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Esoteric Astrology as news for week Sept. 25-31, 2008

Unprecedented Times

We are in unprecedented times. Presently two Initiations are occurring simultaneously – one within the Earth (through Earth changes) and the other within humanity (economic reorientation, from involution to evolution, from personality to Soul). Each affects the other.

Libra (Ray 3) is one of the signs of crisis. In Libra two choices are presented and one choice must be made. Libra draws the battle lines, presents two realities, asks us to choose. Libra’s goal is world service. Libra becomes prominent during the transition of the Ages (presently Pisces withdrawing and Aquarius emerging). Libra creates the tension (tension creates attention) of opposing forces (haves & have-nots) seeking new balance and harmony. We see this tension occurring between nations, governments, countries, states, the past and present and within relationships. The tension is ultimately between the lower (personality, materialism, greed, etc) self and the higher (Soul, spiritual focus, sharing). This battle, always played out in the world (personality), is presently surfacing in the sphere of our national and global economic markets.

The recent events concerning the vast bailouts, mergers, and/or dissolution of the mortgage and investment banks, and the insurance giant AIG represent the initial stages of reorientation where the economy we believed in and depended upon will continue to be overturned. We are seeing the beginning of a global economic reformation (change, transformation). Because humanity’s endeavors have been based primarily on economics with a certain few holding the world’s wealth, and because astrologically we can no longer maintain the present structures (wealth in the hands of a few), it is within the economic realm where the sweeping, far-reaching and comprehensive world changes must begin. This is humanity’s Initiation. (More on the economy esoterically plus Celestial Events at www.nightlightnews.com)

Close relationships could enter into difficult communication and misunderstandings so be aware of Mercury’s retrograde because it’s affecting interactions with close and intimate friends and lovers. Make no important plans or decisions the next three weeks. Instead attempt to clear up unresolved tensions or confusions. Expect misinterpretation. Use language clearly, intelligently and lovingly. Make love not war.

TAURUS: As your preparations for the future continue unwaveringly, be aware that more interruptions than usual will occur. Daily plans and agendas, though mapped out, may set off in unusual directions. Do not criticize yourself or others should the needed work is set aside for more important issues. Mercury is a messenger and during this retrograde time, new information presented to you constitutes your new assignments.

GEMINI: Spend solitary time to reflect upon the times we are in. Discuss with those close to you what they think is occurring and if they feel preparations for the future are necessary. Mercury retro provides us (especially you) with detailed and interior information related to present concerns and situations. Like Mercury, who gathers significant information for distribution, you are also the messenger. What will your important message be? Ponder this.

CANCER: Communication is demanding and strenuous during this Mercury retrograde. All energies within your environments are felt more deeply. You will think and ponder upon what you already know. You will not be settled or relaxed. Everyone will demand of you extra care and nurturing. With loved ones, discuss new possibilities, offer vital information, make no plans. You know the times are changing. You prepare for them.

LEO: Everything will move faster than the speed of light. Should you be traveling, you will not move with the speed of light but with slow, precise movements toward your destination, which actually could be your destiny. Equipment, tools, computers, phones, even people will act as if they’re unable to function efficiently. As well as you can, tend to what’s broken. A group calls to you.

VIRGO: Mercury, as it retrogrades, seeks to know what your spiritual values are and what you think the right use of matter (resources) is. These are very complex questions. Your life energies are involved. Mercury, when retrograde, creates within Virgo a very deep state of assessment and pondering. It would be good to create a Mercury retrograde journal, noting your thoughts during these times. You will find they are different than usual and offer guidance.

LIBRA: Notice if during the next three weeks your perceptions begin to change, if your point of view, ways of thinking, and position on many things often hidden from others adjusts, transforms and amends. This is a very internal time when thoughts turn to your identity. Who have you become in these past several years? Have you assumed a posture that is no longer comfortable? We change when attitudes and thoughts change. You need truthful information.

During the next three weeks it’s helpful to consider what your deep inner resources are. Is it faith, or religion or virtue or the ability to concentrate? In what ways do you offer service to humanity? Are you dreaming more? What are your dreams for your future? You can often be alone, not sharing with others your inner self. You will internalize even deeper, contacting hidden reserves where spiritual information resides. We will be interested in what you learned.

SAGITTARIUS: Reflect upon what you hoped for in the future in the light of the present world news. There may need to be a change of plans, objectives and goals. What are your spiritual visions and aspirations? Are these included in your future goals? Sagittarians are being called to join the New Group of World Servers because we need daring visionaries, adventurers, and new-idea philosophers. Don’t fret about resources. They’re hiding away till needed.

CAPRICORN: In the next three weeks, following Mercury retro directives, you will reassess, re-evaluate, re-examine, reconsider, and perhaps revise aspects of your professional life. You will consider the satisfaction it provides, the compensation, rewards, drawbacks and advantages. When we are able to apply our gifts, we are then able to render service to humanity. Follow not your rational mind but your heart’s desires. What do you love to do? Be grateful.

AQUARIUS: It’s practical to be rational using the reasoning mind. But there is another level available which is, beyond instinct, the intuitive mind. Reason, when followed with knowledge, becomes intuition. As you sense and comprehend the rhythm of the present times, you realize your work is to impart a vision of truth to everyone you meet. This is your loving service to humanity. What do you intuit that others must know?

PISCES: You are about to embark upon a journey to the past where you will meet once again the crisis and sadnesses, criticisms and losses previously endured. This will be a test so you can demonstrate a one-pointed purpose amidst polarities and crisis. You cannot do this alone. You must call upon the Soul and Ray 3 (Divine Intelligence, Divine Mother) for assistance. The future is being held in abeyance till after the tests. Pray, invoke guidance, study & meditate. You can do this.

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