Esoteric Astrology

Esoteric Astrology
Leo Solar Festival, Full Moon Eclipse
There are two festivals this week – one Catholic (the Assumption of
Mary) and one esoteric – the Leo Solar Festival, Aquarius Full Moon &
eclipse. The Assumption commemorates the resurrection of Mary into
heaven. It is Mary’s heavenly birthday. In New York City alternate
sides of the street’s parking rules are suspended! In Costa Rica, it’s
Mother’s Day.

Saturday is the Leo (Rays 1 & 5) solar festival Full Sturgeon Moon
lunar eclipse. It emphasizes the Light of Leo (not Aquarius), and the
Soul’s “I am That and That am I” meditative seed thought wherein the
Leo personality has finally given up its dictatorship (benevolent
though it may seem) and surrendered itself to the Soul, whose
qualities are love, unity, wisdom, and goodwill leading to Right
Relations. Sirius plays its part in this cosmic drama, too. Love falls
to Earth.

We remember during lunar eclipses (moon shadowed by the Earth)
something in form and matter ends. This Leo solar festival, full moon
& eclipse occur at 2:16 pm (Pacific time) at 24.21 degrees. A full
moon is an opposition between the Sun & moon. Oppositions create at
first shock, then separative feelings, then resistance, then a gradual
coming together, then unity, then synthesis and then…. awe. (read more

ARIES: I have written a lot about Leo gathering the gifts of self,
those creative endeavors developed through lifetimes, and then turning
toward the group (humanity, their like-minded community) and offering
their gifts with humility, with quiet pride, with love and
benevolence. This is your task now as the Leo solar festival makes you
a Leo synthesized into Aquarius. You can do this.

TAURUS: How and what you’ve felt about home is vastly changing. There
is something from the past concerning home that simply must be dealt
with. I know this may be difficult and an old task for you. This must
be done to prepare for the new ways of life you will introduce
concerning how a home can be used for adequate survival and
sustainability. Ask for help.

GEMINI: Previous ways of thinking will prove to be too limiting for
you. There is a call or perhaps you’re being driven to see reality
within the larger spiritual context. You may have to pass through the
door of Chiron who offers wounding experiences. But these then lead to
a more expansive awareness that is whole and structurally nourishing.
You will need to discipline yourself for a while. Study is a level of

CANCER: Money issues continue to occupy your mind and heart. In the
next three months significant changes will occur with your resources.
This is not a frightening situation. Simply observe. These changes may
come directly from you as you assess the ins and outs of your
finances. You make these decisions based upon your knowledge of the
future. Consult with someone you trust. Then trust your intuition.

LEO: It’s still Leo’s birthday time and Sirius is still streaming Love
directly Leo hearts (and ours too) and so each this is an important
time. The Leo solar festival underscores the fact that having
developed your identity and your gifts, you must now place them where
they serve others (including the different kingdoms). This theme,
presented for weeks now, is now at its peak just like a meteor shower.
There’s a pressure for you to give even more of yourself. Why? You’re
the repository of the Love principle directly from the Sun.

The Sun during the solar festival makes you a bit internal. It
will be good to focus upon your daily tasks and the ways they serve
you, family and your environment. It is good to take each task and
slowly complete it, making those tasks meditation. An organized
response allows you to ponder upon great and mysterious things.
Obligations and deadlines are important but your health is more so.
Tend to it very carefully.

LIBRA: A sort of freedom occurs during the Leo solar festival. The
arts and cultural events, fun and pleasure, friends and partying
provide a refreshing change to the constant work you’ve been doing.
There may be some difficult health situations that call for rest and
more solitude. Soon your life will move faster and faster. Rest now.
When the new people enter your life, remember to combine power with

SCORPIO: If there seems to be a dissolution of things concerning home
and family know that it’s a refinement. Know that you may be called to
tend to home in various ways. Perhaps several rooms, especially the
kitchen, need redoing, or the pipes or windows need replacing, or the
comforts of home are no longer comforting. You will seek comfort at
work and find it’s not there either. Something new is coming. Where
the wound is gives you a clue.

SAGITTARIUS: To stay or go, to be here or there, to think quickly or
to seriously ponder, to have opinions or philosophize, to sleep or
stay awake, to hold onto or release (through acceptance), to enter or
hold back, to gain fresh perspectives or remain with the old, to
explore or hide under a rock, to buy or sell, to be open or closed, to
extend yourself or be afraid, to entertain or be entertained. Whatever
you choose in these polarities, take 30% of your money and put it in
silver coins. Now that’s a good decision.

CAPRICORN: Read the last two lines for Sag and follow up on the
suggestion. You are concerned with money. That’s a good thing. But you
also have the wisdom to know what to do as your intuition guides you.
The coming times will call for living more simply, sharing with family
and friends in such a way that a sense of trust and community are
developed because all resources will need wise handling for several
years to come. You sense this. Gather the family close and learn

AQUARIUS: It is important that you realize how you communicate and
tend to others, how you respond and care for them, deeply affects your
life and future. You will receive what you give. Also take care that
your appearance reflects how you would like to be seen in the world.
You may change how you look because your self-identity is shifting,
taking its time to choose who you are now. Who are you? We don’t know

PISCES: You and another who is important to you are embarking upon two
paths though you also have one vision, one destination. There is
separation yet a coming together; heart and mind connections, yet
creating the future in two different ways till the past, present and
future merge. Do you understand? There is sadness, there is freedom,
there is taking the path often not chosen. There is acceptance. You’ll
be fine. Depend on that.

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teachings as written in the  Alice A. Bailey books—
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