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Esoteric Astrology as news for week Nov. 6-13, 2008

Scorpio & Financial Permaculture

Early morning Thursday is the Full Moon at 21 degrees Scorpio/Taurus.
The NGWS invites everyone to the festival by reciting the Great
Invocation. We are in Scorpio, sign, along with Taurus, of resources,
money and finances. Scorpio creates a battle (Mars) in order to
reorient (turn upside down, a Ray 4 process) the lesser values to the
higher. Scorpio (humanity) is always the triumphant warrior. Thus the
meditative Full Moon seed thought for Scorpio: “Warrior am I and from
the battle I emerge triumphant.” Humanity is in battle at present to
reorient our financial reality, from materialism (personality) to
world sharing (Soul). Which leads to the concept of Financial
Permaculture, two seemingly contradictory terms but actually quite
compatible and necessary during these present financial times.
Permaculture is a design system based upon observing how ecosystems
(or any systems) interact. Its purpose is the formation of sustainable
habitats (whether human, agricultural, cultural, financial,
governmental, etc.). Permaculture principles are based upon core
values or ethics (Earthcare, Peoplecare, Fairshare). From these
bio-diversity (variety) and sustainability are created. The word
permaculture combines the words permanent (perma) and (agri) culture.
Understanding this definition, we can apply permaculture to all
systems and human endeavors.

Financial Permaculture looks at our accepted financial structures,
sees that they are unsustainable and thus dissolving, and, through
observation and study within groups, seeks sustainable financial
structures in line with the emerging new culture and civilization.
Google permaculture for more information. Permaculture is also at the
core of the new Transition Towns emerging all over the world. Is your
town (village, city) a Transition town?  What is a Transition Town?
See transitiontowns.org/.

ARIES: All areas of finance and resources, both personal and with
others, stands in a light in front of you. Tend to them with care and
concentration, efficiency, economy and strength. Accomplish this in
time increments. You may uncover more resources than you think you
have. So many things are hidden. And so it’s time to uncover them.
Remember others who have much less. Share and tithe. It creates great

TAURUS: You want to sail swiftly into the future with new ideas and
plans but there are so few who are able to help, few with your same
vision, and even less with your stamina. Strive for poise during these
transition times and while you’re at it storm heaven with requests for
those who can ably, intelligently and financially assist you to appear
on your doorstep. Your prayers will prepare them.

GEMINI: Deep feelings, perhaps unresolved and from the past, emerge
and play themselves out in your present life and relationships.
Careful what you think and say and do. Careful that you don’t become
part of the difficulty. You may feel vulnerable. Don’t hide this for
everyone will be vulnerable, too. Showing yours breaks down any
barriers obstructing heart-felt communication and contact. You want
love. Make those contacts first.

You may experience rebelliousness – the result of stress and
the constant changes occurring to everyone everywhere. The pulse of
humanity and the country courses through your body. This calls for
stabilization within even as impatience flares. Some immediate sense
of purpose keeps you no longer within the safety of home. Make changes
in small ways. Don’t look at the big picture lest you swoon with
overwhelm. The full moon brings blessings.

LEO: It seems you want both stability and freedom, both all at once.
This week should bring heightened intuition so observe your thoughts.
Their brilliance forms the nucleus for creative activities you long to
bring forth. Is your work stultifying while also serving financial
needs? We come back again to your need for stability and for freedom.
A sudden revelation occurs concerning these.

VIRGO: Small changes are occurring in your personal life in small
ways. They are the seeds of the future which will be life-changing.
Have the intention to break free from restlessness so you can move
toward emotional independence. It feels hard to move forward
sometimes. Allow your inner spiritual intentions to hold you in the
present. Transformation is coming for a long visit.

LIBRA: You are called to a past situation and then to a present-future
one. The past holds and keeps you within the realms of emotionally
risky behavior. The present/future creates optimism and true realism.
One contains judgment, the other love. One keeps you spiritual lonely.
The other shifts you into a loving community. Can you identify the two
sides and where you’re positioned? Forgiveness is alchemy.

You’re anticipating change and it’s almost here, coming with
a revelatory impact. Since you live within this field constantly, it
won’t surprise you. You’ll find your usual resiliency intact and a
model for others. Being the warrior of the zodiac, you’re preparing
for the coming times where the death of the old will happen in the
blink of an illumined eye. You’re strength will be called upon. Begin
to exercise more now.

SAGITTARIUS: You become a paradox. Restless yet tied down
(psychologically), responsible yet rebellious, seeking security yet
craving freedom, pleased yet dissatisfied and stimulated with
conflicts. If you allow these contradictions to work with you, new
insights will occur. So don’t push them away. They are part of the Ray
4 (Harmony Through Conflict) that Sag works within and through to
bring new consciousness forth. Don’t rock the boat too much.

CAPRICORN: Do you feel you’re on a seesaw between structured
responsibility and rebellious freedom? Are your radical ideas
beginning to challenge and upset the apple cart of everything everyone
else in your world accepts? As you continue to have newer world
visions, others will have to reorient to your ways of thinking or be
left behind. But sometimes you simply want to be like everyone else
and go back home and rest awhile. But you remember home never was like
that so you forge onward. We’ll walk with you.

: Out and about in the world you go meeting with important
people, experiencing your own particular type of honor and popularity,
building your social and business reputation and career, tending to
financial responsibilities, developing new business criteria, knowing
you’re climbing the ladder of success, and doing more than you’re
capable of yet succeeding no matter what. It’s time, isn’t it? Keep
going, keep planning.

You’ll want to escape the disruptive influences that may well
intrude into your plans and daily agendas. You’ll need flexibility in
great amounts as interruptions and unexpected events occur. You cannot
prepare for what will happen. You can only soothe the waters with
knowledge that what occurs is redesigning your professional (and
personal) life in ways you could never have created yourself. You’re
lucky, sensible and smart. And being looked after.

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