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Esoteric Astrology as news for week October 16-22, 2008

Last Week of Interlude

This is the last week of Libra, the last week of interlude, rest and the choice “that leads between two great lines of force” – learning more of form and matter (Virgo) or preparing for discipleship (Scorpio). With heart-felt intention the right choice and path appear. Thursday is comforting with Taurus moon. From Aldabaran and Alcyone, two stars in the Pleiades, we receive the lights (carrying information) that illumine our minds. Friday, 3:25 am, is Gemini moon with lots of talk and interaction seeking to make contact. Then love sweeps in – Gemini’s Soul task. Saturday, 11:31 am, Venus (Ray 5) enters Scorpio (Ray 4). Intelligence and love are brought into the crisis that leads to harmony. It’s the feast day of St. Luke, one of the Bible’s four New Testament authors (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John). Sunday, 6:15 am, moon enters Cancer. Families are called to be together. Nourishment is needed. Monday is the last day of Sukkot; the temporary dwellings (Sukkoth) are dismantled for another year with the words “Next year in Jerusalem!” Tuesday, 7:35 am, Leo moon begins. Everyone needs praise and recognition today. Wednesday evening we bid farewell to Libra (Ray 3) as the Sun enters Scorpio (Ray 4). A secret door swings open and the season of mystery begins. We are now under the sign of Discipleship and Mars brings us the nine tests.

ARIES: OK, so did I tell you about the nine tests of Mars to assess whether we’re accomplishing our tasks well and if so we then advance to the next level? The tests will be physical, emotional, and lower mental. They will penetrate your days and nights. You will encounter power (in people, events & yourself). Should you seek advancement learn the ways of the true Warrior and summon all virtues. For assistance call upon Archangel Michael.

TAURUS: You feel extreme tension. It can exhaust or actively direct you. There may be conflicts and you’ll need to act within Right Relations. Doing this teaches others how to work with differences. The purpose of conflict is to produce greater harmony. You know this for you are directed by Ray 4 (Harmony Through Conflict). Work with and through partnerships both intimate and professional. Then life adjusts itself properly. Tend to legal matters.

GEMINI: Hard work has entered your daily life and you’re proud of how much you can accomplish. Usual pleasures are difficult to find these days. You simply don’t have time. Tend to your health, especially inflammation. It could be subtle or painful. Turmeric is an excellent natural anti-inflammatory. Work alone, however, give credit to others if they have helped or introduced you to information. Although solitary, there’s an entire group – the NGWS – working with you.

CANCER: It’s best to keep very busy. Perhaps you’re tending to children or infants. Or helping others recognize their creativity. When you have a thought, an idea or impression you want to act immediately, fast and furiously! If you feel held within too many boundaries your impulse is to flee. You just might do that. “I am!” and “This is me!” you say over and over. Yes, we see definitely see (and appreciate) you.

LEO: You may need to bring up family matters not usually expressed. Deep feelings could emerge concerning daily life as a child, patterns instilled from parents and family, events that hurt deeply and never understood. On the other hand, you may need to play, take up a new sport, find ways that allow complete freedom and self-expression. Desires are strong, love even stronger. Tend to children and don’t worry about too much self-discipline.

VIRGO: Try not to have conflicts with neighbors, siblings, family members. Try not to criticize yourself, thinking you don’t know enough. On the other hand don’t exhaust yourself by trying to learn something too quickly. Try not to disagree or defend, try not to argue or take a difficult position on some matter. Try not to feel insecure or go on the attack. You most likely will do none of the above. Study and identify yourself as an intelligent being.

LIBRA: It is important now to define your values. Do you feel what you have (or don’t have) and/or your ability to make (or not) money define you? Is your life ruled from childhood beliefs? There’s an abstract psychological identity occurring and from this identity your life choices are being made. Perhaps you can reassess these beliefs and feelings. You need freedom from the past more than anything.

SCORPIO: Vedanta means the completion of knowledge. All Scorpios seek the mysteries that will enlighten them. Scorpios must gain knowledge for later discipleship and leadership phases. Everything you’re doing and all that you’ve done is preparatory to a future inner call making you stop you in your tracks and leading you to assist humanity. Till then, enjoy yourself, have fun, play (try), and do what you love. This is your main discipline.

SAGITTARIUS: What is within us, things hidden and repressed can emerge subtly in forms of irritation and uneasiness. This may occur for several weeks. Allow it to wash over you like an autumn rainfall you’re unexpectedly caught in. Don’t try to hide from how you feel, don’t push anything away. Simply stand still, as still as possible, and that which disturbs you will disappear like the grass, which Rajneesh always said, “grows all by itself.”

CAPRICORN: Your day to day is filled with future goals, hopes and wishes. You look to friends that belong to you for support, interaction, and assistance in achieving tomorrow’s aims. Notice that your individual self wants to do most things alone and that your interests alone are most important. This is important. At times, attempt to coordinate your needs with others but only if there is commonality, harmony, and like-minded thinking. Then you can accomplish anything. Make sure to include daily exercise. Your hair needs something, too.

AQUARIUS: Achievement, climbing the ladder of success, being recognized for your gifts (different that others) and abilities are what you feel at home with now. An independent project is forcing you to see many aspects of your life. All effort you’re putting into this project will create the independence you need, the authority you always possessed and the initiative waiting to be released. You’re your own boss. Let no one challenge you on this.

PISCES: Experiences occurring in your life are expanding your sense of time and sense of self. New dimensions of reality are literally walking or knocking at your door, seeking to be let into your already interesting reality. Careful each day. Follow the letter of the law. You influence people in ways you are unaware of. They follow your lead even though you usually feel like a fish out of water (you are). The asteroid Vesta asks you what your changing values are. Make a large Vesta box.

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