Risa's Astrology-May 17

Esoteric Astrology as news for week May 17023, 2007

Sun into Gemini and the Shavuot Spring Festival

The sun changes signs this week and an ancient festival occurs. Sun enters Gemini on Monday and the Hebrew festival of Shavuot (Harvest) is Wednesday. We shift from the comfort of earth (Taurus) to the verbal acuity and restlessness of air (Gemini). Shavuot is the first Spring Harvest and observes God the Father imparting to Moses the Ten Commandments (part of the Torah) – an event that signified humanity leaving the Age of Taurus (Egypt) and entering the Age of Aries (Israel). The Ten Commandments were the new Laws & Principles to meet the developmental stages of humanity during the Aries Age. Nicholas Roerich (Libra & Russian painter) painted Moses on the mountaintop receiving the Ten Commandments. Go to http://www.frankperry.co.uk/Roerich%20Art.htm.

The United States has progressed Sun in Pisces. With Uranus (revolution) in Pisces, those influenced by Pisces are are experiencing unpredictable changes, uncertainty, anxiety and extreme vicissitudes. Several news items in our country reflect the difficulties of Pisces Sun — the weather, our food supply and the recent plight and pickle Paris Hilton has gotten herself into. Danger to our food supply and my thoughts on Paris Hilton can be read on my website www.nightlightnews.com

With the sign Pisces (natal or progressed, Sun, Moon and/or rising) life can be quite complex, arduous, perplexing and puzzling. The endless tribulations the United States is having with the weather are examples of what it’s like to live the life of a Pisces. Things just occur – they dissolve, change, transmute, transform, end, shift, die, float away, etc. in a moment’s notice, relentlessly, with, during and as a Pisces. These seemingly unmerciful occurrences of dissolving (Neptune as ruler) and transforming (Pluto as ruler) do not end – not until actual death. Pisces, a constant state of sacrifice and saviorship, is one of three signs to understand and experience death. Neptune sees to it. So, as of this writing, the weather from east to west in the U.S. includes heat, drought, fires and a possible hurricane on the perimeter (Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, Santa Catalina Island, Griffith Park in Los Feliz, California) and too much water in the middle (Missouri, Dakota, etc. flooding). Along with earthquakes (4.8 at Yellowstone and several 5.2 off the coast of N. California) there were killer tornadoes in the midwest. Fire and water together are signs of transformative changes occurring. As part of the reorientation for humanity, these weather events will increase through 2012.

The week: Thursday & Friday, Gemini moon, is free and easy. Friday night’s v/c (5:57 pm – 8:38 pm) makes dinnertime difficult. Saturday needs the nurturing Cancer moon to get us through the strict tension of the day (Sun/Pluto). Feelings are hurt in the evening. Sunday is interruptive with clamor, clatter, jingle and clash (Mercury/Uranus). The evening demands clarity. Monday Sun enters Gemini (air) and moon enters Leo (fire). We’re generous, creative and noble. Fire and air excite and then exhaust us. Tuesday everyone’s regal. Crown them. Wednesday, Shavuot festival day, calls for foods made with dairy such as Challah (egg bread), cheese blintzes, cheesecake, milk and honey. Who knows why dairy is eaten for Shavuot? Wednesday is gentle. Neptune’s prominent preparing for its Thursday retrograde. The moon enters Virgo at 9:26 am so the morning’s v/c. Careful everyone. Pay attention. And “Be of Love.”

ARIES: Life is lively, full of possibilities. You have a thought and immediately it becomes form and matter. As new and more ideas filter through your mind, do remain committed to harmonizing and relating as many streams of thought as you can handle into a vision that helps, serves and enhances humanity. What would that look like? You are to be inventive for the benefit of all.

TAURUS: Fourth ray energy (Harmony Through Conflict) streams into your life in large quantities making you the one who assists in anchoring greater beauty and harmony for the world. This is done first by the old being destroyed. You, as Vulcan, assist in this, also. You bring the illumined “eye of the bull” (Taurus) to shine on form and matter so that it’s uplifted and transformed and a correct expression for the good for all. A huge task. Notice this.

GEMINI: If you choose, you could be a “seer of the new age.” The esoteric word for this is “illuminati,” (not the same word for conspiracy theories). It is most important to have correct(ed) identity. The “illuminati’s: task “leads humanity into the light” by destroying illusion in the outer life. The use of the “will” is most important, too. Only will(ingness) to “be the light” pierces the darkness of materialism and frees the life force so new ideas emerge. Are you available?

CANCER: Mind and heart, thoughts and love combine. Mind really is the vehicle that expresses Love/Wisdom. And in this solar system (there are three) Love/Wisdom is the essence of Life. As the Rainbow Bridge is being constructed between the personality and Soul Mercury (planet) and Sun (disk in sky) unite and you return home to your original state of grace. This is esoteric. Ponder it.

LEO: Do you have a MySpace account? MySpace is about individuals (Leo) defining themselves within a group (web, Aquarius, your opposite and shadow side). Do you know the new Aquarian Laws & Principles? If not consider learning them and living your life through, with and by them. They constitute the new identity, unify all parts of the your life, attract others to you so you can teach. They develop your intuition and humanitarianism.

VIRGO: You are called to relate consciously and intelligently to all things in the outer world. You are to realize the Soul within everything and everyone. This is the way the Plan of Creation is brought down to earth and your work can be part of this. Virgo’s mind is to be an extension of the Mind of God. The Active Intelligence must be very pure. You understand this.

LIBRA: If you are very quiet, take long walks alone, do a bit of swimming and hiking, allow quiet meditative music on long drives, you will encounter your intuition, the Rain Cloud of Knowable Things high above your rational practical mind – your higher mind overshadowing the lower. When this occurs you are a natural teacher, administrator, and healer and those who meet you on the Path trust you.

SCORPIO: It’s likely that you are experiencing your mind as a potent source of information that is creating a reorientation process within your life. If things are breaking down into discrete parts it’s so you can understand and then be released from ignorance, confusion and the thought-forms of others. Something’s unfolding within you. It’s quiet and discreet. You’re being tested, too.

SAGITTARIUS: What are you doing in terms of World Service? I ask this because Mercury, the main messenger (man) of the gods, is asking also. You are to be active, play a strong part in a mission of fostering a humanitarian vision and helping others express this in the world. Communication networks, created by your writing and linking individuals and groups, are the main ways your work of service can be accomplished. If you’re not doing this yet, pain will push you.

CAPRICORN: You’re holding ideas within yourself until the very perfect moment occurs for their release. Some may consider this secretive but that’s an inaccurate assessment. You’re gestating and holding close ideas that need tenderness and care, protection and strength until they are old enough (like a child) to enter form and matter. You will birth these ideas at the correct time. Capricorns are the tenders of time. Remember also everything comes in its own timing.

AQUARIUS: You are to harness the Leo (your individual creativity & will) within. When you are intimately aware of your creative gifts you must externalize them, use them, not hold them back. Not using them dims your light, casts you in shadows and makes you sad. Using your gifts brings you forth, sheds light on your life, moves you up the evolutionary ladder. Synthesis is your keyword. Begin with (add to) MySpace.

PISCES: You must take seriously the intention for Right Human Relations. In the 12-step program and on the TV series Work Out, the idea of “just for today” is/was illustrated. So it time for all Pisces to think “just for today I will remember to radiate, exhibit, and activate Right Relations toward all whom I contact, walk by, think about, speak with and touch. Just for today (each day) have this as aspiration and focused intention. It creates peace within, peace without.

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