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Esoteric Astrology as news for week Oct. 30-Nov. 5


November 4th is the day most of us have been waiting for. On that day, here in the United States, humanity rises up (off the couch) and, using its voice, chooses the next president. I remind all of us that everyone on Saturday Night Live votes and that voting is a responsibility, right and a privilege. Voting is easy – just see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pPF0wUHz5o & http://www.rockthevote.com/. As mentioned in previous columns, voting day is not only v/c but has the major transit of structural (Saturn) upheaval (Uranus) or the first of five Saturn in Virgo opposite Uranus in Pisces transits in the sky. Some seers say the vote will be close, especially the first half of the day. We all know the best choice for president during these times. We all know who is capable of leading humanity, with firm loving understanding, into the Light “that leads the Way”. And we all know who would best represent our country to the rest of the world. Thursday, voting day, is v/c till 3:41 (west coast), 6:41 pm (east coast). Friday is Halloween. Glam gloom, urban warrior, rags to riches, or Amy Winehouse (ratted hair, tight skirts, etc), sad and tattered seem appropriate costume choices for our disastrous unknowing times. Make an All Hallows bonfire and make s’mores with gingersnaps (instead of graham crackers). Halloween is a good day and evening. Nothing’s lurking in darkness or shadows. Except candy. Sunday Daylight Savings time ends at 2 am. Sunday is moon in Capricorn, the sign that rules time as we know it. Monday’s very difficult. Tuesday we vote. Wednesday’s Aquarius moon informs all of us all what the future in the United States will be like. Ohm…

ARIES: The issues you’re facing have to do with shared things with another – like money and possessions and belongings. The issues are also about things close and intimate, financial things like taxes and loans, serious things like knowing you need a change from the usual. It’s been a long year and you’ve been busy. The work isn’t letting up, but you can take a few days away. Try to.

TAURUS: You feel so deeply compelled to do the work of multiple people. Even when the situation is unbearable you find a way to push right through. There are health concerns. Are you tending to them and giving yourself the same (or more) care you’re showering on others. I think not. I want to engage you in a discussion about your health and ask that this become a primary focus for a while. We’ll help you.

GEMINI: Three realities seem to converge upon you these days…relationship issues, health and work issues and then, feeling that the changes on the planet are deeply significant and wondering what your position, place and actual work will be in the future. A clue is the answer to this question. What inspires you these days? There’s a revolution occurring with all that’s green. Find out all about this.

CANCER: Are you finding everything both hard and soft, high and low, inward and outward, simple and yet so complex? Changes in the way you think are occurring due to input of new and vital information not many people know about. You may think you’re not retaining this information but you actually are absorbing it through your body. Later it will make more sense. Tend to what hurts.

LEO: There are so many tasks at home, and perhaps some very internal issues need tending. What is occurring with relationships? As you attempt to move forward, there are deep deep feelings and emotions and then several wounds erupt and they play cat and mouse…they’re here and they’re gone only to reappear again later. Feelings of vulnerability occur with others. Maintain a bit more solitude. Eat well.

VIRGO: If you feel you’re lost in daily routines even while walking from room to room, if you can’t seem to find anything and don’t know where you’ve placed important objects, it’s because your usual direct and focus mind is being influenced by the god of the waters, Neptune. Things dissolve in order that they later can be refined and spiritualized. As you talk realize you communicate so you can understand yourself more clearly.

LIBRA: You try to be in more control and discipline yourself because so many times you simply feel in a state of chaos and conflict. Know this is so you can move forward with more clarity. These conflictual states are like rainstorms. They wash away the constantly gathering dust. You want to communicate about something but find it difficult. So you’re silent. This isn’t easy. Find something quietly creative to do.

SCORPIO: You are vitally busy. So many realities call to you that it’s difficult to decide how you can accomplish it all…and you simply can’t. So the reality is you’ll have to choose what actions to focus on, who to be with, where to go and what you truly expect of yourself. It’s not easy, you’re conflicted (which isn’t new), but you’ll find your focus and this focus provides you with added self-identity.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s possible you’ve come to the end of a long road where transformation was the only road sign you could understand and you railed against it but if you think back to your life ten or more years previous, you’re a completely new and different person. You’ve been considering new forms of work and income. Within the year these will manifest. These issues are so big it took them a long time to form. While you’re waiting, be charismatic. It’s an attractive force.

CAPRICORN:  Continue to build, construct, architect, formulate, plan and craft your artistic and creative endeavors. Secret out solitary time where with no interruptions and a long flow of time to accomplish great amounts of work. You remain both in the world and yet a bit hidden both of which are good for you at this time. Be careful with activities. You could hurt yourself.

AQUARIUS: Your career and presence in the world move swiftly forward. You’re happy and enthusiastic, thinking about more projects. Keep thinking about this future yet remain very careful with the present goals. You’ll find both sides of your mind working overtime in the coming weeks. One side says you can have everything. The other side hears Saturn saying, “Maintain discipline and discernment with desires”. Neutrality emerges at week’s end.

PISCES: There may be difficulty with close intimates or partners. A new paradigm and archetype need to be created between you. A rebalancing and a new bottom line. You could feel separate and alone or the issue of marriage may come forth. You are changing and although you attempt to communicate the issues, they are either not heard or understood. Tend to your grief with Ignatus Amara and don’t lose confidence.

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