Time For Soul Searching

Risa’s Astrology

by Risa D’Angeles

ARIES: In the next month your self as valuable will be assessed. Perhaps this is difficult? If so make lists of your gifts, abilities, kindnesses, good associations, good deeds, thoughts, ideas and plans. Here you will find your value. Place these lists on your wall to review daily. This is the beginning of your self-identity as a server for humanity – the great tasks for all Aries in the Aquarian Age.

TAURUS: Things go into hiding, especially you. Or you find someone else in hiding and ask them for assistance. Someone is quite mysterious and very valuable to you. You must make their acquaintance. They’re knowledgeable and have the skills needed for your next creative stages and for humanity’s future. Money is hidden, but it’s still available and you must call it forth and tend to practical things.

GEMINI: Past friends, especially women, past relationships, and past resources should be renewed and contacted. They are valuable for reasons revealed in the future. A certain group from the past, holds great love and wisdom. They not only hold out to you technical possibilities, but a way to enter the life stream of humanity through study and understanding of the mysteries. You should be studying your transits and astrology.

CANCER: Ponder how you want to be seen, known and recognized in the world and in the context of helping build the new culture and civilization, your work now, you know. You are to nurture the new era at its foundational stages. Begin your garden soon, have a worm bin, create bio-dynamic soil, save seeds. Then teach everyone. Cancer’s nurturance needs to move from feeding the world to helping them feed themselves.

LEO: The next month finds you reassessing goals and aspirations. The Earth (soil, trees, plants) is very important for your well-being. Make sure you’re out and about in the Sun and the nature kingdom, the most balanced kingdom. Its radiations strengthen your heart and mind, refocuses your enthusiasm, allowing practicality to emerge. You live the life of ideals. It’s time for those potentials to enter form and matter. Where is your garden and who are your companions?

VIRGO: You may struggle mentally to maintain equilibrium between what you desire and what is possible. It’s good to study the subject of sacrifice, the first law of the soul. At the center of sacrifice is love. A seeming paradox. Love and sacrifice are the same and we are on Earth because we sacrificed to be here. You may feel that you’ve become the warrior. You have. Spiritual warriors are always triumphant.

LIBRA: You will assess your relationships in terms of their value. Simultaneously, it’s important to assess the values you offer and if there is more you can give of right relations through intentions for goodwill. Allow only the goodness of yourself in relationships. Goodness is a purity and an inner quality. What is your goodness and what do you offer others? Include all relationships. Remember true love isn’t a feeling.

SCORPIO: Tend to all things small and necessary in your daily life. Give them your deepest attention and awareness. Observe your habits, agendas and how you serve yourself, your work, your environments and others in your worlds. We evolve step by step. We begin with tending to our physical, then emotional, then mental bodies. Then we progress to the soul. Each day “brood upon the service for the coming day. Do this as the Soul.” The personality then quiets.

SAGITTARIUS: A return to a previous creative work allows you to redefine, reassess and reaffirm its importance to your life’s work. There’s a renewed fire in the mind, calling you to two things. Amusement and a sense of play, much missed in your life. And direct creative work that reflects who you are now and will become. All parts of you sing within a close spiritual unity. Ohm.

CAPRICORN: You are neither sentimental nor emotional. You see the need for nourishment of self and others. You realize one source of nourishment is financial security. How would this security look in terms of a home and land? Lay out each room, be as “green” as possible, see those you love living close by, include a workspace for yourself, for the arts and for preparing the finest of foods. Should there be pain in your body, consider acupuncture and do it soon.

AQUARIUS: Things seem crazy and moving toward out-of-control. Eliminate all not absolutely necessary, including how and where you live. A complete new identity is making itself apparent. This identity is yourself and you must begin the necessary changes lest the river of life float you downstream without a lifeboat. Begin to serve and help bring in the new culture and civilization. What interests you about this? Think deeply on these things. 

PISCES: Life becomes subtler, slightly different and deep feelings of compassion awaken. Tend to debts and then give to charity all that you can. Some examples of giving to those in need: St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital; Catholic Charities; Doctors Without Borders; UNESCO; The Red Cross. These are difficult financial times. However the spiritual law is whatsoever we give is returned ten-fold. When we serve others our life is spiritually cared for. The third law of the soul is service.

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