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This is the last week of Aquarius, sign of the world server. Next week is Pisces (world savior). Note the different esoteric tasks. Read “Green Collar Economy” by Van Jones, the Green For All guy recently written about in the New Yorker. Green, the new black, is the new currency. As present and past structures of reality dissolve, new “green” alternatives are revealed (Uranus). The breakdown is Ray 6 (Piscean Age) withdrawing. The revelations and new archetypes are Ray 7 (Aquarian Age) and Ray 5 (Venus, new technologies) streaming in. Writing this, listening to Imogene Heap of Frou Frou’s “Let Go” the words are illuminating. “Let go, let go, jump in, oh wha’cha waiting for, it’s so amazing here, it’s all right, because there’s beauty in breakdown.” (
Thursday is Abraham Lincoln’s and Darwin’s birthday. Lincoln was an Avatar. Saturday is Valentine’s Day (Ray 2). Give a green living plant, gold or silver.
New words and thoughts to ponder: Mass consumerism has ceased, we’ve entered a “long walk” into the “unknown unknowns,” the “black swan” era where the “phenomena of novelty” rules. What do these phrases mean? Something’s coming. It, too is green!
The signs below, very esoteric and Aquarian, make statements and ask questions. There are three levels of consciousness. It’s good to identify where we stand. Wherever we are, the next level calls us.
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ARIES: The message is clear. Groups call you from inner and outer realms. You’re being pulled, pushed, attracted, magnetized or simply swept into the group that needs you. If Transition Towns is part of your knowledge, then expand your endeavors there. If not investigate Transition Towns and study the concepts. You are to become cause-oriented, impersonal and humanitarian. The key word is decentralization.

TAURUS: Your objective purpose is to relate energy to form, maintaining substance in ways that create sustainability for humanity. You are attempting to anchor ideas that create and gather resources needed for the times to come. These resources are to be used differently now. No longer tossed away but tended to, saved (like seeds) and cherished. You are to create all the structures for this saving of resources. Call for help.

GEMINI: There is a difference between fledgling aspirant and disciple. The aspirant is the “experiencer” of form and matter, unreflective and unaware of others, focused only upon self. The Disciple is the “observer” having come to the end of unreflective experiencing. At this point in your life which are you? Are you the jungle, the clearing or the path? What would you like to be?

CANCER: A great time of testing, transformation and regeneration has begun. Within an urge to leave this Earth is a seed of regeneration and hidden within regeneration is the fact of resurrection. You may not know this yet for much of you hides in darkness with intermittent soaring in the air. Do you dream of birds? What hurts eventually heals and then you become the healer. Maintain by abiding in the light.

LEO: From imbalance comes the urge for equilibrium and balance. From not understanding love and leading with selfish desire arises “love that underlies the happenings of the times.” From needing to dominate comes the offering of self to humanity. From centralization (self only) emerges decentralization (self merged within the group). Out of seeing only the light of self surfaces a light that shines over the earth and penetrates the dark. You become this light.

VIRGO: The inner and outer parts of your self are merging. The long process of learning discrimination has created inclusivity. As you searched for order within disorder, order then leapt out of chaos. At first you were fearful and now you’re resourceful. You see yourself no longer imprisoned by form but that you (humanity and all the kingdoms and the Earth itself) are actually the divine form, creator made, and beautiful.

LIBRA: You’re to be a Leo for a while. Stand in the Sun and with focused intention absorb the heart of the Sun into your heart. From the Sun’s heart to yours love then flows and becomes wisdom. Instead of reflecting others’ light you become a source of light, your intelligence becomes loving, and your little will merges with the greater will. Now you can now call humanity to follow you.

SCORPIO: You’ve become the mother. The chaos and conflict felt are actually states of creativity needed for new harmony to emerge. As you awaken more to nature, there’s a greater identify with life itself. You’re shedding desires, moving into sharing, becoming the aspirant and disciple. At first you rested in embryonic waters, then the waters of the Earth. Now you seek the water of life, poured forth for thirsty humanity. This you will become. You’re the mother now.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re mutating, entering into a new state of relations. Eventually you step into right relations. You plunged into the lower mind and its instincts, then sought knowledge. Now you’re seeking the higher mind. Soon it will open. At first you related only to yourself, eventually to others. That was the horizontal arm of the cross. Seeking God, you’ll soon recognize the vertical arm. You polarized. Now you seek synthesis. Tossed about then circulated by it, you’ll soon co-direct the wind.

CAPRICORN: In coming weeks you’ll attempt to resolve conflict. At first conflict simply appears. Speaking words of harmony you hope to replace conflict. But actually, to achieve a higher and newer state of harmony, that conflict must exist. It provides information, creates tension, calls us “to attention.” Knowing this you can work with conflict. As you willingly struggle with the horns of conflict all of a sudden the “horns of plenty” (harmony) appear.

AQUARIUS: An Aries quality permeating your life blends with your Aquarian energies. Observe (read Gemini) your speech. Do you speak of “I am,” “I and Thou” or “we”? Do you work within the fires of desire or aspiration? Do you know the difference? The light within you … is it a pulse, a glow or a radiance? Do you overpower others, focus power or are you a vehicle for power that assists others? Do you struggle with your will or do you function within the purpose-filled will of God? A healing occurs.

PISCES: You’re aware Pisces is the sign of the world savior. So let’s begin with the questions. Is your energy dispersed everywhere or service oriented? Where is your focus? Upon the self, humanity or is it a planetary focus? Do you act and respond personally, impersonally or trans-personally? Are you reflective, inventive or do you birth new archetypes? Are you an anarchist, a revolutionary or a “knower of the plan?” Is your movement chaotic, purposeful or rhythmic? Do you feel acknowledged?

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