Mercury Retro And The Swine Flu

Keep Oscillococcinum, Byronia and Gelsemium in medicine cabinet

At midnight night Wednesday, Mercury turns retrograde for three weeks. Prepare this week by tending to details, plans and purchases. Our minds have become overloaded with data. Retrogrades allow us to “houseclean,” by putting thoughts and ideas in order, and bring closure to previous events. 

An outbreak of the swine flu (strain H1N1, a combination of bird, human and pig viruses) is in the news. It’s good to have the following homeopathics: Oscillococcinum, Byronia and Gelsemium in our medicine chests. See: Building the immune system through diet, fresh vegetables, organic/biodynamic if possible; pure water (drink in ounces your body weight); remaining home if ill; avoid crowds if illness occurs in your town; and most important practice excellent hygiene. Washing hands is the best preventative. Spiritually, remain within the aura of love. For daily updates on health go to Read more at

ARIES: A sense of being in alignment occurs this month for everyone, but especially for you. Ideas will make themselves known. They are important and will stabilize your actions and self-identity in the coming challenging times. Careful with groups. Stand tall and courageous and remember that fear is simply a state wherein more information is needed. Seek it.

TAURUS: You’ve been called to serve someone or something very special. Perhaps you’re not in your usual daily life and schedule. Or perhaps you’re in a retreat where behind the scenes allow you to ponder, think and study undistracted. Or you’re far away from home tending to a life and death situation or a medical emergency. Whatever you’re doing it’s spiritually based and love underlies your choices.

GEMINI: Hurry and do all that’s needed to prepare for the Mercury retrograde. It’s as if you’re being prepared for something important. Perhaps it’s to dispel the illusions of others concerning what’s occurring on our planet. As you slowly move back into a reflective state something’s happening to your usual group of friends and at work. Do you feel restricted at home?

CANCER: There’s an opportunity being offered you within the groups you belong to. Perhaps you will be recognized more or called to lead or a wish and hope will be fulfilled. New people will become part of your inner circle perhaps through a community interaction or Transition Town meet-up. Maintain in these interactions your ethics and ideals as you adapt and compromise and plan for the future.

LEO: Work continues to be a stabilizing influence and original ideas occur that develop new ways of relating to everyone personally and professionally. It’s important to be especially concerned with parents. You are more than you think you are, more than most see and recognize. Careful with authority, which you’re called to be. There must be a balance between discipline, structure, will and kindness and love.

VIRGO: Things religious and spiritual, questions concerning justice and places far from here come into your mind. You are greatly organized. You’re powerful in personal and intimate relationships. You will learn how to handle power with others. Stumbling is your first step.

LIBRA: Your heart gradually swells with love for another. Money is an underground stream of thought. Whether its legacies or inheritances, stocks or investments, taxes or savings it’s best to bring all the information into the light for discussion. Tend to debts and become thrifty. Think about what would sustain you if everything if your life changes.

SCORPIO: Be willing to listen carefully and agree with others to participate in their ideas, plans and agendas. This creates a magnetic emotional balance. You will be seen as one who is wise, intelligent and caring. This is a new persona for you and it helps you to cooperate, share, provide others with praise and attention. These create right relations.

SAGITTARIUS: Things important now: Staying with your present situations, creating new methods and trainings at work, maintaining an idealistic work environment, tending to physical health and making sure you have financial advice. Remember to have fun. Some of you are “seeking.”

CAPRICORN: For those married or committed, turn to your partner and renew your intentions and vows. This leads to unexpected love and romance. For those who are single, make yourselves look good and go out. To attract others, radiate goodwill from your heart and soul. People will wonder what’s different about you. Follow this with constant goodness and kindness.

AQUARIUS: What’s occurring at home, with real estate, family, parents or your life’s foundation? A new base of operations is attempting to form but there are changes you must bring about for this to occur. You must move, accept and improve your present environment, or do whatever unsettles a previous choice for security. Take one step. The next 99 will be taken by spirit.

PISCES: You’re entering many different realities seeking advice and guidance. After communicating with others, gathering information and adding to your knowledge you come to new and vital conclusions. Continue this quest. Next week question if previous choices will lead to further research. Keep your spirits up. Remain in the garden.


Risa is founder and director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom school, in Santa Cruz, Calif. Risa can be reached at Web site

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