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Let Isolation Be the Rule

We are already into summer and more than halfway through 2008. The
year has passed swiftly by. In esoteric circles it’s noted that, as
humanity begins turning toward a more spiritualized reality (an upward
spiral as opposed to a downward spiral – evolution after involution),
we have less and less available time since time is a product of form
and matter. In the coming years of spiritualization, humanity will
learn to create a sharing society, different than our present
individual material society.

Thursday is a fourth quarter moon. Reflecting on the past three weeks
we prepare for the coming month. Uranus turns retrograde. Revolution
and revolt and the new culture and civilization are in our thoughts.
How do we prepare and help create it?

Friday’s Aries moon gives us the will to initiate new realities.
Saturday and Sunday are Taurus moon days. We seek comfort, enjoyment,
food, ease and relaxation. Gemini moon begins Monday. The afternoon
will be talkative and testy. Tuesday Mars enters Virgo, creating
desires for a child, critical thoughts, and the need for organization
and detail.

Wednesday, 7:18 pm, Pacific time, is Cancer new moon (13:34 degrees).
For those wishing to begin the yearly new and full moon meditations
with the NGWS (one must have consistency), begin now. Cancer’s
personality-centered meditative seed thought is “Let isolation be the
rule, and yet, the crowd exists.” Most of us are isolated, even in a
crowd. We need the tension of the Soul overlighting the personality to
not feel isolated. This comes in time and through experiences in form
and matter. The United States celebrates its 232nd birthday next week.
We should have a party.

ARIES: Your focus needs to be on home and family. A new reality must
occur there and you are to bring this about. You must have as tools
loving intelligence and intelligent love. You might also take the
reins in the kitchen, nurturing others through food. Aries’ cooks need
everything fast and quick or interest and energy are easily lost.
Don’t give up. Make contact with family far away. Fix a gate.

TAURUS: You’ll have family memories especially about mother. Perhaps
your memory will serve as a way to better appreciate family. You may
also recognize that although you are still influenced by childhood
ways you have the ability to change and become more of yourself. You
may find yourself in a car driving somewhere far away, perhaps seeking
a new sustainable way of life. Keep driving.

Are you needing to make financial decisions? Although, you
already know what’s correct new ideas emerge. Ponder on them and add a
few goals. An interesting idea is a visualizing journal. Write down
that each day you make one thousand dollars. Each day you must spend
half of that. What would you do? While teaching Montessori last month
I taught the children to tithe first to those in need. There is much
suffering in the world of humanity. They need you.

CANCER: Furthering our self-esteem is something we must consider now
and then. What would further yours? Do you need a new hairstyle,
clothes and shoes? What about home? Does it need cleared so you can
initiate a new phase of your life? When our environments are ordered
and structured we create a fertile field where spirit enters matter
easily. During this month the gate is open for this. Plant flowers.

: You may go into a bit of solitude. As you attempt to dissolve
separations also realize your need for closer contacts with others. A
seed is being planted within concerning goodwill toward others,
something that’s in your heart but not always your intentions. Allow
yourself a little phase of moodiness and non-discipline, then harness
your will(ingness) and activate Love/Wisdom.

VIRGO: Are you busy with ideas coming from everywhere impressing your
mind with possibilities? This is good. But you must balance your
mind’s activity with physical activity, too. After your consistent
daily exercise consider a change in your outer appearance, clothes,
hair, shoes. Do not forget the apparel no one sees. Find the finest,
the most well-made, the best and most comfortable. Then you’re ready
to embrace your creative self.

LIBRA: There’s much to do behind the scenes. Take each day and
accomplish one difficult task. Eventually everything will be completed
and you’ll feel pride of accomplishment. You’re so busy; travel may be
an unavailable luxury. However should you take to the roads, gather
information, create a blog, write about what you see, experience,
discover and eat. Everyone’s interested.

SCORPIO: Deep within where no one really sees or understands, you have
a perennial question underlying all your choices. You wonder where and
what your purpose and place is. As you observe others they seem to
know something you don’t. Is there someone in your life who listens
and offers advice you can follow? Now’s the time to speak with them.
It’s a good time to travel and absorb new ideas and cultures. You find
answers there.

SAGITTARIUS: Careful with spending as you could assume a debt or
overspend very easily. On the other hand you may finally begin to be
strict with yourself concerning how to use money and resources. When
you do so a lesson will have been learned in this lifetime. At first
we simply overdo things. Then we finally learn how to balance and
harmonize all that we have. Where are you?

CAPRICORN: The focus, as you most likely realize, is on those close
who influence you and you them. It is most important now to bring
forth nurturance, kindness and care. You are also to take one more
step – to ask for this in return, from everyone in your life including
your children, close family and friends. Sometimes others don’t know
how to nurture. Well, then, you are to teach them. One more task, yes?

AQUARIUS: Your life is most likely very unusual with a unique sort of
reality and different ways of doing things. You’ve taken the road less
traveled, which is courageous to some, but for you it’s the only way
to live. Freedom is your priority and friendships your daily fare.
Friendships give significant meaning to your life. They are your
resources and when giving to them, you are further nurtured. Goodness
creates your light within.

Ask yourself what plans make the most sense concerning your
future care and safety. You will experience much change in the coming
month, meeting and seeing different people and places. Note all that
you see and do for future reference. Important transactions and
interactions will occur. Careful with relationships. It’s ok to not
agree but remember to always have goodwill. It creates equanimity.

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