love underlies all happenings of the times. That love isn’t from a person but from the greater realities guiding our lives. Focus on the present. Choices made during this past retrograde may reverse. 

GEMINI: This last month everything mental deserted your ability to be understood. Even though Mercury turns direct, for you it remains behind the scenes. Misinterpretations slowly turn around and long lost friends may call. Much remains obscure in order that you spiritualize all actions. 

CANCER: You ponder goals for the coming months. They’re connected to expectations and how you want your life to be. Previous goals and expectations are now disappearing. Life has changed so radically in the past three years. New points of view are forming. Maintain a regular daily routine.

LEO: Your creative abilities are most important now. These constitute your real professional life. They define the qualities that best assist others and Earth’s kingdoms. What studies must you now initiate? 

VIRGO: You are thinking deeply so you can have perspective. Mortality is something you will think about in the coming months. This is a healthy response to the changes occurring on our planet. There’s nonverbal communication occurring between you and others. 

LIBRA: Communicate thoughts that concern you and choices you’ve made. Do not enter unassisted into anything new. Discuss everything. You need love and care. This comes from open communication.

SCORPIO: Most of us think we have free will. We do, to an extent, but there’s a greater reality overlighting us. It’s best to be more fluid, to know we have very little free choice, and to discover that greater reality surrounds our little lives. Make its acquaintance.

SAGITTARIUS: Great opportunities seem to be moving toward you. Be aware of this, but don’t expect it. That’s a paradox, but it’s true. Listen to communications, from yourself and others. Messages could wound, uplift or be a refuge. The latter is needed by everyone at this time. Which will you choose?

CAPRICORN: In your daily life, you might find yourself in two places at once. Your mind here and your body over there somewhere. This is the Gemini experience in the daily life of a Capricorn at this time, not forever. You attempt to bring synthesis to this duality. You will find poise, balance and harmony. This is the soul. Call upon it.

AQUARIUS: Be among the young and playful, the romantic and creative. You will become these, too, and discover new outlets of art and creativity. You’ll see things in a new light and your imagination will flow outward making your life a place of happiness. Often you are toiling among questions. At this time, just be the artist and futurist that you’re called to be.

PISCES: Know that everyone in your environment supports you. Display your trust and show gratitude to them. Something’s coming to an end. A new life will be built from the remains of the old — a new community that creates the foundation for greater achievements. Bid the past farewell. It served its purposes well. Now you have new promises to keep.


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