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Humanity’s New Task

We are being influenced by the cardinal sign of Cancer – embryonic waters that nurture a new life-force; the Gate (womb) where Spirit enters matter and the distributor of Ray 3 (Divine Intelligence & the new economic system) and Ray 7 (brave new world order). Ray 3 is the color green – the plant kingdom, the most balanced (Libra, the sign of balance is also Ray 3) and beautiful kingdom. When we work with the plant kingdom (purpose of Findhorn), we too become more balanced. Ray 7 is the impetus behind the creation of the new culture and civilization. Cancer’s nurturing aspect is most important at this time in humanity’s history. Concerned with the present and continuing food and oil shortages it is during Cancer that we investigate how future (which is now) humanity will be fed. The United Nations continues to alert nations of the world that new ways must be found to feed an increasingly growing population. In a seminar on world hunger this week in Dade City, Florida (old farmland and paved over citrus groves) I heard the following statement. “When problems occur, the solutions (if we listen carefully) simultaneously also occur. “What are the solutions?” we must ask. Painted on the walls of the seminar room is a quote from Psalms 146:7, “Blessed are those who give food to the hungry.” This will be humanity’s new task. (Read more at www.nightlightnews.com.)

ARIES: In past weeks as you initiated project after project (your spiritual task), something always hindered your progress. As this begins to ease, you realize how tired you’ve become pushing the Sisyphean rock up the hill only to have it fall back down again (sometimes even rolling over you). Tend to yourself in ways that nurture your body, emotions, mind and spirit. What would that be?

TAURUS: You’re participating in something that is providing you with information for the nurturance and sustaining of humanity’s future. If you are not in a formal study/school then you are receiving information (nudges) from above, impressions are falling into your mind, ideas are beginning to flow all around concerning how to create a sustainable and secure future for yourself and others. The information comes incrementally, step by step. Take each one.

GEMINI: It’s important that you read all the astrological signs each week and the introductions here and on my website so that you have access to ALL the information because you are the one who must synthesize all polarities (oppositions). This subtle, esoteric and hidden task for Gemini is rarely known or acknowledged. I know you seek the Ancient Wisdom teachings, the Mysteries, a teacher and a group and it’s right here. The door is open for you. Enter soon.

CANCER: Who you will work with quite well and especially for the times to come are Taurus people. As they provide the illumined information needed now, you will bring a certain nurturing vitality to the information. You provide the analytical (womblike) setting so that others can learn. While Taurus provides the Light, you take that light and “build the lighted house” where others can “therein dwell.”

LEO: Happy Birthday. Are you concerned about finances? Is there a dilemma concerning use of resources? Here’s an idea. Tithe to the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, the United Nations UNESCO, Catholic Charities, St. Jude’s Hospital, and Oxfam. Then put the rest in a savings account. This insures your future and your self-confidence (Venus in Leo). Humanity, suffering and in need, will be grateful to you.

VIRGO: Are you busy with ideas? Do you have goals that seem conflicted and conflicting? Are you feeling conflicted too? It’s possible you’re very very serious right now. Saturn, in your first house of self-identity, could make you self-critical. Do not allow this. There seems to be lots of work demanded of you everywhere. Are you thinking of becoming a redhead (Mars in Virgo)? Do it!

LIBRA: So often your dilemma is between home/family or business/profession. Libra is where decisions are made concerning our primary focus and responsibility, how to blend self-needs with those of others, and just how family fits in as we pursue outer financial and/or relationship success. The resolution is synthesis and it takes lifetimes to comprehend (usually seven). Which stage of the path are you on and what arena have you chosen? When we learn the lesson, then the path shifts again. Your living situation will change as the year progresses.

SCORPIO: At some point, you will have the courage to face all your fears, slowly and confidently. Have you been feeling too hermetic to move beyond your safety and comfort? The money situation (dilemma) will shift and since this is about values and resources, they will change, too. An ending of things is slowly taking place for you. You thought you were the only one who transforms. Watch as humanity begins to experience what it’s like to be a Scorpio.

SAGITTARIUS: Here are a few tasks for you to tend to in the coming months. Tend to all financial responsibilities before they’re due. Tend to the care and conservation of your energy (self, money, resources). Tend to co-workers with loving care and understanding (that’s the new race thought coming forth). Realize nothing is moving swiftly now including career changes. Therefore you can go slowly each day. Ambition is good and dreams do come true – in time.

CAPRICORN: You want to travel and learn, simultaneously. Most likely you can’t travel now due to unforeseen delays, not the right timing, pre-planned schedules, etc. By August, these will be removed. In the meantime what’s occurring locally is where you’ll feel the most comfort, learn the most and be most interested (and interesting to others). Maintain a constant exercise regime. Be careful of other drivers. Maintain your car(s).

AQUARIUS: Usually people think Aquarians are impractical, too rigid or too lacking in discipline while pondering possible futures. This month none of these apply. You will make practical decisions in all areas of your life, but especially concerning money and finances. You will seek closeness with others and make choices based on who loves and cares for you and when you are with them harmony is created. You seek a deepening within friendships and relationships. It occurs.

PISCES: You have attempted to gain independence this year in order to express your gifts and unique talents freely and without hindrances. You will re-examine your choices and reassess the past several months. You will see where and how you are needed in the future. What is it you need to express? Where do you need to be in order to bring this forth? Who is impacted by your decisions and how will they fare should you go forward with your previous decisions? What would improve, enhance and enrich your life?

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