Spring Equinox Occurs On Friday

The waters of Pisces give way to the fires of Aries this week as Sun enters Aries and the new spiritual year begins. Friday at 6:44 a.m. is Spring Equinox. When the vertical ray of the Sun is at the equator, there is equal light in both northern and southern hemispheres and the entire earth has 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night.
At the Megalithic (large stones) site Loughcrew Cairn T in Ireland, each Spring Equinox at sunrise, a beam of light travels through stone passages to illuminate the “Equinox Stones” — 5000-year-old stone-age art inscribed with solar images.
At Spring Equinox we ask ourselves what do we want to reap at Autumn’s harvest? It’s time to consult biodynamic planting calendars, prepare the soil, and create the new victory gardens. Friday, March 20, Spring Equinox, is also International Astrology Day.

ARIES: The focus and energy shifts from being in the world and in groups to solitude and contemplation. In order to begin anew, and see the long-term and truly sensible steps into the future, this time of rest and relaxation, possibly forced upon you, is most essential. It leads you to authenticity of self, which leads to self-integrity. There’s much work to be done soon. It begins with inner reflection.

TAURUS: So many tasks call you each day. You wish life would simply stop, settle down, not move so fast, be slower and more contained. But no, it’s as if a revolution has occurred in your life and you’re being pulled along, called forth and summoned for your information and vision. What you do is translate the future into the present. Does anyone listen? Not many. But you must continue.

GEMINI: You’re often able to see possibilities, tap into the potential of others and later, after much thought, articulate this potential hoping others will benefit. What is your potential and what ways, what things must you do, for you to benefit? Your greater resource is your mind. Your greatest resource is your love waiting to be radiated forth. Begin with intentions for goodwill to all.

CANCER: Often you scurry around things, stepping or hopping or scuttling sideways from here to there. Sometimes you hide away and we don’t see you for a while and there is no communication. You become quiet and harbor yourself away to think and ponder upon the importance of life. Often the great treasure of yourself is also hidden for emotional safety and security. Your greatest asset is how you nourish. Begin with your own self-nourishment. Do you now how?

LEO: To earn your living with satisfaction it must have fun and playful aspects. You take pride in your work and always want to be first and the best. To be the best you must feel a harmonious rhythm, you must feel independently creative, you must be recognized and you must experience joy. Is all of this occurring within your chosen profession? Does your work give you courage?

VIRGO: Your mind is often a rich fertile environment where ideas are revealed, then shaped into ideals, which you attempt to cultivate and disseminate. It’s important to be aware of the seasons and plant your gardens through each season so you can see that you are reaping and sowing, planting and gathering. Your self-esteem grows along with your seedlings.

LIBRA: You possess so many gifts: tact and diplomacy, social skills, compromise and cooperation. All of these lead to right action and right relations, qualities called upon in the Aquarian Age. Consider expanding your Libra gifts in the coming months, adding the skills of mediation, bargaining, teamwork and reconciliation. Then it would be good for you to study design.

SCORPIO: You need some pleasure, romance, recreation, freedom and affection. Are these available or on the horizon? You work hard for your money, but there comes a time when the work and money details must be set aside and a determined focus on that which allows your creative sensitivities to come forth. You’re charming and magnetic. They need to be released upon the world.

SAGITTARIUS: Incorporate appreciation and support to all and everyone you encounter. It strengthens and rewards you with vision and gives meaning to other people’s lives. This provides you with the charisma and security you seek. This last line is most important to ponder. You’re always the teacher, shaping others’ beliefs and attitudes. Think on these things and what you can increasingly do that improves the lives of others.

CAPRICORN: As your life develops you find it easier to work consciously within discipline and order. I read the other day that without structure and rules, life can become dissipated. There’s no tension created to work through and one can become lost. You’re aware that to be mature and ultimately successful, discipline allows for the ultimate freedom. Reflect upon how you are presently using money. And what you are rebelling against.

AQUARIUS: Consider what people, things, ideas, ideals have value and where yourself as valuable fits into this. Do you consider yourself valuable? Many don’t. However, being aware of the value of self means being aware of yourself as an investment. Being aware of self as valuable is also how self-esteem is created. It doesn’t come from others. Appreciation of your skills brings them forth.

PISCES: It’s known that Pisces is otherworldly (in a worldly sort of way), magical and rather unique. Often how they exist in the world is either a question or a secret. For many Pisces it’s as if they have taken vows, either of poverty or chastity or both. The abundance they understand is that of the spirit. As the months unfold, resources will become more available. You will use them with confidence and wisdom. And for new shoes.

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