A Garden At The White House

Risa’s Astrology

By Risa D’Angeles


First Lady Michele Obama (Jupiter in Aries, she begins things), the White House chefs and fifth-graders from a Washington D.C. elementary school broke ground for the new White House kitchen garden on March 20 as the Sun entered Aries and spring began. 

The organic garden will be L-shaped and 1,100 square feet. John Adams planted a garden on the White House lawn in 1800. In 1918 Woodrow Wilson raised sheep to “mow” and fertilize the lawn. In 1943 Eleanor Roosevelt planted a Victory Garden, inspiring Americans to grow their own. It’s time for us to grow Victory Gardens. An excellent site on biodynamic farming methods:www.stellanatura.com/use.html. Read more at nightlightnews.com.

ARIES: There may be confusion and conflict in your life and you are allowing it to remain internally.  Are you finding yourself working alone and is there anxiety about how you will succeed? Let quietude and reflection bring feelings forth. In this way you make profound discoveries. Anything you feel you can’t do now, you will do in several months. Patience heals.

TAURUS: Careful not to argue. You may feel like a challenge is necessary. However, it may be misinterpreted with anger and defensiveness. Maintain equilibrium although feelings of frustration arise. When called to lead you will be fiery and intellectual. People will listen and learn from you. Summon your confidence.

GEMINI: It’s important to you that ideas are acted upon and things be completed. Working independently makes this occur more easily. You want to succeed so you become practical, avoiding conflict. Be aware that should you be the boss you may be a bit too strict, ask too much, and seek results that are unobtainable. Step down a bit. Ask what it is you truly want?

CANCER: There are things to learn, places to travel, unfamiliar land to explore, ideas to ponder and experiences to gain. This is your mantram. You seek the last frontier where even angels can’t tread. In all these hopes, wishes, dreams and goals, listen to what others say and set aside intolerance. Think of conflicts as challenges, ways to get you from here to there.

LEO: Research and discovery are values you presently find most interesting. Reading detective and mystery novels fill a bit of that need. You’re wondering what you can discover that’s hidden, unknown and of great value. This sounds like money and resources. In your daily life observe your mind. It’s quick and decisive and making decisions by the second. Careful with money. Think gold instead of cash or stocks.

VIRGO: Know that to lead one must have a special type of charm and a lot of compromise, if you want harmony. If you’re confrontive, which you could be now, arguments may ensue. Think of you partner as a hero/heroine instead of an adversary. Working with others isn’t easy. Independence is good. Find your own way thought it.

LIBRA: You are working hard again. Realize others don’t and can’t work as efficiently as you. Explain your expectations or expect less. It’s important to feel you’re serving others. Without acts of service your work becomes empty. You realize what others need before knowing what they want. You must understand both. 

SCORPIO: We’re still needing to discuss pleasure, fun, games, sports and amusements. Do you know what these words mean? Sometimes Scorpios are so psychologically busy regenerating that these experiences are forgotten. You often have your own amusements and can pursue them alone. Careful with competition. Don’t overcompete. You could hurt yourself. Including mental competition. 

SAGITTARIUS: You have found adventures far from home. This has made you happy, somewhat. Some Sags left their cultures and traditions to create their own. However there’s sometimes a feeling of wanting to go home again, to relive the childhood, neighborhoods, family and friends. You’re called to do this, but within the context of work. Then you find it pleasurable, comforting and nurturing. In between times, notice there’s a bit of impatience and perhaps a bit of anger. Remember that conflict leads to harmony.

CAPRICORN: You’re thinking outside the box, it’s a daring move, and you’re communicating your thoughts whereas before you held them in. You’re wanting to be more assertive, more involved in the day to day. This is important since your thoughts come quickly and they’re tinged with courage. You want to read more and perhaps begin to write. Writing is a good activity, whether a journal, article, a book or music. It is about courage.

AQUARIUS:  You’re concerned about your money. Some Aquarians wonder how to acquire it, others what to do with it. For the seeking ones, you will eventually succeed due to strong self-confidence. For those with lots of money, transfer it into gold, buy land, non-perishables and gather with others who are like-minded and start to build an intentional agrarian community. Construct a greenhouse and begin to plant. I’ve written this before. Why?

PISCES: You’ve become honest and straightforward, a bit impatient, anger is close by. This isn’t usual. It’s important to be a strong, to initiate and follow up. When conflict arises you understand it, find ways to see both sides, attempt to communicate what you see, hoping for harmony to emerge. Others don’t feel the same way. They only see one side. Facing the opposition, you stand alone. Just for awhile. Tend to your health with focused loving will. 


Risa is Founder & Director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom school, in Santa Cruz, Calif. The foundation of the Esoteric studies is the study and comprehension and application of astrology, both personality-building astrology and soul-directed astrology. Risa can be reached at risagoodwill@gmail.com. Website where further esoteric information is posted is www.nightlightnews.com.

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