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By Risa D’Angeles

Today at 11:06 a.m. is the first new moon of spring and the new spiritual year. Nested inside Mercury (communication) in Aries (new thought) and Venus (money, resources) retrograde in and squaring Pluto (transformation) this new moon provides us with a message about our money, resources and values. Perhaps it’s about transforming our money (not keeping it) into non-perishables for land, water, building community and storing food (our comfort and new currency) needed for the next two years. 

During Aries we hear about clashes, protests and revolutions as well as opportunities. The news in the U.S. is about “tea parties.” Not high tea of English novels, but taxpayer revolt “tea parties.” As Venus retrogrades it’s astrologically appropriate that “tea parties” are arising protesting our government’s misuse of money. They hearken back to the original Boston Tea Party of 1773 where early colonists, protesting British taxation, dumped 45 tons of tea into the Boston Harbor. See taxdayteaparty.com. More on “tea parties” plus Celestial Events at nightlightnews.com.

ARIES: You will soon be called to action. Reflect upon your resources, what’s of value now and will be of value later. Be practical yet prepare for the future. Family is most important. Look back and assess priorities. Look forward and list what you think is needed for a protected future. Create your group of like-minded people. Develop transparency, which creates group love and trust.

TAURUS: More messages will be given. Perhaps while asleep or in prayer, meditation or while in or under water. Quiet reflection, study, solitary walks in nature, tending to the animal kingdom, all aid in receiving and understanding inner guidance. The planets are focused in your world work, the groups you depend upon, and your inner spiritual life. Out of these a new life structure takes shape.

GEMINI: As you consider what is valuable, you may throw everything away in search of a clean slate. However, there are some things important to maintain. They are from long ago, they are astrological, they are contacts made and then neglected, they hold your future, your wound and your developing new consciousness. Ponder these words deeply. They will make sense soon.

CANCER: Two realities appear: Resources that have become tired and worn out and resources needed to contain the new reality, which you and others are beginning to build. This new cycle allows for rebirth, rebuilding, realignments and reassertion. It’s time to be seen in the world, to lead a working group and to bring forth all your knowledge. You hold one of the keys to the future. Through Cancer, Spirit enters matter.

LEO: Thoughts turn to travel and study. These for the next year will actually help define you. A new state of self-identity is emerging. Tend to money carefully. Pare down to basic essentials. You know how to do this as you’ve done it before. Plant apple and apricot trees. Plant your garden. In the new world to come, the human builders are to work with the angelic builders. Findhorn.org.

VIRGO: Money, finances and their organization, will soothe you. Although you may feel everything’s in order, look again. Consider new systems. Don’t implement yet, not till Venus retro is over. Talk over your ideas with a partner or intimate friend. Their listening allows for a new sense of self-worth to develop. You value balance in all aspects of your life. What is not in balance? Set your goals there.

LIBRA: Are you aware that you have mysterious and hidden talents? They’re waiting to be discovered. You understand life’s rhythms and cycles, life and death. You can be a solace to others as they experience crisis and difficulty. Within these gifts is a great truth about yourself. Seek deeply for this truth. Here’s a mantram for you. “Let reality guide my every thought and truth be the master of my life.” 

SCORPIO: You don’t get close to others, not for a long time. Not till you can trust them completely. Truth is something you build over time and through experience. Truth allows you to know when to be loyal and when to walk away. With yourself you hold the same criteria. You want to be popular and well known in the world, but not if you must compromise sincerity and honesty. In order to maintain this high level you must take seriously the idea of retreat, rest and relaxation. Soon.

SAGITTARIUS: You have the identical qualities as Scorpio and the message is the same. However, you need to add to that relaxation some fun for freedom’s seeking you and only through laughter does freedom emerge. Perhaps you’ll realize how valuable and respected you are in the work you accomplish. It’s not the money, but the ideals and ethics you uphold. 

CAPRICORN: The new moon illumines your foundations, self, upbringing, family and home situation. You’ll bring new ideas to the family, may think more about moving and will attempt to reconcile your self-identity with how you are living. Wherever you are you always make environments more beautiful, more identified with your values. When considering future endeavors, what’s most radical and revolutionary? Grow baskets of wheat grass for Easter.

AQUARIUS: Realize it’s friendship that’s most important for you. It summons your intimacy, loyalty and steadfastness. It endures if you tend to friendships with kindness and care. Aquarius knows the entire community, is the Adriane’s golden thread linking everyone to everyone else. This is a valuable gift and one to be aware of and grateful for. All else pales by comparison. Except your creativity, which is your self-identity. It’s calling to you from all directions.

PISCES: The idea of money challenges you. First, tithe with it. Then, begin to be courageous with it. In these times, know that money should be used to purchase whatever will sustain you in the future. Ask someone you trust for guidance. Make lists of items important to you and needed in times of lack. Think about a greenhouse, small or large, to grow your food, herbs and medicinals. 


Risa D’Angeles is founder and director of Esoteric and Astrological Studies and Research Institute. Contact Risa at risa@surfnetusa.com or go to nightlightnews.com. 

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