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 by Risa D’Angeles

The Midwest, from Texas to the East Coast has been laboring under layers of ice. Obama calls Wall Street bonuses “shameful.” Essential community services and some incomes are being cut, especially in California. The cuts primarily concern students, the poor and disabled (read indispensable). Soon instead of tax rebates and payment for work, vouchers will be issued. For those who don’t receive checks, how will they eat?
Although the major banks have received billions in bailouts (read taxpayer’s money), they’re not lending and there’s no information forthcoming (no transparency) as to where the money has gone. What should be done about this? Revolution’s coming. And so right on time, the third transit of Uranus (radical change, revolution) squares (there’s a challenge to) the U.S. natal Mars in Gemini (what we’re being told). We should be asking questions and demanding answers. Other cultures around the world feel Americans are deluded, in not realizing the reality of the economic crisis. What do you think?
Two articles from The New Yorker to read: One on international justice, “The Enforcer” by Samantha Power. The other, “Greening the Ghetto” by Elizabeth Kolbert. Google the titles.
There’ a full moon lunar eclipse (something disappears) Monday. And the Lantern Festival. Who’s having a Lantern Festival party? Read more at

ARIES: Is there something within a group of people or your thinking about a group itself that brings you to a state of woundedness or restriction? Ponder upon your experiences as part of a group now and groups you’ve participated in. A new reality with groups is being formed. There’s an extraordinary focus on you and group participation. As I’ve written before, the building of the new world needs initiative and forward thinking leaders. Which are you?

TAURUS: The same words written for Aries could be said to you, Taurus. However, the energies calling to you concern leadership, which you’ve developed over the years and which you are still hiding under a mantle of … what? Indecision, non self-recognition, need for partnership or more information, lack of resources? Whatever the reason, it’s inaccurate. Stand up, step up, and move forward. Humanity’s future stability and source of food depend upon you.

GEMINI: Are you wondering about travel or a journey to community and a new way of life, or are you simply seeking adventure? It’s important to consider all types of community. That is our future. Gemini’s tasks are to gather and disperse information. In your “travels” (inner and outer) and readings, in your research and wanderings, share with us what you have discovered.

CANCER: Careful with communication this week. Observe others’ communication, and your own. There may be misunderstandings, misrepresentations. The purpose is for you to have a greater capacity to understand and to communicate from the heart of all matters. You can do this if you lift your shell a bit and allow the Sun to shine into the deeper secrets of your being (including your wounds). You can do this. Travel is definitely not advised.

LEO: Many Aquarian planets are streaming their light into your house of relationships. Your interactions with others will be most unusual, including unusual people, places and events. It’s as if you stepped into the future, took on the mantle of dispassion and set about learning new realities. A new state of identity is forming. You’ll need new clothes, new hair, new shoes, new everything.

VIRGO: You simply want fun and freedom, but there’s a sense of responsibility and work to accomplish. Whether you know what this is or not, the feeling persists along with a sense of obligation. Do what you can and no more. Your health must be tended to daily. Careful with knees, ankles and feet.

LIBRA: A love affair shifts, becomes deeper or difficult. A disappointment may occur learning our ideals differ from another’s. You can overcome this by maintaining ethics and values, love and respect for the process of change. It’s important to make contact with those important to you. Contact releases love, but there must also be truth and faith that love underlies all happenings in our lives.

SCORPIO: There’s a focus on home and family. You seek to change something there, perhaps family interactions or where you live. Pondering, researching and writing about family assumes new meaning. You consider your biological family, the family you want to create, or defining family in the times to come. As your values concerning family change, they come closer to reality. Who is your family? How can you create greater community with them?

SAGITTARIUS: Your mind catapults you into the future. You wonder how you can maximize your place, identity and work in a future that is unknown. You feel change along with opposition and a sort of revolution attempting to play itself out wherever you are and in whatever you do. There’s no neutralizer for this, no quick fix. You may be irritable, your appliances and car may be too. This will pass and something disappears. Wait, watch, listen with patience and objectivity. You’re not alone.

CAPRICORN: Careful with communication. Observe others as they listen to you. Are they understanding your words and intentions? You may encounter opinions quite different than yours. Allow these differences and find your way through them. Travel is not advised now. But if you must, make sure the vehicle you’re traveling in is safe. Don’t feel you’re off track. Transformation’s coming at a fast pace and you’re its point of reference. Observe the changes in your thought processes.

AQUARIUS: Happy Birthday, Aquarius. Most of the planets are in Aquarius so you should be shining like the Sun. You must be busy attempting many new endeavors, enthusiastic, lively, bright, and happy. You’re making the rest of us exhausted. Nevertheless, proceed onward. You’re rushing into the future, preparing it for everyone. You’re the “waters of life poured forth for thirsty humanity.”

PISCES: Pisces is one of the signs that can feel left in the dust when Aquarius rushes by. That’s OK for now though because you’re to become reclusive, contemplative, quiet and more private than ever. This will be an important spiritually and imaginatively creative time. Dreams may be active. Remember the nightly review prior to sleep. This will make each day a surprisingly clarifying experience. Allow no difficulties to deter your introspections. Write, paint and make Valentines.

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