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The year is almost over, winter (Capricorn, solstice) begins Sunday, Hanukkah begins Monday, Christmas is next Thursday and the New Year is two weeks away. Amidst the many celebrations there is a feeling of seriousness, endings and new beginnings. The past 17 years Pluto in Sagittarius provided us with many goals, ideals, ideologies, visions and religious fervor. Now a new serious and practical element has entered our lives with Pluto entering Capricorn. As Capricorn’s month begins with Saturn, Capricorn’s planet, hovering near the moon (daily life, feelings) Thursday and Friday, and with Pluto (transformation) in Capricorn (time, money), we become practical, develop a disciplined sense of timing, understand time as a valuable currency and that to maintain the viability of our communities we must circulate our monetary currency locally. Capricorn works through Saturn and Saturn helps us understand that time is the means through which we achieve our life’s purpose and also the medium through which we serve others. It’s the only way the principle of abundance truly works. These are Capricorn tasks.

Aries: A mental light is focused on all outward aspects of your life. You wonder who you are in the larger society. As you examine your purpose, standing and reputation you also ask what is your direction and how you’re progressing. It’s possible you will be sought out for honors, observed as a mentor, given tasks and projects of leadership and power. Tend to them carefully, using intentions for goodwill in all endeavors.

Taurus: New experiences, meeting people from different regions, are broadening your horizons. You might consider a new course of study that’s intellectually disciplined, practical and purposeful. You will enjoy it immensely. New routines should be established so that new understanding of time can emerge.

Gemini: Your feelings, emotions and mind are working together providing subtle new information concerning life and death, wellness and health, money and resources. Your inner self is being expanded through unusual activities occurring in your daily life and through caring for another. These are shifting your beliefs and leading to a deep self-inquiry into money, resources, relationships and psychological healing.

Cancer: As you interact and work closely with others, you understand more about yourself. You’ll discover how you unconsciously make decisions affecting your actions. This leads a deeper aware of choices, hidden agendas, resentments and expectations. With awareness comes change and a light is shed upon the value within all relationships, intimate and professional. Do you have intentions for goodwill in all interactions?

Leo: There are so many tasks to be accomplished and responsibilities to be considered. You will be efficient and effective if you stay to the point, set timetables, examine techniques and procedures and sharpen your mind with good, yet discriminating intentions. Others will call for your input and have needs and wishes. Through trials and grief, having become one who serves, you will tend to all with equanimity and poise.

Virgo: Perhaps you feel an unusual happiness, expressing yourself, setting priorities, seeking amusement, fun and play. If not, then begin because it’s the time. It may take effort to complete daily responsibilities. Finish them early so your day is free.

Libra: Your intimate, most personal life including people you relate with are your focus. You seek a firm foundation, things familiar, a reason and purpose to build your base of relations. Much of your attention now must be focused inward to assess values and needs. What do you value?

Scorpio: Your immediate environment, interactions with others, professional associations are areas to observe how you handle relationships. Is there communication and habits of thinking that undermine your effectiveness? Do you pour out all your energy and take none in?

Sagittarius: It is good to make a list of all the resources in your life and assess their value. I am referring to things more abstract than money, things more spiritual. You seek to express yourself through your non-material resources. Therefore a list of them is valuable. Knowing more about yourself provides you with greater control psychologically. On the other hand, it may be time for a party celebrating your material resources, which gives others fun and pleasure.

Capricorn: It’s time to renew your self for the coming new year. Things personal become more so as you withdraw somewhat from the world. Turn inward, into the darkness where, under the new light of Winter Solstice, thoughts and ideas form. This is not a selfish act, but one born from future needs. While in the world be sensitive to others.

Aquarius: Is there an alignment between your thoughts, words and actions? It’s important to be aware if several messages are being projected simultaneously. Sometimes we act out childhood behaviors. What would they be? As the year comes to an end it’s good to review and reflect upon the past. When you are peaceful and quiet begin to plan the New Year. It should be bigger and greater and more prosperous than last.

Pisces: You’re assessing the values in the groups you belong to, your friendships and other important relationships. This assessment relates to your present life purpose and the ideals you hope to manifest.

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