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January 8-14
First Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde
Saturday is the first full moon (21 Capricorn/Cancer, 9:27 p.m.) of the New Year. The meditative seed thought is “Lost Am I in Light Supernal, yet on that Light I turn my back.”
Mercury turns stationary retrograde (7:43 degrees Aquarius) Sunday for three weeks. Where is the retrograde in your chart? Mercury retro creates internal analysis, detail and discrimination with a simultaneous assessment of the last three months’ work, ideas, agendas and future planning during these complex times. We think more and talk less during Mercury retrograde because we all become Virgos, except those born with Mercury retro – they become Geminis. Read more at www.nightlightnews.com, including Celestial Events.
ARIES: In the next three weeks issues with groups, friends, hopes, wishes and dreams blend with your professional and spiritual life giving focus to your future. Everything concerning these realms, if incomplete will re-appear seeking explanations, forgiveness, re-assessments, reviews and a larger picture of reality. You’ll sense you’re on a precipice. Maintain poise within this defining retro whirlwind.
TAURUS: There’s a quiet and stillness you possess, which often translates into reticence (not speaking much). This is good. However, sometimes the time comes when you must share information your illumined mind has received. Soon it will be one of those times. If you’re Mercury retro at birth, now’s the time. If not, in three weeks you must. You above all understand life’s rhythms and music, too.
GEMINI: Your eagerness to understand the present time and have the knowledge that can impart information to others is dependent upon you studying the correct materials. There’s a lot of new age information that is not only incorrect, but judgmental. A new level of discrimination begins to appear in your mind. This is most important for you must put all the pieces together now, then act on them and create a template for others. Big work.
CANCER: You move into deeper levels of thought and contemplation. You’ll perhaps realize death is actually a Great Liberation, the Great Adventure. If someone you know has died, it is good to recite the mantram Ohm Mani Padme Hum. This places them and you within the Light of Love and Intelligence. In between times you’ll reassess money and resources and find you have more than enough to share.
LEO: You continue to ponder upon relationships, their importance and meaning. You might need to consult someone about a professional situation, need, repair or for assistance. Another’s response to your ideas, problems and statements allows you perspective, clarity and clarification. Should there be difficulties in any area of your life, an inner review created the needed detachment which leads to dispassion. Do you know what that word means?
VIRGO: The combined themes of health and work continue for you in coming months. This is good because your attention to detail will be needed to plan carefully in these two areas so the outcomes have your signature on them and you feel a greater sense of purpose. You know that it’s only you who can accomplish what’s needed carefully and properly. This isn’t a compliment. It’s a Virgo reality.
LIBRA: A mental withdrawal occurs in the next weeks. You will be able to ponder choices you’ve made within your family structure. This is a time of reflection, of evaluating your emotional needs and listening to pressures building within. Thoughts of the past blur, color and affect the present. What are they? Communication with family and parents may be illuminating. Come from love.
SCORPIO: Your intelligence is activated, you wonder about many things and think about future friendships. There seems to be an internal frantic pace of thoughts. However it’s not time to externalize these thoughts and ideas. Let them emerge naturally. Allow yourself to think on possibilities of how your life will look in a year but reach no conclusions. Listen carefully to others. They have the other half of the information you hold.
SAGITTARIUS: You’re inner world continues to ponder values, what is of value to you and how you value yourself. Everything moves inward now. It may be that some financial or business affairs need tending or you see that you define your resources and values based upon another’s. Purposeful planning is going on within, whether you know this or not. You may have to define yourself to another so they understand you better. Clarity of purpose will be most important. And humor.
CAPRICORN: Rapid thoughts jump here, there and everywhere. This may confuse others. They see you as constantly changing. However, this is temporary. Observe it and attempt a bit of relaxation in the coming weeks. As you rest, think and visualize future endeavors. Our thoughts, if contained within love, create a template (thought-form) of the future. Later, that future comes into form and matter. What for your future is most important to you?
AQUARIUS: You are examining your ideas, intentions and present state of being, realizing your accomplished this past year. You now realize what more you want to accomplish as this New Year unfolds. In the coming weeks while reflecting on your life, write down all that you hope to fulfill in the next 12 months, a first step in externalizing thoughts and ideas. There is much to do this year for Aquarians. They will bring forth the love embedded in the new culture and civilization.
PISCES: We find you quietly in solitude the next several weeks, withdrawing to study or to think on the future and how to work with the non-rational elements you’re encountering in these times of change. Peace and quiet are beneficial. Hidden areas of your character along with goals, hopes, wishes and dreams are revealed. You may be thinking about death and mortality. It’s a good time to write down how you want your death handled. These are not gloomy thoughts. They’re practical and spiritual tools of preparation.
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