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Esoteric Astrology as news for January 1, 2009

Love Calls to us From Distant Stars

Happy New Year, everyone. 2009 begins with Mercury entering Aquarius (a message concerning the new culture and civilization humanity is to create) and Saturn retrograde (reviewing the last eight months) in Virgo (in detail). Our concerns until May are work, health, and the structure of our daily lives, which will be tumultuous because Pluto in Capricorn will continue its onward push toward transformation and change.

To start off the New Year in Santa Cruz, let’s remember Planet Cruz’s first 2009 comedy show is Friday, Jan. 2nd, at Kuumbwa. It’s always best to begin with balance, wrote Heinlein in Dune. Comedy is the best balancer.

So, what’s in store for 2009? Change beyond belief, love calling to us from distant stars (especially Sirius), community emerging from Aquarius (it will save our lives), everything falling down, and a reordering of all structures (political and otherwise). Saturn retrograde will tend the door of Initiation as the Dweller on the Threshold, testing our strength, resiliency, transparency, and vision. It will be a year we’ll look back on as “the year shock set in realizing the policies of greed fostered and nurtured for generations were winning, when we realized profit should and cannot govern our lives, when we finally saw the patterns (of profit and greed) that have enthralled and captured us.” It will be the year we realize capitalism doesn’t (didn’t) work and that to sustain our families, communities and the Earth, we must take a stand on the side of the Forces of Light (the Kingdom of the Soul), step out of the illusions handed to us (tempting credit) and, humanity working together, begin to create the new sharing society. It will be difficult; we’ll be severely tested, for the prevailing forces are very clever (however they have no love), indeed. But together, and with love, we can overcome. For we have love on our side.

I was struck by the chart of January 1, 2009 because the sign Aries looks to be the most potent of the coming year. You’ll not only deeply experience relentless change but will actually personify change for others, especially in your work world. This means you have the opportunity to initiate completely new and transformative ideas that will re-shape the structure of your personal and professional life, co-workers, and all environments. Everyone around you will listen.

After the holidays and New Year begins you, knowing full well the reality of the times we’re in, will work harder this year to provide essentials and establish stabilization among your circle of family and friends. You have the knowledge, energy, impetus and constancy to reach out to those in need providing information on needed preparation. Many will look to you for guidance. We stand with you.

GEMINI: You know many things, often hiding them from others. You wonder at the reality of your intuition but truly it’s intact and revelatory. Use it to guide others in ways that reveal to them their own spiritual worlds. Use your intuition also to improve the life of someone entrusted to your care. I know you will do this. It’s in your heart and Venus guides you. It’s love that informs your intelligence.

Working with others brings all your gifts forth. At first it may seem difficult to enter into groups of people. That’s natural for Cancer preferring to remain at home. Contact family, distant relatives, tend to close relationships with special care especially children, renew vows of marriage and commitment, and march forward steadily in the radiating light of goodwill propelling you. And do your taxes early this year.

Communication becomes quite interesting as the year begins. Talk of love and detachment, dispassion and discrimination interweaves and undulates through all conversations. However, you will be fraught and burdened with work in between. Balancing the two – relationships and daily work – is what your health needs. Concentrate primarily on what creates happiness. Relationships do, and they heal wounds.

The challenges of the last years ease. A more calm and peaceful time, relatively, will begin although you may feel there is simply too much work, too many papers and communications may be in excess. A new sense of opportunities and possibilities not felt before will emerge. Focus on romance, even if not a focus for forever. Deepen into your commitments through intention. When you do so, inspiration awakens.

Home continues to be a primary focus and will continue to in coming years. You seek what sustains and comforts, nurtures, reassures and calms. There will be situations this year offering insight into your early years. A truer more substantial understanding will surface creating psychological changes needed for your health and well-being. All of this is good. Your work may change, too.

SCORPIO: The New Year finds you contemplating childhood years, seeking what nurtured, what your parents provided, and how your psychological foundation influences your present life. Thoughts run deep, feelings deeper. Wounds resurface but soon they dissolve away. A finely tuned creative vein begins materializes. You seek ways to express yourself differently than before. Play for you is serious. Nonetheless find some children and play with them.

SAGITTARIUS: You go through periods where you’re thrilled with life. And then days where you wonder what that was all about and can’t find joy in your work, home, responsibilities or tasks. You are learning life’s ups and downs that become tools for living. All the challenges you’re experiences are training for deeper service. We don’t learn through comfort. Seek new friends and professional contacts. They are waiting.

Always seeking to be productive, you find satisfaction, pride of accomplishment and solace through work. This year and for many to come, Pluto is your taskmaster. You’ll be called to shape the new culture and civilization, lead in creating communities, and be part of the transformation that must transform our planet to make her sacred. What is not needed in your life will fall away. Your time has arrived to be part of the New Group of World Servers.

AQUARIUS: A spiritual crisis may unfold in your life this year. Many of us skirt spiritual issues or reject past religious upbringing or have no religious attractions whatsoever. You will ask deeply religious and spiritual questions and form out of your experiences a philosophy of Life. Seclusion, retreat and contemplation will help should irritations beset you. This will pass. It would be good to say the Integration Mantram (on our website).

PISCES: Great benefits from unknown sources will be offered to you this year. Your spiritual studies and work deepens. Solitude will be your keynote even when you reach out to groups, friends and family. There will be a desire to make peace with everyone. Remember that peace is the result of Goodwill, which creates Right Relationships with all kingdoms. People will come to you. Guard them and yourself with care.

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