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Esoteric Astrology for December 25-31
Holy Days

The holidays originated as “holy days” marking sacred times in the yearly cycle of life. We’ve come to the end of an eventful year, when changes began. There will be even more changes in 2009. Christmas day has Sag moon, joy approaches. Our hearts find refuge in family, village, community (sangha), cheerfulness, honesty, right relations, hope and faith.
Amidst gifts and plentiful tables, alongside Sag moon, is the presence and mystery of Capricorn. At midnight, Christmas morn, in Catholic and Christian churches, Holy Mass is celebrated welcoming the birth of the Sun’s new light, the nativity of the Holy Child (new life, love & will anchored on Earth) in a stable (among humanity) in Bethlehem. He becomes the Bread of Life. Each year since that first holy birth over 2,000 years ago, humanity has risen higher and higher within a spiral of light. One day that spiral will reach heaven. We’re half way there. Love, goodwill and joy to everyone. Till next year. Risa.
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ARIES: You’re being called to world service, working with the New Group of World Servers. You have two choices—to focus on your personal satisfaction, or work toward the stabilization of humanity. Either choice depends on your level of conscious awareness. Both choices are “on the path.” One is more difficult than the other. One sings, the other’s learning. The world needs help. Especially from a gifted Aries.

TAURUS: Your thoughts are quite unlike other people’s. Your mind is far away, flying toward the future. You’re concerned with providing knowledge so everyone becomes aware of the times ahead and are preparing for the future in ways only our ancestors knew thus fulfilling their destiny. How can you bring this information into the daily lives of families, friends and your community? Begin in your own home. Then you become an initiating model to others. A gift, actually.

GEMINI: It’s time to offer the gift of practical graphic communication concerning resources and future investments. Our world is different now and will continue to be. Prior management of money and resources is no longer safe. Investments now must be for land, gardens, greenhouses, community, perishables, non-perishable, medicines, etc. The present instability will create a new stability when humanity learns equitable responsibility and sharing. Because you understand, you are to become the ambassador, spokesperson and representative for all of these.

CANCER: Read Gemini first. Then look to your relationships. Be sure to focus all energy and love onto those you work with and are close to. Take the time to communicate with them on deeper levels, especially if forming a company, partnership or marriage. Communication is the core, foundation, and heart of all partnerships. Come out from under your shell. Give the gift of sharing through what you say, know, sense, feel and how you speak.

LEO: You are to think in details, facts, information and minutiae in order to steer successfully (an important word for you now) through daily workdays (and service to others, especially the animal kingdom). Perhaps you realize goals haven’t been met, tasks are half done, and conclude daily life is uncontrollable. It is, but don’t fret. In the coming weeks you’ll firmly anchor that ladder of responsibilities and climb each step till all’s accomplished. The gift’s in the details.

VIRGO: What seemed simple routines are now challenging! So, change in routines is needed giving you more incentive to tend to creative details under which a gift is hidden. As you become more and more inspired, constantly tidy up so no accidents occur. Have patience, work with focused intention, take time to rest each afternoon to observe the subtle shadows of afternoon light. Visualize the Sun’s light entering your heart. Liberation and love are then yours.

LIBRA: You will think fondly this year of home and family. If you have a home you will cherish and be devoted to it. But first you will go about cleaning and tending, creating an environment worthy of royalty. Your home is indeed a gift, don’t you think? And so you will think about children, nurturing, food and gardens and even about building a gate. Desires repolarize, intuition appears, seeking the way toward your spiritual home.

SCORPIO: As your awareness unfolds, a gift in itself, and noting tensions and extreme duality, you seek to relate and join these dual realities within yourself. This esoterically symbolizes the soul and personality. A space forms between these two poles and it intensifies. This tension and intensity have purpose, giving clarity of distinction between the higher and lower self. Eventually a marriage of opposites occurs. A triangle forms. Ponder these words.

SAGITTARIUS: Read Scorpio’s words first. Then, note the battle of attachment that is occurring, a struggle. Know that Vulcan the forger is attempting to make you into a golden chalice. Your approaching new identity is the gift. Previously and perhaps even now, you’re at war, magnetically attracted to materiality. Later you’ll cultivate a proper rapport with Venus and right relationships will materialize. Silence and serving others makes this so.

CAPRICORN: You may feel in a state of sacrifice, always assisting others in need. This is the gift of care you offer others, even though at times it may feel tedious. Sometimes we must do battle with ourselves (desires). These battles create challenges Caps are supremely able to overcome. During this month notice that others “notice” and trust you. They will tell you secrets. This is temporary. However, for a bit of time you will be other people’s solace.

AQUARIUS: Try not to be swept away by emotions, political or religious idealism or self-criticism concerning your inabilities (judgment). All are illusions. Aquarians are often worried and fearful beings. Here’s a prayer (mantram), a gift to you during these holy days, that dissolves and dissipates illusion, worry and fear: “Lead me from darkness to light, from the unreal to the real, from death to immortality.” Say it ceaselessly. It instills courage, hope and reality.

PISCES: Two levels occur here. One fits you. The first is that you will seek to have others bend to your will offering ideas you believe to be true. The second is your will begins to work harmoniously in service to the group. The first is personality experiential learning. The second is under the direction of the soul. The gift here is knowing, discriminating, understanding and identifying the differences. One leads eventually to the other. One creates joy, the other gift.

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