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We, the People of the United States…

Thursday is the 232nd birthday of the United States – a number
equaling seven. Ray 7 creates the new world order, religion and new
culture & civilization. The seventh sign is Libra, the scales of
justice held by a woman, blindfolded. The planets (transits) around
the US natal chart are significant. Moon on U.S. north node and north
node on U.S. moon. Moon represents humanity, the nodes (past or
present/future) an opportunity to evolve (north node) toward an
evolutionary (life enhancing) goal or regress into previous ways
(south node). The U.S. (nation, government, states, political leaders,
humanity itself) is, therefore at a crossroads, needing to contemplate
the appropriate next step. As we stand together at this crossroads let
us, as humanity, meet within the Ashram of Light to pray that our
country and people understand our nation’s task, To Light the Way for
the World”, and have the strength and willingness to sustain it. Long
ago it was written…”We the people of the United States, in order to
form a more perfect union hold these truths to be self evident…” Let
us form that union now and together. (more at www.nightlightnews.com)

ARIES: Your task in the upcoming times is to initiate the new culture
and civilization, create communities that sustain large groups of
people, gather groups of like-minds together to follow the initiating
steps you will have created. You will then hand the tasks over to
those who can build and sustain your ideas. You must understand the
importance of this work. You are, on spiritual levels, Mercury, Ray 4.

TAURUS: What others (only a few) have initiated in creating the new
world, you are to study, refine and essentially stabilize. You will
know when to present and offer these ideas to the larger world of mass
humanity – after you have experimented with them yourself and within
your small group. You are to sustain the new reality and prepare for
seven generations to come. You are Vulcan,
Ray 1.

GEMINI: You are to learn the new information about life giving
sustainable principles for humanity – ideas most are unaware of yet.
But humanity, in the very near future, will be searching for them.
With your mind, brilliant, mercurial and always curious, you are to
first incorporate these principles into your life and then write about
and distribute them. You are to do this with patient intelligence,
scientific thought and love. You are Venus, Ray 5 – intelligent love
radiating unity.

CANCER: You are to nurture the new ideas, use your Ray 3 resources to
back the research needed. You are to also tend to those on the front
lines of bringing the new information forth. Through you, the birth of
a new culture and civilization comes forth. You are to open the gates
where new impressions for a new world are birthed. The entire world is
to be your family. You are Neptune, Ray 6, the dissolver and refiner.

LEO: You are to become creative with the new information, seeking ways
that assist your “kingdoms.” You are the leader, a king or queen.
People listen to you because you hold magnetism from the heart of the
Sun. The new sustaining projects you assume will create greater
self-identity but only if you lovingly offer your gifts to the group
called humanity, the world disciple. You are the Sun,
Ray 2.

VIRGO: Hidden within you is always a new state of consciousness
gestating. After the needed personality experiences have reached their
peak of perfection, you then concentrate on the new materiality that
is to emerge and it will be your task to organize it into a structure
understandable by humanity. The time is not yet. But it will be soon.
Therefore study what the new sustainability will be and how humanity
is to be fed. You, Ceres, are the moon hiding Vulcan, Ray 1.

LIBRA: You are to bring forth justice, which brings sight to the
blindfolded woman holding the scales. You will work with Gemini and
Cancer creating new resources for the economic stability humanity will
need after the old economic structures dissolve. You are to help
humanity understand their new identity and create relationships where
before none existed. You lead in establishing Right Human Relations.
You are Uranus, Ray 7 where the new culture and civilization

SCORPIO: Your task is to pass the nine tests of Mars; to realize
you’re in a constant cycle of life, death, regeneration, and
transformation. You’re to become the disciple and study the Ancient
Wisdom teachings (whose foundation is astrology). You then can prepare
the Pathway of light for the upcoming changes that will at first
distress and then regenerate suffering humanity. You will be one of
the teachers during the upcoming upheaval. You are Mars, Ray 6.

SAGITTARIUS: You are to “lead the way” by offering new goals to
humanity, goals that move us toward a sharing society and no longer a
society where everyone’s an individual recreating their own daily
wheel. You’re to study ancient philosophies and be ready to be the
professor to those seeking the new culture and civilization and new
ways of thinking, and bring order to the new world order seeking to
manifest. First you need education in these things yourself. How will
you learn? You are Earth, Ray 3.

You know how to climb mountains. The Constitution of
Man/Mind is a mountain. It’s the biblical Jacob’s Ladder where Jacob
saw angels climbing up (toward Spirit) and down (into matter).
Humanity has been in matter for eighteen million years now and it’s
time to mount the ascending arc toward Spirit. You will teach humanity
what are appropriate shoes to climb the mountain and become the
Initiate (after discipleship) and how to reach for the Sun. You are to
consider yourself a unicorn and Saturn Ray 3.

AQUARIUS: Your tasks, future oriented yet for right here right now,
are many. You are to build us a space ship and a geodesic dome,
environments where we can grow fish and vegetables. You are to create
community, the environmental and sustainable template for the future
where humanity will need to live. You are to gather bicycles for
everyone, write a treatise on change in the coming times, and offer
yourself as everyone’s friend. You are Jupiter, Ray 2.

PISCES: You are to build the temples where everyone can relearn prayer
and meditation, places to ponder and study in and to locate the stars
linking Earth to the cosmos. You are to teach the little ones, the big
ones, too, and create festivals uniting the Piscean and Aquarian Ages,
teaching this through the study of the stars, planets and Sun. You are
to work with Aquarius until the communities are built. You are to
offer the Mantram of Direction to everyone. You are Pluto, Ray 1.

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