Chinese New Year of the Ox

Risa’s Astrology, by Risa D’Angeles

A long time ago the Buddha, sitting under the Bodhi Tree, called all the animals to join him in sitting meditation. Only 12 responded. In gratitude and honor, the Buddha then named a year after each of the 12 animals who sat mindfully with him.
Monday begins the Chinese New Year 4707 (2009) of the Earth Ox or Vietnamese Water Buffalo. The ox conveys prosperity through qualities of fortitude and hard work. A stable, fearless, friendly and powerful animal, ox is a dependable leader that reaches great heights of achievement. The ox is calm, patient and tireless, enduring difficulties without complaint. Oxen have Taurus and Capricorn characteristics.
Chinese New Year is celebrated for 15 days, ending on the Full Moon lunar eclipse on Feb. 9 with the Chinese Lantern Festival. Plan a Lantern Festival party. Read more at

ARIES: The energies influencing you are shifting gradually from recognition of the vital and initiating work you will for to the groups you will align with or lead in the formation of the new world, culture and civilization. Many people exist in a half asleep state of awareness. I’m calling you to wake up if this is your condition, because the times to come will seek those who know how to lead, think boldly, take risks and see into the future while wearing red. Is this you?

TAURUS: The atmosphere of your life is changing. You could sit back and wait, dream big dreams and wonder if they will take shape. You must figure out with swiftness all the components of the new world that will feed and care for humanity. The Buddha has given you an enlightened mind and the ability to see into the future and the needs of humanity during its great reorientation. You have the mental tools. Now you must define how they translate into physical tools for survival.

GEMINI: You’re aware of the many forces at work in your life. Primarily you’re attempting to resolve the higher realm with the lower, the soul with personality. This is a vital and difficult task accomplished by the proper cultivation of the mind principle and the right course of study containing no illusions, distortions or maya. Later you may be called to teach the path you’re walking. The fifth ray calls you to develop your mind. How are you doing this? And can you define the soul?

CANCER: Always we feel some form of conflict. Know that this conflict, and seeming chaos, is useful. It gives you, and all of us, the ability to observe tensions and to express our battles, the main one being the soul calling the personality to right action and right service. There is no more interlude. The Dweller (tests) has arrived. There will be a reorientation and something no longer useful will be released. We stand with you.

LEO: You may feel that you’ve entered an interlude where you’re not linked to anything or anyone. This is a place of balancing where considerations are made and then choosings. Your inner self is being modified so it can have a fixed purpose concerning expressing your unique creativity. Hold opposing forces in check so that a greater awareness emerges. Your ideas will then flow and be dispersed to humanity. Your gift.

VIRGO: New and revelatory ideas flow into your mind. You may feel that you’ve entered into a spaceship of beings whose sole purpose is the creation of the new world order (originally an ancient wisdom phrase and idea). The ideas will be received with devotion and conflict. It is through dualities that new consciousness emerges. A wholeness will permeate your being, a healing matrix enveloping you.

LIBRA: Although, under the veil of your charm, you are strong and powerful, a greater level of love and wisdom must begin expressing itself through you. This is achieved through intention and stating “Love and wisdom expresses itself through me always.”. Your “little will” will become the “greater will.” This is an opportunity. The true love and groups you seek will appear.

SCORPIO: You spend much time alone pondering things great and small. You are to create an environment that nurtures all forms, all kingdoms, soul, human, animal, plant and mineral. Love combined with your great intelligence is forming a fertile matrix for the new world to be birthed. It begins where you are living spreading out to all you contact. Your task is to anchor a foundation of resources and a network of light and distribute them with your group.

SAGITTARIUS: The call to you is one of harmonizing two centers in life and within yourself. They are will and form. Being willing to do this and visualizations is how this is accomplished. See the light of God entering and circling you and the Earth. This produces knowledge and self-awareness because you will be blending opposing forces, which when combined create new realities. You can then serve as the vehicle for right relations, which is the mother aspect. Your willingness is the father aspect. You are the child from this divine union.

CAPRICORN: Whatever you desire, irradiate it with love from your ajna (third eye) center where intelligence, love and wisdom reside. Then new life will take root expressing itself in form as beauty and harmony. This will quell disharmony and conflicts, for they will then be encased in light. Your desires create a magnetic attraction giving your initiating ideas life becoming substance upon Earth. You then create.

AQUARIUS: You are in a phase of life where your new will-to-be (new self) is attempting to manifest. Your personal and professional worlds are like a fertile field. Continue to clear your environment of all that may obstruct the manifestation of this new life phase. Our journey is first into matter embracing all things of the Earth. Our return journey is back to spirit embracing all things of spirit. You are combining the two creating the path of return with new revelations, identity and successes. We honor your accomplishments.

PISCES: Attempt to soften self-criticisms and instead begin to understand your feelings, thoughts, aspirations and actions. Your soul is attempting to bring you and those around you more light. Within this light you are carrying, known or unknown, is love and wisdom. Its pathway is self-sacrifice, which you know well. Seeds are being sown in your life for tomorrow. The tests you are undergoing awaken you to the suffering of others. This is the only way you know how to accomplish your task of saving humanity.

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