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Fire & Light

As of this writing, California is burning with more than 300 (down from 800) wildfires sparked by lightning several weeks ago along with triple digit heat. We might consider gathering together for rain dances and invoking the water devas to bring rain and cooling temperatures and the fire devas to assist in extinguishing the fires and lowering the temperature. We have this ability to ask for the assistance of the elements. It takes a deep connection with nature, a contact that releases love, for humans to begin again to interact with the nature kingdom. This was the purpose of Findhorn and this purpose remains for all of humanity.
Friday at 1:00 am (an hour after midnight) is the Full Sun/Moon solar festival at 26 degrees Cancer/Capricorn. At this full moon there are six planets retrograde – Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Juno and Chiron.
The Soul-focused Cancer meditative seed thought for this solar festival (Thunder Full Moon) is “I build a lighted house and therein dwell.” We invite everyone to join us, the New Group of World Servers, at this Cancer solar festival by reciting the Great Invocation and the following Mantram of Light:
“I am a point of light within a greater light.
I am a strand of loving energy within the stream of love divine.
I am a point of sacrificial fire, focused within the fiery will of God.
And thus I stand.” (read more at www.nightlightnews.com)

ARIES: The full moon affects both your home and profession trying to unite and synthesize them. Full moons are times of fullness and fruition. Things planned and hoped for emerge into the light. It’s like a gathering or harvest. If you work with this full moon you can synthesize the two areas of your life that, for many, can be a source of difficulty as they are pulled in two directions. You needn’t be though.

TAURUS: You are fully emerging as a teacher, whether you accept, understand, or are aware of this or not. The Cancer/Capricorn full moon is said to be a time when the teacher is recognized and gratitude is given. Think on teachers who influenced you with goodness and knowledge. Thank them (even if it’s internally). Then go forward and become greater than they. The student is always to surpass the teacher. That is one of the student’s spiritual tasks.

GEMINI: Again I remind you to read all the signs so you can learn more of the ancient mysteries embedded within these astrological and esoteric writings. What concerned you early in the month is almost forgotten. Make a list of what you value, from objects to people to behaviors to intelligence to facts. These help you understand yourself better. As you see yourself in words a greater self-value will come forth. Tend to your money carefully, too.

CANCER: Whatever you’re doing this week and month will define what your self-identity is. So it would be good to decide on the activities that best defines you now and in the future. Make sure to provide yourself with adequate nurturance, safety and security. These you provide for others. Now you must learn how to provide them for yourself in great measure too. Careful with communication. You could sound harsh.

LEO: Allow yourself to stray from work duties and responsibilities and allow yourself to become more internal than usual so that your imagination has free play (which you like and need) to range wherever it chooses. This will soothe you, create within you a sense of comfort and care that sometimes you seek from others (something they are unable to provide). What is occurring in your relationships? Chiron and Neptune are affecting them.

VIRGO: You’ve been working internally (perhaps unknown to your conscious mind) on realizing that you indeed have great creativity. Let’s discuss this. Are you aware that organization and the fine art of tending to details are creative acts? If you feel you’re not creative enough, what is it you would like to be creative in? Are you a collector of something? That calls upon creativity and great discernment. You are being more and more defined in terms of your artistic nature.

LIBRA: I’ve mentioned before that by the end of the year your home situation will once again change and transform. For now, you may be considering where you live and with whom. All aspects of our world are changing so fast it’s difficult to make definite decisions. It seems important that you have a permanent and structured foundation and although you work toward this, something always seems to dissolve away. Join with others who love you. Then you will feel more secure.

SCORPIO: There’s an ongoing question concerning your home and foundation, where you belong now and how to bring forth the future in ways that cause you and others no pain or woundedness. How you communicate and the need for a new study along with extensive traveling in order to expand your awareness are prompting you into a state of continual change. You’re used to this. It’s just another step. Travel creates within you a new philosophy of life.

SAGITTARIUS: Perhaps you feel it. That this is an important time when you think deeply on how you would want to improve or expand upon any (perhaps all) aspect(s) of your life. It’s important that you realize you’re very dedicated; often you carry around an enthusiasm t akin to the enthusiasm of gods. This will take you to great heights of achievement and authority. Do not pressure yourself in any ways. Everything comes in time.

CAPRICORN: All things cultural will bring out the best in you along with capturing your creative spirit, which needs a new level of confidence that you are an artist. Whatever you do brings forth for others new and different perspectives. Many of us don’t realize or understand our great gifts and how we influence others by simply following our inner dreams and visions, likes, wants and wishes. What are yours? Knowing them helps direct you.

AQUARIUS: It’s a rather dreamy time this and next week. You may decide being at home is the best place to be to concentrate on what foods your body needs, your body’s comforts you and where you can tend to day to day tasks that allow you to feel nurtured and enclosed within a shell of protection. Sometimes, your nervous system needs this enclosure for you are often a quiver of energy. If sounds are affecting you take extra magnesium and calcium and Aconite.

PISCES: You are carrying a vision of the future and an opportunity has presented itself where you feel, for the first time, at home, useful, accepted and recognized and this makes you happy. The question is are you able to step into this new world and life? Perhaps you feel it’s not time yet or your confidence isn’t quite formed enough or there is fear all of which are OK responses to something new. Pisces people need the deepest care of all.

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