Gemini: Move Between Old, New

ARIES: Move forward on bringing what you value into manifestation. It is time to negotiate with others. As you define your plans and goals, you will also define your values and everyone will know where you stand. Business activities are important. Elaborate more.

TAURUS: Thoughts flow into your mind and are instantly forgotten. They’re not lost. They’re embedding themselves into your imagination for later application. Others see you as constantly changing, which you are. It’s not under your control. New projects must come into form for humanity’s welfare.

GEMINI: As a new self-awareness unfolds you’ll find there’s less ability to adapt to old ways. You’ll form new alliances and new realities. You’ll move between old and new ’til you’ve anchored the more inclusive Aquarian principles.

CANCER: Your mind is restructuring itself, gaining new dimensions, creating new understanding. What you feared before is being replaced with preparation for times to come. Spirit comes into matter through you. Align with this thought.

LEO: Redo and correct the past bringing love to all interactions. When an event or interaction is remembered now displaying your heart, redo it by re-visualizing what should have occurred. Healing in your heart then occurs to you and all others.

VIRGO: Read Leo for healing and release from past wounds. Think about your relationships and how they’ve changed. In what ways did you bring change? Have you been changed by encounters with others? A new seven-year cycle of change begins soon. You will not be who you were before.

LIBRA: Family life affects you profoundly. Changes within the family have occurred. You made choices that affected the family. Are those choices still in effect? Are you pondering the importance of family? Who is your family now? Have you touched gratitude yet?

SCORPIO: The past week has brought a focus to family life, childhood issues, mother and nurturance. What thoughts came forth, what wounds surfaced, what dissolved, what became larger than life, and how did this affect you? The past weeks have been difficult. Now there will be a drive toward relationship interactions. Do not be irritable, angry or pushy.

SAGITTARIUS: Giving because is the most powerful of all actions creating a magnetic force field directing us toward others and away from ourselves. When giving to others a great love encompasses us. We become free. When we give we are then given to so we can give more. It takes a courageous spirit to do this.

CAPRICORN: A change in money and resources will make you more aware of monetary inflow and outflow so you can better save and prepare for an unusual future and adjust to the coming times in ecological, innovative, informed and sustained ways that work with the whole. This is what “permaculture” means as it defines and organizes. You will be a “permaculture family system.”

AQUARIUS: The questions for Scorpio are also for you. They define the past weeks and coming times, which will bring forth transformations of consciousness through noting what is wounding you now, what’s vulnerable, what issues you’re concerned with, what in your life need care, tending and healing, what’s almost too big to handle and what’s dissolving we love you and stand with you.

PISCES: A life event that bridges the past with the future creating will create a new self-identity and better way to help and serve others. You will need extra care, rest and tending amidst solitude. A wound slowly heals; something is taken away so that a greater more loving presence can envelop you. Mantrams are a solace. Here’s one: “The joy of the Divine Self is my strength. At the center of all love I stand.”

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