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Gemini Festival, World Invocation Day

We are in the last week of Mercury retrograde in Gemini, the last week of Spring, and the last week of a two-month tension filled holding of the Shamballa force distributed by the Buddha at the first Wesak Festival. The week is busy. Saturday is Flag Day, Sunday is Father’s Day (let us honor our Fathers) and Wednesday is the Gemini Solar Festival, Sag Full Moon, Christ Festival, and World Invocation Day. Wednesday’s full moon solar festival occurs at 10:30 am (Pacific time) at 28 degrees Gemini/Sag. The Shamballa force (Ray 1, Power & Will of God) will be distributed to humanity, the Earth and all five kingdoms (mineral, plant, animal, human, Soul) at the very moment of the full moon. Join us, everyone, by reciting the Great Invocation, the great Mantram of Direction, at the actual time of the Full Moon. (Read more on the Festival and Celestial Events at www.nightlightnews.com)

ARIES: You wonder these days what your true values and ideals are for they presage the future. You ponder upon your circle of friends. Do you think the same and are you comfortable with them? Our friends are important for support and nurturing. In the coming months and for several years you will re-evaluate and re-examine who your friends are and why. You will also assess your importance to them, your communication and deepen the spiritual basis that holds you together. Or separate.

TAURUS: Long held dreams, hidden and perhaps buried for years may emerge, lighting the way toward your future and a new possible profession. It may be the right time for new training and study, allowing you to venture into a new field. You will assess your needs and the needs of humanity during these trying times. Should you come up with work that is service oriented, you are on the right track. In the future we will need to help each other in creating a sharing society. You will lead.

GEMINI: You constantly seek knowledge – that is your spiritual task. Assess all that you have learned, the many fields of study you’ve endeavored to assimilate. Where is it you would like to go now? What would you like to pursue? Previous beliefs and ideas that held you are now becoming useless. You will need to fashion new philosophies and delve deeper into those you know will expand you spiritually. Long distance travel may be involved. What is holding you back?

CANCER: In your daily life you often think of loved ones who have passed on. Many times you feel they have left you behind. But the reality is they are working quite closely with you. You simply need to communicate from the heart with them to sense this. On another subject, how is your monetary situation. You will begin to use your resources creating a future different than the past. You will be called to nurture humanity, to teach them, and provide them with food. We thank you for what you now do.

LEO: It would be good to review all relationships, past and present, seeking the truth of your communicate vicissitudes, moods, and what you offer others. You must always cultivate a depth of connection for this releases love. Do you see how you have grown through relationships? Did you long ago expect too much, create illusions, were you defensive and demanding? Or were you understanding? Do you recognize now that love is based on always seeing the Life-spirit within the other? Then you (and they) remain free.

VIRGO: Be especially careful with health for several months. You can be extra sensitive. Do not stay away from any particular food, unless you have allergies. Create a balance by eating all foods, prepared in various ways. Some follow diets for religious reasons, ignoring their body’s needs. Consider all work as service work. Tending to the home and garden serves the mineral and plant kingdom. Tending to the animals serves the animal kingdom. They show their gratitude.

LIBRA: Wanting romance, you sought it relentlessly. And perhaps that romance hurt but you suffered silently through it. Till one day you removed yourself. A courageous step. Now you’re independent, never again to idealize another. This is wise. Careful not to become involved with someone else’s money, or assume a risky loan. If you already have, seek legal advice to again remove yourself. If you have children observe them with extra care. Don’t idealize them either. Creativity comes a’ calling. Art is your refuge.

SCORPIO: Has your home undergone perhaps strange and subtle changes in the past several years? Are you feeling strange and subtle changes within, too? Our homes are our psychological fortresses. When we change, they change, and those changes disassemble our sense of security and safety. Does home feel confusing, is communication with family difficult? Attempt to make your home, or wherever you find yourself, as beautiful as possible. Beauty and order will sustain you.

SAGITTARIUS: You reflect on deep inner concerns. Outer success seems less important. Instead you question and evaluate you life in spiritual terms. You ponder upon inner fulfillment wondering what’s been a masquerade? Spiritual dimensions are tugging at you, perhaps not completely apparent but they are there. At times you want to withdraw, find peace, drop into deeper dimensions, classify your knowledge, and make new plans for the future. It will happen.

CAPRICORN: A need to ensure your future through expanded resources is important with financial security a focus and goal. Begin with a budget; observe how your money is spent, what you must have and what you can do without. Assess your skills, gifts and passions. Here your future resources will emerge. A fundamental change of values has occurred, becoming spiritualized. Take great care in decisions concerning property and ownership. The transition (economic, housing) we are experiencing will last a long time.

AQUARIUS: You will review who you think you are as a person and who you are with others. Do they synchronize? Be aware of beliefs, ideas, notions, and judgments learned from childhood. Do they serve you? What do you think of your life thus far? Is it exciting and wholesome or is it sad and fearful? You will ponder upon and learn about yourself in the next few months. Then a new self-identity emerges. Do not feel confused by this. Cultivate compassion.

PISCES: Assess your lifelong experiences, accomplishments and yearnings. Make these into a book. Take time to focus upon yourself. Find places of quiet and solitude. Establish yourself there and notice your thoughts centering on life and death, beginnings and endings, physical and spiritual realms. Also notice previous endeavors are no longer important. Your life energy is being withdrawn internally in order to establish a more secure spiritual sense of direction. The future isn’t formed yet.

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