Risa's Astrology for May 24-31

Preparing for World Goodwill Day & Festival of Humanity

The New Group of World Servers begins this week to prepare for the Gemini Festival of Humanity. We prepare through understanding the Gemini Full Moon’s impact and significance and by reciting the Great Invocation daily. Next Thursday evening, May 31st, the blue moon Gemini Full Sun/Moon festival occurs – also known as World Goodwill Day, World Invocation Day and the Festival of Humanity. The multiple names indicate its importance as the festival invokes a spiritual alignment between Humanity (the world disciple), Hierarchy (the inner world government) and Shamballa (Where the Will of God is Known and home of the Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara). At the time of the Full Moon and during the recitation of the Great Invocation (humanity’s world prayer), the blessings from Shamballa and the Buddha are distributed by the Christ to Earth, her kingdoms and to humanity. As the blessing streams through the five inlets (New York, London, Geneva, Darjeeling, Tokyo), it begins to restore, illumine and reconstruct humanity’s life force. This blessing instills into our hearts and minds the aspiration toward Right Human Relations and aligns humanity with the Will-to-Good(ness). This Will-To-Good then translates into an electrical current of Goodwill, which spreads across continents and nations. All nations of the world increase in potency and an opportunity is provided to all governments that at this Full Moon they bring forth peace and unity to their people. (read more at www.nightlightnews.com & http://www.aquaac.org/meetings/wid2007/info/).

The week: Thursday may be very exhausting as Mars (action) interacts with Neptune (fall away, dissolve into inner worlds). Friday is a fast-paced,
Memory-filled, brilliant day (Venus trine Uranus). It’s v/c in the evening and at 9:16 pm (Pacific time) the moon enters Ray 3 Libra. There’s a focus on Right Relations along with appropriate use of money during the weekend. Communication, thinking, driving on Sunday could be quite difficult with Mercury/Pluto aligning. Don’t hurt, shame, make fun of, ignore, or destroy anyone with words, thoughts, driving or action. It will backfire. Monday is Memorial Day. We say prayers of gratitude for those who fought for and defended our freedoms. I honor my father today. At 9:15 am moon enters Scorpio. Secrets begin. From lunchtime onward into Monday evening, we will not be able to agree. Compromise isn’t possible either. It’s a watery realm we’ll enter. The best activity is swimming, surfing, dreaming, painting or sleeping. Mercury enters Cancer at dinnertime. A wave of thoughts, news, talk, writings concerning mother, the past, the moon, foods, old photos, and everything retro will vibrate around the earth for three weeks. Harmony Through Conflict will be a theme. Let’s create more (RHR) as we observe it. Tuesday is a bit disheveled. Wednesday, the day before the Festival of Humanity, is v/c all day and night until 10:06 pm when the moon shifts into Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius. Music, fun, play, good foods and wandering about begin. Preparation for all full moons, and especially this one, begins three days before the Full Moon. This is the last day of preparation. Join us everyone.

ARIES: For awhile now you may concentrate on beautifying, upgrading, and uplifting the quality and look of your home environment. Consider inviting friends and family to share in the work or later, in the improvements. If home isn’t in form yet, then uplift and beautify relationships with close intimate family and friends. Be relevant, positive and find things to praise about them.

TAURUS: Is there someone you need to make amends with? Someone you haven’t spoken with for a long while? Is there a misunderstanding that needs your first step toward harmony? Do it now. It is also a promising time for writing, creating plans for environmental and neighborhood projects. If these are too large, then dig, encircle, plan and plant a small garden. Lettuce in pots will do.

GEMINI: So let’s just get down to the basics about money – how do you regard money, what is your relationship to it and how do you use it? Do you have within yourself a chalice to receive all that you need? Perhaps you still need to construct one – a chalice of receptivity that accepts resources, new values and all that your life longs for. Vulcan, Taurus’s Soul ruler will assist you in the chalice’s creation. He turns lead into gold.

CANCER: It is important at this time for you to realize that you are valuable. Not necessarily in terms of money, but in terms of how well you reach out and care for others. Turning the spotlight onto your personal self, it’s time for new clothes, new shoes, and a new ‘do for a new you. Venus, the queen of attraction, requires it. Allow nothing to distract you from concentration on self-beautifying.

LEO: Do you have a secret (one or many) relationship? Are you doing things that others would consider shrouded, veiled, furtive, hidden and mysterious? What are you doing these days hidden behind that curtain that most people think is reality (we know different). If there’s no secrecy then we know that you are aiding and abetting those in need and often ignored. Some Leos may work or be in prisons, hospitals or monasteries. How can we help?

VIRGO: Resolve any conflicts, both within yourself and with others. Venus is calling you to Right Human Relations, to bring forth the harmony needed after the conflict and chaos does its job. These are thoughts to consider should you be gathering with friends or family. Listen to what other people’s goals are. Share yours. Blend and synthesize all of them.

LIBRA: It is time to ask for more of what you need and for more resources, more money, more time off, more recognition, more praise, and more understanding concerning the long hours you devote to your profession. You may meet new people in your field who resonate with your ideals, goals, and future plans. It’s not time for romance at work, but for professional moving and shaking. A bit more independence in relationship is called for too.

SCORPIO: So there’s a great need to escape somewhere far away from what you usually do, think, and feel each day. There’s also a great need to change your daily routine, to seek things at a distance, to travel even if it’s into another neighborhood. Just make sure the culture is different so your mind can see and your heart can feel and your mouth can taste and your entire being can experience things novel, unusual, unique and new. Romance plays a card here. It’s bright, shining and calling you.

SAGITTARIUS: Everything about relationships and how you love and work and behave in them is being upended in order to change your attitudes and expectations. This includes looking through the lens of both romance and money. Both big issues for you, yes? If and should these issues issue forth in your mind and heart and show up in the world itself, don’t jump at them, don’t blame them, and don’t create any conflicts with them. Simply observe and watch how they act. You stay still. Much information issue forth.

CAPRICORN: Things are pleasant in love. If not married you’ll think about it. If married, love is so lovely that it’s a good idea to plan on renewing your marriage vows. Now’s the time to begin. In all areas of relationships — personal, intimate, married, business partners, close friend — creating a greater level of harmony is the next step so everyone deepens, is uplifted, and moves forward to great unity. Make this your intention.

AQUARIUS: If you are having a health crisis or in need of a doctor and/or health practitioner ask around. The perfect one will be found. If your pets need care and tending learn how to make homemade pet food. It’s easy. If you need to serve others, volunteer to be a friend in need. Now’s the time to create more harmonious interactions with co-workers. Listen to them with more depth and understanding. Your life’s path then expands.

PISCES: Notice as your sensitivity to others deepens, you reach out and touch them offering comfort. You understand their presence in your life is an unacknowledged spiritual gift. Simultaneously you realize it’s time to pursue a new creative project. In your mind you already know what this is. So, what is it? For me it’s a garden. Daily I make contact with the Deva, purpose, people, and gardens of Findhorn (www.findhorn.org). With the help of the devic (angelic) builders a Findhorn West garden has begun. You begin one too.

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