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Risa’s Astrology

I see the Goal, I Reach That Goal and Then I See Another
Friday at 11:37 a.m. is the Full Moon solar festival at 21 degrees Sag/Gemini. The soul’s meditative seed thought is: “I see the goal, I reach that goal, and then I see another.”

Sagittarius is the sign that (through walking the path of Earth) not only aligns the personality to the soul, but also, through the gathering and building up of vast storehouses of knowledge is able to unlock the door to intuition. This is mystery behind the myth of Persephone (intuition, wisdom) birthed from the head of her father, Jupiter (knowledge). And thus the reason that in the Aquarian age, knowledge must be developed, the mind made “new,” so intuition, the creative activity of the soul, can emerge to create the new culture and civilization. Read more about this including celestial events the United Nations International Mountain Day at www.nightlightnews.com.

ARIES: A very deep inner level seeking “the path” creates a need for travel to find a truth that echoes your belief system. Actually you would like all belief systems encountered to unify. Your higher mind overflows with information. There are however Nine Tests to overcome concerning beliefs and present goals, both now changing. You’re under the “law of change.” It’s good to understand all the laws, especially the cosmic ones.

TAURUS: You’ve been experiencing a transmutation of personal desires, shifting from self-need to group needs and requirements of family or community. Your entire being is enveloped in this change and gradually all resources will become group resources. This is a spiritual event, occurring gradually and subtly, though perhaps not. When completed you’ll feel liberated from the exquisite state of responsibility you’ve experienced. Welcome to the New Group of World Servers.

GEMINI: Your co-workers, partner, intimates and special friends are the focus of your hopes, wishes, desires and aspirations. It’s time now to become more involved in their lives, cease any polarizations, and recognize the space between your personality and your soul. Infuse love into all encounters, and the expanse between matter and spirit will cease. You can do this. It’s your spiritual task and it’s done through intention.

CANCER: Each day, before going about your daily duties, see yourself as a soul, tend to all you encounter with the sense of serving them. This includes the animal and plant kingdoms, but especially the animal kingdom. Should you do this you will begin to heal and nurture both yourself and others. This builds a pathway to the soul and then all the good you seek will be magnetized toward you, including family and loved ones. Everyone is in waiting.

LEO: There is a feeling or a desire to merge with someone or something, perhaps a specific person or creative art form. This desire is strong though your will is even stronger. Romance, love affairs, children, favorite sports, games and hobbies all gather under your desire for a new way of being. With such a great will you must also have love. When the two blend, when you vivify something with love, all that you ask for appears like magic. And a quickening of joy occurs. Are you dreaming?

VIRGO: Are you thinking about family and what you’ve inherited emotionally, of brothers, sisters and mother? Our mothers are related to the mother principle, the nurturing, caring and tending we need to receive first so we may then give. Families are our psychological foundations wherein we build self-identity and self-awareness. What was your early family life like? Are you able to build a loving and caring home in your present life? Home is our sangha, community, refuge – our Ashram. Build these.

LIBRA: It’s important that all thoughts and communication be filled with goodwill lest a forest of anger and resentment grows. This will take remembered discipline. Perhaps there’s a wound or you’re in recovery. Perhaps there’s inflammation within the physical body or even of the emotions where deep walled-off sadness has harbored. Whatever is occuring, intentions to speak with appreciation and honor, recognizing all that is good will create a rainbow bridge of healing, soothing and strengthening. Arnica, Ignatia Amara and turmeric help, too.

SCORPIO: The message has been the same these past weeks. You have focused on personal resources and it’s now time to look at spiritual resources within and what your values are. You thoughts of material resources are asking how do you use your life energies? You had an attitude about money and you are now to shape matter and form as an expression of your spiritual values. All resources we possess are reshaping themselves to be used for spiritual purposes. Know this intimately, for liberation follows.

SAGITTARIUS: The Scorpio words are for you, too, Sag. That’s Sag’s first lesson. Since Mars is in your first house of self, here’s the second lesson. You concerned yourself with your attractive physical body, but the focus must now shift to the soul body, called the Causal Lotus, a nice image. Where appearance was important now it’s the purity of your aura. Your personality is now brilliant and you are now able to focus on your emerging soul purpose. These are “high” words. But Sag understands them.

CAPRICORN: You have many hidden resources. In coming months you will have access to past-life gifts. All that you seek to do is part of this gathering. If you’re feeling ill, it’s because when the personality is summoned by the soul, it resists, which your personality can no longer do. The soul contains all that you need. What are your deepest aspirations? You must uplift and resurrect yourself toward them. Then, like a shattered piñata, it opens up, showering you with treasures. These are your hopes and aspirations.

AQUARIUS: Now that you’re out and about doing your world work, remember that everyone contacted is actually part of the New Group of World Servers, serving in whatever capacity they are able, unaware they are serving. But now you know. Therefore when greeting others, remember they are part of the NGWS (you are also) and know their purpose is to shower you with the richness of resources needed to bring about communications that connect them. Remember, contact releases love. Make constant contact.

PISCES: The above information in each sign, relating to different areas of your life, is also for you, Pisces, for you hold the seeds of all the 12 signs’ opportunities. You need this information to move forward more swiftly toward your assigned task, that of helping to save humanity, also the task of our last world teacher. We were given the new Pisces commandment to love one another. Now we (you) are to love even more. Begin with radiating goodwill everywhere. Seek it, find it and be the love that underlies all events.

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