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Esoteric Astrology as news for week Oct. 9-15, 2008

G-d Closes the Book of Life & Reconciliation During Libra

This is the last week of Mercury retrograde. Mercury turns stationary direct Wednesday. However, Mercury remains in retrograde shadow until the end of October (Halloween). That means we progress forward slowly. Since astrologers haven’t been called to Washington since the Reagan era (using astrology was a secret and Reagan was Aquarius) the following astrological no-no’s have taken place – vice-presidential debates occurred in a v/c (no real substance and contact possible, flat affect) and the House voted for (263-171), and Bush signed into law, the sweeping Bailout plan during Mercury retrograde! Outcomes should be unexpected. The news: as of Oct. 6th the Dow’s down 500 points; Wells Fargo bought Wachovia; JP Morgan bought what’s left of Washington Mutual and fired all WaMu executives; California’s out of money and early voting begins in Ohio. The (unsustainable) economic beat goes on. My thoughts on the election? Tina Fey for President!

There are many Libra festivals this week. Thursday, Aquarius moon, is Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement (asking forgiveness), the holiest of Jewish festivals, our last day to ask forgiveness before G-d closes the Book of Life. Yom Kippur is the final day to seek reconciliation with those we have wronged, judged or separated from. Should we accomplish this rapprochement (return, reconciliation), our relationship with G-d, the person and Life itself is adjusted and corrected. And as the Book of Life closes for the year, our life is made “good” again. Thursday is the birthday of painter, visionary Nicholas Roerich. Friday we shift from personal to transpersonal. Saturday we must “choose the path that leads between these two great lines of force.” Sunday our personalities can’t compromise. Only the Soul can. Monday is Columbus Day or Indigenous People’s Day. Tuesday is Sukkoth (temporary dwellings) and the Full Hunter’s Moon Libra solar festival. Join the NGWS by reciting the Soul & Great Invocations. Our meditative intention during this Crisis of Reorientation and Initiation is humanity’s stabilization. Wednesday, there’s new age talk that a space ship will land in Alabama. We’ll see. Ohm. (more at www.nightlightnews.com)

ARIES: If relationship vicissitudes and communication with intimates are difficult wait a week till the air clears and your ability to make contact increases exponentially (according to your aspiration and intent). Share with others your successes creating more success. Everything’s still hidden in the deep waters of Scorpio. Tend to finances for the next month. Share them and tithe.

TAURUS: It is important to gather strength through rest and recuperation, in between the far-reaching work you’re initiating in preparation for future events. There may be a social event or invitation to meet with others for the purpose of helping those in need. Do participate. The communication and information received furthers your life’s work. It’s very practical to say yes (at first a difficult word for you to say).

GEMINI: Even though your ruler, Mercury, is retrograde in Libra it’s bringing you into a full spectrum of creative possibilities. Have you noticed? During Mercury retrogrades we are like Virgos having the ability to research an idea and discover all the parts needed to bring it beautifully and gracefully into form. Now you also can do this. Notice your imagination, visions and dreams. They’re your road map.

CANCER: Money will be acutely on your mind. You assess finances to decide what you can provide to the family. Gradually begin to discuss this situation with those close to you so they know the extent of your future capabilities and help. Speaking truthfully reinforces bonds between family members and everyone feels supported. Truth holds everyone.

LEO: I hope you’re still at home madly doing work there. Soon, the energies shift your focus to travel in places far away, to pondering future goals, to religion and things deeply spiritual. Will something of yours be published, will you enter or teach school, will you be in touch with friends and family? Wait till retro Mercury is over to sort out and discuss the many thought on your mind. Then you’ll be heard.

VIRGO: Be calm in mind, emotions, and body (the personality). Whatever is of concern will quickly dissipate and then your can think quietly and clearly about finances and resources. Your mind is afire with ideas, plans and information. Be sure important papers are in order and easily accessible. Share your thoughts with loved ones, especially siblings and friends. Think on this.

LIBRA: Try not to forget things this week and next. You could leave important and personal items in hidden places and retrieval could be difficult. Be aware of all actions and movements. You’re here, there and everywhere making focus difficult. Your Libra task during this Libra month is balance within an interlude of rest. Constantly recite the Libra mantram: “I choose the way that leads between the two great lines of force.” This provides direction.

SCORPIO: You are called to two important venues. Work as if your self-esteem depended upon it and then give, attend or simply “be” a party (unto yourself) for socializing provides you with a calm perspective and allows you to be yourself (whoever that is at the moment as you’re always hidden away). Thoughts buried for so long they hardly know they exist begin to surface. Write in your Esoteric & Mercury retro journals.

SAGITTARIUS: Finding your point of safety, balance and harmony as part of a group is your assignment. Even though there are difficulties you are the one who must identify as being the internal focus, in charge, the center from which all others fan out like the spokes of a wheel. Undertake this task with humility and grace, inner confidence and knowledge. This marks a change in your direction.

CAPRICORN: Jupiter in your chart indicates almost too much work to be done, every moment filled with responsibilities to work and family. Your energy is moving in all directions. Life is like this sometimes. There are times of activity and times of rest. This is your season of outer, worldly activity. Soon your energies will turn inward, to deep and still waters. Then you will rest, contemplate and create.

AQUARIUS: Some Aquarians are literally entering the publishing world, bringing forth the social, religious and/or esoteric worlds. We wish them success and prosperous results in their humanitarian endeavors. Other futurists are out and about in communities making contacts resulting in future communities and community work. You’re the pulse of the future. Lead with Light and Goodwill.

PISCES: Resources and finances will be the focus – a blending of yours and theirs and this will take careful study and analysis so those resources benefit everyone involved. An older person is very important at this time. Either you are helping or learning from them. This is a very important relationship that spans lifetimes. Listen and tend carefully. It leads you to greater knowledge, compassion and service.

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