Just Do It

Risa’s Astrology

By Risa D’Angeles


Just Do It

After two years circling the zodiac, Mars finally returned home to Aries. Everything should move forward now on a fast-track trajectory. Step out of the way if your pace is slow (Pisces, Taurus, Scorpio). Mars, having a Type-A personality, is either on the fast track or the warpath. So, the energy everywhere is “just do it!” The Mars/Aries energy contradicts Taurus Sun’s calm stability and Friday’s Taurus New Moon. New moons are seed days initiating that introduce something new. This may include new relationships, passionate interactions, fiery scientific discussions…all of which may not have any follow-up. Aries and Mars live only for the moment. Mars squares Pluto Sunday. Expect explosive events.


“Let struggle be undismayed” is the meditative, personality-building seed thought for Taurus. This indicates the urge to move forward into matter till all lessons concerning the nature of form are learned. Then duality appears teaching Taurus discrimination through choice. Duality and desire are the “struggles” Taurus experiences. Taurus is the penetrating “Light of the Path.”


Honeybee news: As esotericists we all know that bees, wheat and corn were gifts from Venus. In the past years honeybee colonies have been in decline with no known cause. Just as Venus turned direct last week, news of a diagnosis and cure were reported. See sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/04/090414084627.htm.


ARIES: Money concerns are shared by you and Taurus this month. Pull back on spending for a while assessing exactly what you need. Before any actions with money, tithe to those in need. Do not refrain from this, even if you feel you have no money. You can always give even if a small amount. This ensures constant loving resources from spiritual sources into our lives. After giving, financially organize.

TAURUS: Read Aries and follow it. Money and resources always concern you. You have in your life resources all around, hidden in boxes, closets, drawers, garages and storage units, kept for we don’t know what or when. However, you need the money they would bring if sold and it’s needed now. Do you need assistance in organizing this? It’s available. When something is used its gifts shines forth.

GEMINI: Tend to yourself in ways that allow for contemplation and solitude. These will bring you to your own thoughts needing to be listened to now. You may feel dreamy and dreams may become vivid. You know to share and write about them. They are messages that either clear up yesterdays, release emotions or are prescriptions for the future. This is a deeply quiet time for you.

CANCER: More and more you’ll come out of your shell because you, a cardinal (initiating things) sign, know the future must be prepared for in ways different than we’ve prepared before. You’re the nurturing “great mother,” realizing food and necessities must be put aside for family, friends and humanity for later on. You’re concerned. However, first tend to a health matter. Then you’ll carry on.

LEO: You’re being observed as you are observing those you work with, looking for constancy, trust, confidentiality work ethics and abilities. Know that you’re influencing many at this time and that your work is excellent and a model for others to follow. It’s important to acknowledge, praise and recognize you. As we all know, you evolve through what you create.

VIRGO: If you’ve tended to your money and resources with care, you should be ready to travel to places that adjust your mind and heart, cast a web of dappled light onto your body, and allow you to meet new ways of life, food, people and cultures. Or it’s time for you to return to school. Any type of learning will do as long as it calls to you – heart to heart.

LIBRA: Thinking and planning future finances is appropriate now. I want to introduce you to the idea of buying gold and silver instead of retirement plans and/or other ideas the banks have created. I suggest you look at Franklin Sanders website. He deals in gold and silver and is reputable. See www.the-moneychanger.com/. Discuss with another (family, intimate, financial advisor) what and how you are planning for your death. It’s the season for these thoughts.

SCORPIO:  Whatever the status of your present relationships, partnerships and interactions with others, it’s time to consider new ways of relating that include more right relations and goodwill. Having the intention to act with greater depth and love creates a new appeal around you that attracts others for they will be seeking the love you so potently (or potentially) emit. Think on these things. Find new sunglasses.

SAGITTARIUS: There are lots of little things that need your attention. So often you see the big issues, the grand scale, the great philosophical over-pinnings. That creates an excellent celestial foundations of knowing. However, little parts and pieces in your world need to be tended to now. Survey all environments and seek out what’s calling for your care and attention. Then sky and earth meet, heart, mind and body integrate (a good word to ponder upon).

CAPRICORN: Something new is asking to be birthed. Either a new child is wanting to come forth or a new creative endeavor at home or rooms around the house need to be updated, repainted, refloored, carpeted or simply walls adorned with art. The work should be fun and lively, filled with color, music, dancing, friends, nurturing foods and children at play. Someone needs a new exercise ball. Someone needs romance.

AQUARIUS: Check with family members to see if there are unfulfilled needs you are unaware of. In turn, explain to family your needs or wants. Often we must inform each other of needs for everyone is on the fast track. It’s a symptom of our times. Some Aquarians need to move. If this is you, begin by writing down and drawing your perfect home. Work on this daily, hourly. This creates a magnet within you and your new home. Begin now.

PISCES: The environments around you may change for a while. Your neighborhood will either look different for something will change it or you will move to another one. Also, there’s much information to be gathered. You are learning how to ask more questions and bring forth concerns and fears into the open. Someone close to you will come closer. There is happiness.



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