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Esoteric Astrology as news for week September 4-10, 2008

Something’s Stirring All Across America

We are living in historic time – times that will change history as we have known it, transitional times of transformation and revolution, and times where each of us has a voice, the ability to vote and most of all, discernment, free will and the discriminating use of the mind principle (Ray 3). Watching the conventions and preparing for November’s elections it is important to realize esoterically what is occurring and what the politicians (Ray 1) (coming) in(to) power (Ray 1) actually represent. When inner spiritual realities are understood, we then have an Intelligent appreciation of events playing out in our world. This then allows us to discover our responsibility in choosing the next president who will govern our nation – (our nation’s task is to “Light the Way”)

In Externalization of the Hierarchy (by A.A. Bailey for the Tibetan) we read: “(those in power)…are the agents of destiny, creators of the new order and initiators of the new civilization; they are the destroyers of what must be destroyed before humanity can go forward along the Lighted Way (the United States carries the Light). They (politicians) are the embodiment of the personality of humanity!” We are to “look not at one person or to one group of persons and accuse them of causing the present world condition. Look not also to any one person or group to bring liberation or to find a solution to world problems. That is for humanity itself to do. Humanity (Ray 3) must take action and will do so, when the right time comes.”

It seemed the “right time” arrived last Thursday during Obama’s speech to 85,000 in Colorado’s open-air stadium. Thousands more stood outside while millions nation-wide watched and listened, many in stunned agreement. Obama gave humanity hope. All across America, something’s stirring, and because humanity is demanding it, change is coming. Let us, together, keep up the demand. We “have promises to keep” to the next generations. (more from the Tibetan plus Celestial events at www.nightlightnews.com)

ARIES: Those who work for and with you look to you for direction. You’re the structure they need and the light that lights their way. This is not a compliment. It’s a responsibility calling for leadership and love. For yourself, it is important your health be maintained and diet scrutinized. It’s possible you need more calcium/magnesium. With all relationships go slowly.

TAURUS: Though the workload continues to come from out of this world (it is), you forge ahead with Vulcan’s (your Soul ruler) help. Vulcan forges gold out of iron, pushes you into a forward momentum, and allows for bits of optimism here and there, when he’s not driving you so hard, toward future goals to eventually create and sustain community. Some of us recognize this. We stand gallantly with you.

GEMINI: Home continues to matter in essential ways more than usual. With this foundation sustaining you, new plans, ventures and creative ideas appear and while you aspire to unusual achievements there’s care of those in need (which you do exceptionally well and with humor). As you focus on problems affecting your well-being and those close to you, to serve with a Ray 2 wise heart. It’s there waiting and only takes intention.

CANCER: Home and family become increasingly important. You think about traditions: do you have any and are you passing it on to family? It would be good for you to cook and bake for others – creating contact, which creates love. Something at home needs tender loving care, structure and discipline, cleanliness and intelligent assessment. You can do this. Lessen any critical thoughts. They destroy.

LEO: It’s time to go out and about a little more, creating deeper relationships with neighbors, friends and siblings. Leos often tend only to themselves and this creates loneliness. Wherever there is imbalance, delve deep into the psychology of the situation, ask questions, listen, assess, speak from the heart and forgive. A new creative vitality is available mentally. Communicate goodness. It is then returned.

VIRGO: Focus at all times on facts: not fictions, fantasies, or wishful thinking. This is the foundation of a good leader. It helps with emotional disturbances, disappointments and jarring changes. Like Aries, you may need more calcium/magnesium for the next nine months. Consider what is of value to you and what provides both emotional and intellectual inspiration. You continue to transform.

LIBRA: You seek a sense of belonging, somewhere and with someone. Knowing your talents and gifts you wonder when the context will be provided where they can be used with less stress and limitation, accepting that you are here to serve. Do you know this? A change of appearance may suddenly be important emerging from a heightened level of confidence and a desire to be more harmonious. You are a bit mysterious now.

SCORPIO: Notice your mind is concentrating on hopes and wishes concerning who you are in life and how others see and assess you. This is an opportune time to make new friends, contact previous ones, create business opportunities through groups and social contacts. There is a community out there waiting for your research abilities. The present work situation may feel difficult. This will pass. Maintain composure.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s simply all about work. You’re popular, yes, but you may feel restricted, constrained and controlled. However, do whatever it takes in your profession to make yourself even more productive. It’s like going against all the limitations, flipping them over to create a more positive side. The outcome will surprise you. Cooperate ceaselessly. Honor becomes you.

CAPRICORN: Make contact with those far away who you care for. Your communication with bring them (and you) harmony and a feeling of equilibrium. As your mind ponders upon future goals include religious as well as physical and intellectual considerations. Religion stabilizes and sustains for it is greater than we are. Prayer stabilizes us too. Recite the Great Invocation (it is the great Mantram of Direction) for balance and bearing.

AQUARIUS: Your focus on money is correct. It is a good time to gather it, offer your gifts in exchange for what you need, and give a value to your potential. Self-confidence will get you everything but don’t go overboard and reveal things others can use first. Daily routines need changing. Your vitality (life force) could create jealousy, hostility, and/or opposition. Maintain quiet integrity should this occur.

PISCES: As you continue to walk that slender and jagged precipice called reality, where you don’t remember yesterday and can’t see tomorrow, you must summon faith that there is indeed a Path you are walking although it is invisible. Some Pisces will receive a marriage offer. Some will go into business partnership. Some will become entrepreneurs. There will be a moving forward soon after many months of indecision. You will see the forest and the many trees of opportunity.

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