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Risa’s Astrology for August 7-14
Esoteric Astrology
Games begin in China
Friday in the Scorpio second quarter moon, the Summer Olympics begin in Beijing. It is important to understand each nation through its astrology and influencing rays. All nations are eventually able to realize, enact and offer spiritual work to the world. Read more at www.nightlightnews.com.
ARIES: You begin to seek perfection, at work and then with partnerships and relationships, till you’re tense and critical about everything. Be aware of this and try not to fall into this dead end way of being. Venus is in Virgo and one could enter into criticism or tend toward service because Virgo is about service to one another, after tending to the self. What in your life would need this?
TAURUS: You may find your attention directed toward the animal or plant kingdoms. Your intimate relationships are either doing well, are somewhere far away, or there’s no one intimate around. Therefore you concern yourself with the kingdoms that need you. If it’s gardening, plant a garden of white and gold and figure out what roses to choose. For the animal kingdom, tend to their health, teeth, fur, fins, or wings. Their devotion serves us as they learn how to be human.
GEMINI: Some of us, feeling we have little safety or constancy and experiencing emotional vulnerable, seek security and hope at home wanting it to fulfill our deep and needful longings. Is this you, Gem? It’s good to tend to the home environment, from cleaning and refurbishing to decorating to create more safety and security. Being attentive. All that surrounds us creates a reflective golden light to shine upon us.
CANCER: Concerned about money you attempt to clear bills and debts quickly. Pay bills as they come in the mail. You’ll worry less and can concentrate on communication. You’re curious about everything. Contact siblings, old schoolmates and neighbors. You’re seeking and learning. The times are a’changing.
LEO: Finances and resources will take a turn upward and although you can be practical, you may seek unusual luxury items that enhance your self-esteem. Should lots of money find you, research how to maintain its value. You will want to manage your resources in these unusual times in unexpected ways as the tried and true financial path is crumbling. Remember to tithe to organizations that assist those in need including the animal kingdom.
VIRGO: You may be looking in the mirror wondering how you’re seen by others and consider a change in appearance from hair to clothes to types of shoes. You want to be attractive. Go beyond that and seek to be stylish, hip and just a little bit auteur. Altering how we look alters how we feel about ourselves. Tend to forgotten tasks put off for a rainy day of which there won’t be any soon in these dog days of summer. It’s a happy time for you. Hang crystals in all windows.
LIBRA: There are several messages attempting to get through to you and they affect your future. They are possibly coming through dreams. Have pen and paper by your bedside, should you wake in the night with remembered dreams or impressions. A sort of gentling process is trying to bring you to the next level of consciousness in order to create greater Right Relations. Art will help this. Remember yourself as artist long ago?
SCORPIO: It’s important to maintain diplomacy amidst overwhelming responsibilities. You’re to be with others, in groups with like-minded people who, like you, have high objectives. Stand equal with everyone, including superiors. You have an authority that others recognize. Do you? Tend to self with disciplined kindness. Do not control others, as you would not have them control you.
SAGITTARIUS: Yes, other’s who are Sag have been feeling their work is less than desirable, sliding dangerously into boredom and not meeting financial, emotional, psychological or intellectual needs. They wonder what to do and seek freedom and fulfillment, sort of a revolution. They also want fame and fortune. Our desires and aspirations are in embryonic stages of what will be. Life events are slower than our fiery thoughts. What do you suppose we must develop along the way?
CAPRICORN: Your mind will soon be asking solemn questions about the meaning of life and your life in particular. Simultaneously you’ll be meeting new people. But there’s something deeper to discuss. Continue with your manifestation drawings and writings. This exercise isn’t just for one day. Your daily work creates the magnetic field around you and what you need and one day the two fields unite based upon your constant attention. Remember these words: off the grid, sustainable, agrarian, community, water, greenhouses.
AQUARIUS: Notice if you feel certain levels of crisis. These are small psychological signposts that your emotional life is changing to include more kindness and benevolence and then forgiveness becomes very important. There may be some sort of windfall of money or resources. Make sure you research what’s best to do with your finances. Something’s occurring with the American dollar. Don’t simply do as you’ve done before with money. A new reality is emerging.
PISCES: Your need to order beauty and harmony in relationship and your surroundings will assist you in making some very difficult decisions. When you act upon those decisions, events will go smoothly. You are sensitive to deep psychological situations within and around you. A challenge will present itself. You must focus upon what your needs are. When they are met you can then assist others. If you always give yourself away, soon you’ll simply disappear. Don’t. We need you.
Risa D’Angeles is founder and director of Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom School studying the Tibetan Djwhal Khul’s teachings as written in the  Alice A. Bailey books. email: risagoodwill@gmail.com. Web journal: www.nightlightnews.com

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