Leaving Aquaries and entering Pisces


Leaving Aquaries and entering Pisces

Pisces, the World Savior

by Risa D’Angeles

Until March 20, Earth and her kingdoms (mineral, plant, animal, human) experience the influence of Pisces, sign of the World Savior. Whereas the task of Aquarius is world server, the Pisces task is saving the world. Pisces never really enters matter and as the last sign of the zodiac includes all the signs. No wonder Pisces, like Scorpio, is so difficult (both are ruled by Pluto, planet of death and regeneration). Both signs (with Scorpio drowning in deep dark waters) find life on Earth a hardship, disorienting (from the spiritual perspective) and paradoxical.

As each zodiacal sign exhibits a different phase of soul light, Pisces is the “Light of the world ending forever the darkness of matter.” It takes two fishes to complete this work eventually creating an extraordinary human being. One fish is turned toward the material world while the other the heavenly world. Around them is a silvery cord binding them together forever bound until all of humanity is redeemed.

Sunday is George Washington’s birthday (and mine). Cherry pies! Tuesday is Mardi Gras (last day before Lent) and New Moon. Wednesday is Ash Wednesday when Lent begins, which means 40 days and nights of purification and preparation for Resurrection.  Read more about Celestial Events at www.nightlightnews.com.

ARIES: You shift between social groups and dream time, big plans for the future and things secret and reflective. There is nothing amiss with this, but it can be disorienting. The planets are influencing everyone to be in two worlds simultaneously. Each world affects the other which is good. You’ll be called gradually, yet more and more, to contemplation, rest and relaxation and a dream world preparing you for things to come. Remember your nightly review.

TAURUS: There are others who can assist you in the work you’re to accomplish next. Ask them questions and listen to their ideas. They have information that fill the gaps in the information you already have. Continue with planning, be bold, philanthropic, public, enterprising, inventive and principled. Think big, bigger, biggest! Don’t stop there. Create an entire village. You can do it!

GEMINI: You’re to become more involved in everything local, creating a presence within your community. Rathering and dispensing information will be most important in times to come as it is now when the foundations of the new culture and civilization are being created. All around the world the concept of Transition Towns is being adopted. You would make an excellent leader, speaker, writer, communicator in this. Google Transition Towns.

CANCER: Many realities call to you. One is resources, yours and others, yours to share with others, preparing for others in need. The second is philosophy, justice, expanding your mind, studying, reading, learning. All of these together make for a very full mind indeed, filled with thoughts, ideas, ponderings and contemplations. Within and throughout notice if there’s a spark of joy, like dry kindling waiting to be lit. From the soul comes joy and this the personality longs for.

LEO: All the Aquarian planets are resting in your house of relationships. It can be quite overwhelming if you’re a Leo whose energies are mainly internal. For externalized Leos this can be an exhilarating time. Your future expansion, mind, energy, focus, action, the wound and spiritual planes of consciousness are shining brightly into the world. Internal Leos, how are you functioning and are you OK?

VIRGO: What ways of being, what daily agendas and disciplines, what boundaries and structures within your daily life do you want to eliminate, tear down, do away with and leave behind? This is an excellent time to initiate new schedules, plans, programs, arrangements and organization that will alter daily life and also create foundation for future endeavors. Are money matters organized?

LIBRA: It’s the most highly creative time for you, Libra and whatever you do portends (indicates, fortells) future possibilities. For some Librans it is good to study the science and art of astrology. For other Libras consulting an astrologer concerning relationships would help greatly. Astrology brings forth balance and harmony, and most of all a deep comfort in knowing all is well and in rhythm in all things.

SCORPIO: The future, like a white elephant, has just sat down in your living room and it will be staying there for a long while. So, it asks…what future are you hoping to have and where will it be and what does it look and feel like and who do you hope is in that future with you and how and where will you live and what will your home look like? Hopefully it will be straw bale, look like a space ship, totally off the grid and in a community twelve miles out of town in the woods. Think on this.

SAGITTARIUS: A change in routine, plans and agendas may occur this week, the next and for several more. Your mind should feel like it’s taken off somewhere in a starship to places far far away. Have you ever read the book “2150” by Thea Alexander? It seems to be the right time to either reread it or read it for the first time. Have you read “Island” by Aldous Huxley? Or “Shikasta” by Doris Lessing? Find them. Read them. They provide light in our particular semi-darkness.

CAPRICORN: There’a a task that all Capricorn must learn it’s important now. The task is compassion, especially to others having less than you but even more important is compassion toward children. It’s possible compassion wasn’t shown to you as a child. Or if it was, it was lost along the way. That’s OK, we can always call it forth. Actually compassion is a lost and found object within you. Like a sanctuary light in the temple of yourself. Compassion. What does it mean?

AQUARIUS: So many realities occurring for you this week and month. A new path apparently must be taken, an expansion will occur, you must think aboutcommunity, drop anger, find the wound and work on healing it. You may also need to find a new place to live or recreate your present one along different lines of thought. Tend to money carefully and with great consideration toward others.

PISCES: You tend to things private and confidential. Like money and resources. Seek help from someone who knows about these things. In the meantime tend to tithing and helping those in need like children in hospitals and building schools for children (www.buildingforgenerations.com/about.html). When an obstacle appears, radiate a light from the ajna center (third eye) upon it. A revelation then occurs. Are you sleeping? Are you dreaming?




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