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Kali Yuga – Light Within Darkness

Let us stand with the new 44th president of the United States as he
Lights the Way for humanity. Obama’s Aquarius rising supports the
United States Aquarius Moon and the Aquarian Age wherein, through
humanity and its new leadership, the new culture and civilization will

Thursday is Scorpio/Taurus Full moon. Join the NGWS by reciting the
Great Invocation. We are in the last week of Scorpio. Soon we’ll be
under the influence of Sagittarius and Thanksgiving, the feast of
appreciation. Before leaving Scorpio let’s review its importance and
significance. Scorpio is the sign of deepest waters and of darkness.
Much is hidden within Scorpio which eventually reveals the mysteries,
Ancient and Ageless Wisdom. We (humanity), Scorpio warriors, in our
descent into matter (an experiment of the highest spiritual order) and
through our struggles and suffering, forgot our spiritual origins,
essence and purpose. We lost the higher levels of consciousness as we
explored form and matter. It was an experiment of heavenly proportion
to have spirits enter, embrace and be “clothed” in matter. Our most
recent times of darkness are esoterically termed the Kali Yuga (Age of
Darkness & Forgetting). However, we know wherever there is darkness,
ever present and at its essence there is Light (Vestal Light). This is
the light continually burning in the sanctuaries of Catholic churches
world-wide. This light is also an inextinguishable illuminating fire
(Agni) within us. Scorpio is called the sign of the disciple. It is
this “fire light” within that is eventually summoned by the Soul and
strengthened by Scorpio’s Nine Tests. The personality “dies”
(surrenders) and the Soul assumes control during a specific lifetime
in Scorpio. Our present world is experiencing this esoteric
astrological and transformation shift. It is good to know these
things. (Celestial Events & more on the election at

ARIES: Project your desires and aspiration out into the world of those
you love. Ask for responses and feed back. This will allow you to
create a more expansive sense of self. Careful not to be overly
aggressive with monetary issues or things held in common with others,
especially with intimates. Rebellion could occur and then your Mars
will act up and all will be lost. Think a bit more philosophically.
Dive deep into the world.

TAURUS: You can be assured that whatever you place into your
relationships will bring forth a response. Notice what they are. There
is passion and pride and assertiveness within the work you’re doing, a
most important job indeed. Are you seeking advisors and alliances,
perhaps a change of environment? Accept suggestions which allows
others to feel you cooperate. We know you’re the illumined mind.
You’re teaching others.

GEMINI: Whatever boundaries, limitations, or obstructions seem to be
holding back forward movement, this will cease and opportunities will
arise and new areas and areans wherein you can serve will appear.
Careful with encounters. Call in your Venusian grace which will
dissolve any resistances. Be extra alert and conscious concerning your
diet and health. An ill Gemini can’t disperse information very well.

CANCER: Attempt to be more efficient and orderly in your daily life
especially with time and resources. During these weeks a new structure
is being set forth so that you can tap into your creativity which is
hidden so deep within you’re unaware of how many possibilities for
being creative you actually have. You also need a bit more fun and
playfulness. What would that mean for you?

LEO: The planetary focus continues to be on your home where all your
thinking, personality needs, desires and aspirations are residing
bright and happy along with you. There are many things hidden at your
home, even perhaps you at this time. There is also much work to be
done there which not only expands your sense of building something new
but brings you joy. What menagerie of creatures are you tending there?

VIRGO: Is your mind racing so fast you cannot hold any more
information? Do you want your ideas and thoughts to be heard by others
but find that often when speaking a bit of this and that is missing?
Do you need to communicate with siblings, school friends or people in
your neighborhood? If so, listen how you talk and what you say. Be
conscious of the power and intensity behind your voice. Step back a
bit. Garden.

LIBRA: A gift is being offered you. It’s a shift in how and what you
think. If you ponder upon the content of your thoughts what do you
find? Are most of your thoughts kind and caring? If not, then what is
their primary focus and content? There are schools that say what we
think about creates the substance of our daily life. Be cautious, be
generous, cooperate more, be kind.

SCORPIO: An opportunity will be offered allowing for a restructuring
of how you use money and resources. You seek to increase income. With
wise choices (and with tithing) this will occur. When we give, so much
is returned to us in terms of our needs. There will be both challenges
and benefits given. Stay poised throughout for your stance and
equanimity (and tithing) will be of great future importance to your
well being.

It’s best to retreat in the next couple of weeks to
months because your energy is withdrawn and what is best for you is
solitude, quiet and contemplation. Less and less work is best, too.
You will not be inactive although it may feel this way. When inner
work is being done to us, we need to embrace shadows, depths, and pull
the curtain a bit. You sense this. Follow it.

CAPRICORN: A new sense of potency and abilities are growing within.
You (and others) may not notice but if there is unease and uncertainty
this is a sure sign that growth is occurring. It’s both subtle yet
powerful. You feel it but have no words to describe it. A deep inner
sense is developing and what you know challenges others. Let this all
develop on its own. You’ll emerge into a new light.

AQUARIUS: It’s important to be out and about in the world both
professional and social. Do so as much as is possible. However,
maintain caution, move slowly, don’t allow too much pride to place
obstacles in your way and should a struggle between two opposing
forces appear, step into the shadows, back up, and find your way home
again. The new day will dawn soon enough and out and about you’ll be.

PISCES: A new place is being found for you in the world, new friends,
social interactions, professional opportunities. Because you are
Pisces these could be slow in coming or hidden behind veils or waves
of water. Maintain at all time your integrity and friendship. Link
these to aspirations. Soon there will be a blending, a meeting and a
synthesis. Your work, though different and often hidden, is valuable.

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