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Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse

Friday, 3:12 am (Pacific time) is the Leo new moon, total solar eclipse. We know that eclipses bring about change, specifically a change in direction and there is a difference between a solar eclipse (at new moons) and lunar eclipses (at full moons). Solar eclipses mean the Sun, our essential life energy source, is hidden by the moon. The Sun’s light and life-giving radiations are, for several moments, obscured symbolizing that something essential within our lives will also be hidden, eventually to disappear. Eclipses take six months to manifest and their effects occur within three months prior to the eclipse and three months after. The degree of the new moon (seed of an idea appears) is 9:31 Leo. The United States and each of us individually (the Leo task is to develop individuality) will be deeply affected by this new moon solar eclipse. This eclipse chart takes us back to August 11, 1999 and July 30, 2000. Something from those dates and times reappears for further completion and redirection, allowing us to take actions that move us forward without obstructions. And as always, we invite everyone to join us, the New Group of World Servers, to recite the Soul & Great Invocations (Mantram of Direction) at the new moon time (in your areas). For more on this new moon solar eclipse, the week’s celestial events, and a text on the Transfiguration (Wednesday’s holy day), go to www.nightlightnews.com.

ARIES: There’s an increase of creativity when you relate to children, to those you love and are intimate with, when you enter into the arts, play games and look in the mirror. Simultaneously, your work calls to you, makes even more plans for your future and responsibility looms over everything else and you understand and accept this because love has a hold on you like never before. Just one important suggestion. No gambling.

TAURUS: All things concerning home and partner, family and foundation, past nurturance and present, mother and father and tending to where you live (or lived) comes up for review, reassurance and replay. It’s not Mercury retro yet (that’s late September), but the eclipse brings these forth and the new moon asks what will you do and how long will it take to make those momentous decisions in dire need of completion? You must be worried. We stand with you.

GEMINI: What are you thinking? Are you sleeping? Are ideas being impressed upon your mind concerning your future? There is a bit of organizing that needs doing. Is that at home? And there’s some communication that needs communicating. What is it about? Did something from the past appear — a feeling, situation or person? You must ponder the future seriously (Sirius). It won’t be what you expect.

CANCER: Resources and money will be deeply considered with new ideas on how to use your finances. It’s possible a new value system emerges due to your knowledge of the present world situation. As the new moon eclipse presents you with new ideas and direction, observe any changes in your thinking concerning resources, their availability, source, and how you express yourself through them.

LEO: Happy Birthday to all Leos this week. How interesting to again have an eclipse in your sign. Sun, Moon, Mercury, the south node and Venus form a stellium (many) planets in your sign so potent energy streams toward you from the heart of the Sun creating many changes and a lasting ending to parts of your past. Your gifts are many because they are needed by humanity. On this birthday re-commit yourself as the world disciple.

The Leo planets are resting behind the scenes in your house of contemplation, spirituality and listening for the voice of God. Maybe some have crept into your first house of self-identity, too. It’s therefore a proper time for rest and relaxation, for pondering the future by gathering all strands of the past, and by assembling new work and daily life agendas. Things may feel a bit chaotic but you’re able to form new harmony from the disruptions.

LIBRA: This is a most important time to review your future wishes, hopes and dreams. Take time away from work and family responsibilities, from relationships and social interactions to, in solitude, interact with your inner self. You need reacquainting with your true goals, desires and aspirations, your priorities, values and inner dialogues. The planets are shedding intense light on these issues. They shape the quality and excellence of your future, the success of which depends upon you developing Right Human Relations and true Goodwill.

SCORPIO: Read and follow Libra’s instructions. Then be aware that your two rulers (Mars the tester and Pluto the transformer) are challenging each other and this challenge will be reflected and thus felt in your life possibly with friends, your bank account and with communication. On inner levels you may be challenged to learn how to bring more harmony and goodness, more resources and kindness in your life. Hint: give, give and give some more.

SAGITTARIUS: Ok so maybe if you’re observant you’ll feel like you’re awakened from a deep sleep and suddenly all you’ve longed for (others, adventure, travel, change, opportunities) may be available. And then you’ll have to make choices (not easy) about what actually enRICHes you; how best to explore the recesses of your mind, heart and the world actually; and what perspectives are seeking to infiltrate your very being. Blame everything on the eclipse.

CAPRICORN: At this new moon solar eclipse you can more easily move toward intimacy with loved ones. Intimacy isn’t just another word for sex. It means love and wisdom, contact (releases love) and sharing, giving and receiving, tending toward and moving closer to all that you love. This is as opportunity this week and the next three months. Therefore have the intention to work consciously with and under this divine influence. The outcome is surprising.

AQUARIUS: With all communication in the coming week and months, remember to use a tone of nurturance. You will be communicating more with others due to an emphasis in work, relationships, love affairs and all things artistic and creative. Remember to radiate kindness and conscious goodwill. Let these define you and your ways of interacting and communicating. This is the most important guidance one could receive.

PISCES: Health and work needs must be focused upon as you simultaneously consider what parts of the past to keep, what to eliminate and ideas for beginning new autumn projects. Tend to health very carefully for the next three months. Work ceaselessly in creating a new work environment out of the old and create daily agenda including exercise and study. You will attempt to bring harmony out of the chaos (a creative state) of continual change. Ask your angels to help.

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