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American Dreams and Sunday Streets
Events this week: In the Nevada playas, in Black Rock City, the experimental art and self-reliance community, Burning Man, is in full swing. Burning Man theme this year, American Dream: Nationality, Identity and the Nature of Patriotism, coincides with the Democratic and Republican conventions. Simultaneously transiting Mars squares the U.S. Jupiter Thursday, Saturday is new moon at eight degrees Virgo (when Burning Man, burns), and on Monday, Labor Day (we thank those who daily labor to serve us), the Republican Convention begins.
Obama has chosen Sen. Joe Biden, a multiple Scorpio (Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Scorpio) as his  running mate. Scorpio is the sign of the disciple, often hidden from view.
As we are now in Virgo, sign of health and pure foods. Slow Food Nation in San Francisco will be August 28-Sept 1, the largest celebration of food in America. Come to the Table, offers dinners and tasting throughout the San Francisco Bay area, see http://slowfoodnation.org/events/special-programming/slow-dinners/) And on Sunday, San Francisco will celebrate open streets with Sunday Streets (www.sundaystreetssf.com). Let’s do Sunday Streets in Fayetteville.
In Russia (Ray 7) events are heating up, affecting relations between the U.S. (Rays 2 and 6) and our old cold war partner. The drumbeat’s rumbling and who knows what will occur Sept. 6 when transiting Uranus squares the U.S. Mars. Bam! reads the Superman comics. (more at www.nightlightnews.com).

ARIES: The week progresses with more and more responsibility, which at first makes you impatient, but then you realize it’s all in a good day’s work to tend to all that you’ve built. Do most of your work in the morning. Afternoons may be filled with relationship issues. Have the intention to complete your work and to bring balance and right relations into all interactions. Then you’ll feel balanced, too.

TAURUS: Careful with health – doubly careful. There’s so much work the thought of it could send you to your bed. Although you’re very strong these days your health is balancing on a precipice needing constant tending. Lots of water, no sugar, nightly calcium/magnesium and turmeric for tired and achy muscles. The golden yellow purifies. Also Yogi Tea De-Tox, standing in the sun, and rest. This is your prescription for several weeks.

GEMINI: Tend home fires very carefully. Clean with Virgo detail, seeing into corners and crevices with eagle eyes. Make foods healthful and nourishing, take time with planning and cooking, and be sure all foods, utensils and surfaces are purifyingly clean. Communication could be a minefield with shadows from the past surfacing. Clean those up too. Plan a dreamy sort of trip and keep money close by. Then try to have fun.

CANCER: In order for life to progress, the past, held with care, protection, secrecy and in shock, must be unearthed. Your feelings have been harbored so deeply they’ve become tentacles, clinging to you for life support. This can’t be maintained forever. Therefore, as the future beckons, the past begins to dissolve. The suffering is actually a cleansing. Ignatia Amara, the grief homeopath, is useful here. Take it nightly. Three little cell salts under the tongue. Till the grief passes.

LEO: A previous idea of self and events surrounding that identity are surfacing. Much of the Cancer horoscope applies to you. However, you are assessing your self within the context of values. Are you valuable? Do you have value, what are your values? Included in your assessments are the value of your relationships and how they served your life. All experiences are valuable. We (you) are valuable. Criticism lessens all value. Praise enhances it (you).

VIRGO: With Saturn in Virgo and joining the Sun this week various feelings surface such as: you’re not enough, don’t do enough, you’re separate from everyone, need discipline, parents are restrictive, you feel alone and criticized, you are criticizing. On the other hand, sensing a new self is forming, your mind alights with new ideas, you recognize the need for analytical study and realize you’re perfect as you are. The former tends to wear you down; the latter grows you up into a full and perfect bloom.

LIBRA: Early in the week after communication difficulties and critical thoughts, everything becomes friendlier and you sigh with relief for all you want is right relations and when disharmony occurs you must flee. It’s important to note you create some of the disharmony because you’re seeking an even greater harmony. Are you living in two homes or can’t decide where to live? Each night review your day. And visualize plans for the next. These provide a structure of self-analysis and then self esteem. Prayer is the mighty mover.

SCORPIO: Everything’s hidden, quite like you. But not your feelings, shooting out from you like flares making you feel vulnerable. Wait a few days and this will cease. Your real concern is money, where it’s coming from and going. Concern about money is good. The tension helps us enter the battle and tension creates attention. You want financial ease and comfort. You will solve this for whatever you put your mind to, you accomplish. You’ll do the same with this challenge.

SAGITTARIUS: The battle you’re encountering is your own self image, self identity and responsibilities, which are reaching a critical stage. You’re called to extreme measures concerning work details. Don’t criticize yourself or others. Simply set your mind to accomplish the most you can each day. Don’t let up. You have the capacities and capabilities to withstand extreme pressure. In rare moments of relaxation, visualize hopping over to a harmonious situation/relationship that soothes and calms. The pressure will ease soon, but just for a while.

CAPRICORN: Plan finances carefully. They could feel like they’re slipping away. You are extremely responsible, but finances can be tricky now. Two areas in your Capricorn chart illustrate the need for constant financial surveillance, planning, tracking, discrimination and discipline. This takes work along with setting realistic goals, budgets and itemized accounts. Begin with a weekly ledger, keep all receipts, and study expenditures. You can definitely cut back, tithe and then save.

AQUARIUS: You, too, are focused on money. Capricorn also applies to you. Your aspirations, goals and long-term future plans provide you with a new emerging identity. With intentions for goodwill, proper financial preparation and planning, your rightful life’s work successfully manifests. That smile and financial savvy are the key. Any sort of despair is not allowed. Plod along and consider yourself a Taurus.

PISCES: Your life’s been topsy-turvy for about five years without easing up. This shakes your self-esteem like a personal revolution. Side issues are: how to bring in money, what to do in terms of work, making daily life more comfortable and how to choose amidst uncertainty. None of the known choices seem correct. You will live within this mystery for a month or more. Take each day quietly and with poise. Interior realities are working on you. Don’t fret or worry.
Risa D’Angeles is founder and director of Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom School studying the Tibetan Djwhal Khul’s teachings as written in the Alice A. Bailey books. Email: risagoodwill@gmail.com. Web journal: www.nightlightnews.com.

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