Risa's Astrology for May 10-17

Esoteric Astrology as news for week May 10-16, 2007

Mother & Ahimsa (Harmlessness)

Sunday is Mother’s Day. The planetary energies from morning till evening are difficult. The Aries moon and a Mars Pluto transit do not bode well for a calm, caring, love-for-mother day. The cosmic influences could bring forth deeply unspoken and/or repressed anger. With this information everyone can be aware and thus cautious with communication, thoughts and actions directed at or around mother. Some of us may remember childhood experiences such as promises never kept, desires never cultivated or supported, aspirations not listened to or understood. Everything impulsive and angry must be restrained lest we hurt others (mother) and ourselves. We must practice Ahimsa – harmlessness.

Mother—the most influential person in our lives. The word itself produces extreme responses. Her position, authority, control, dominion, discipline, nurturing, food, etc., are significant psychological aspects of the child-mother dynamic everyone brings to Mother’s Day. Mother is the first to fulfill our needs of hunger, thirst, elimination, comfort, pain. Then there’s love – first formed from the intimate attachment of the child to mother (or surrogate). How do each of us manage such a potent relationship? Do we reject mother, care for her, blame her, reach out to her, understand her, abandon her, ignore her, make fun of her, feel embarrassed by her, criticize her, hold her, have compassion for her? Do we love her? Do we “see” her? Mostly we don’t. Sometimes we can’t. Not yet.

Nevertheless, Sunday is Mother’s Day. Write (risa@lrec.org) and tell me how your Mother’s Day was in terms of transits and interactions with mother. What were your thoughts and feelings? Awareness of transits and working to overcome the more difficult ones is the mark of a Disciple (and the purpose of Esoteric Astrology). (Read more on Mother and my feelings about mine at www.nightlightnews.com)

We are reminded that there is a Mother of the World who oversees and guides humanity’s progress. The Russian painter, Nicholas Roerich (Libra) painted the Mother of the World. Go to http://www.frankperry.co.uk/Roerich%20Art.htm and scroll down. Painted in 1924, the Mother of the World shows a seated woman with a veil covering her face. The veil signifies that the Mother principle is still hidden to us, her radiance still behind a veil. Not until humanity allows the feminine principle (mind combined with heart) to emerge and stand equally with Will (masculine principle) will the veil be removed from the Mother. Until then, all women (the feminine principle) experience inequality (an important developmental stage for humanity to learn through). In the Aquarian age, humanity itself, through the illumination of Taurus, will draw away the veil.

The week of 2-hour v/c times: Thursday, with Mars/Pluto interacting there is no possibility of compromise on anything. There could be criticism, a sense of punishment, and information unavailability. If we stay close to what we already know and work on Goodwill and solitude, the day will be easier. There’s a short v/c from 2:47 pm till 4:31 pm when the moon enters compassionate Pisces. Friday is brilliant due to Mercury/Uranus contact and then Mercury enters its own sign of Gemini (Ray 2). Friday is also subdued. It’s a paradoxical day. Saturday is complicated, changeable and restricted at times. The moon enters Aries at 7:19 pm after a 2-hour v/c. The evening is both challenging and confusing.

Sunday. Mother’s Day. The intention for Goodwill must be the primary course of action. Monday everyone’s propelled into fiery action. Then it’s v/c from 5:24 pm will 7:48 pm when the comforting Taurus moon begins. Dinner during the v/c will make food unappealing. Wait till Taurus moon begins. Or eat before the v/c. Tuesday Mars enters Aries. Mars is the personality ruler of Aries. Mars is action. Aries is fire. Together they produce explosions, excitement and fireworks. Displays of self-interest are widespread for the next six weeks. Watch the news for Aries-like events centered on self-aggrandizing, self-important behaviors. We can observe these as a vital developmental stage in terms of personality growth.

Wednesday, 12:27 pm (lunch) is new moon at 25 Taurus. Two seed thoughts for Taurus. On the personality-building level the meditative words are “Let struggle be undismayed.” The personality moves forward into matter in order to understand it. Then duality is learned. Then discrimination comes forth. This is the Ray 4 Harmony Through Conflict of Taurus. On the Soul level, the meditative seed thought is “I see and when the Eye is opened, all is Light.” When one sees through the Soul (whose qualities are love and unity) reality is spiritualized – our minds are illumined with Light. Once this occurs the Light streams forth from our centers transforming and uplifting everything and everyone we contact. The Light of Taurus is potent. Join the NGWS for the new moon ceremony by reciting the Great Invocation.

ARIES: Mars, your ruler, is in your sign for the next six weeks. This brings about new realities, insights, initiating new plans, and creating agendas that are inventive and foresightful. There is activity in all parts of your life. Careful not to constantly overstep everyone else, though most likely you will. Maintain humility among your peers who may not be Aries or Mars ruled. Be as kind as you are swift.

TAURUS: You think of ways to bring forth future ways of living that are prosperous, of service, community minded, green, ecological and spiritual. You will do this in time and it will be a success. Maintain a journal of ideas, create a bookshelf of how-to books on these subject, and maintain working quietly like a hermit for awhile as ideas gestate and come to fruition.

GEMINI: You’ve been feeling behind the scenes for a bit, which has you leaning toward quietness and feelings about the past, perhaps a previous self-identity that longed to shine. Now something shifts and you begin to talk more all the while still feeling a sense of guardedness about what you say. Tend to partnerships and friends with care. Use mental harmlessness.

CANCER: Just know that you are not stuck, restricted, confined or circumscribed by your location or situation. You have complete freedom though its possible you’re unaware of this. Next week a new plan and agenda comes into your mind concerning your life, environment and the major choices made in the past years. This plan will begin the changes you’re seeking.

LEO: You might be remembering a certain someone this week no longer in your life. You wonder about them, feel yourself seeking them, wishing you could speak with them and offer them your love and care. At work there’s a seeking, too – for change, a different direction. It is you who must provide outlines of new projects. Your ideas are very good. Promote them. Keep seeking.

VIRGO: As you complete work on taxes, insurance, shared finances and issues concerning resources you imagine different cultures and destinations for travel. Tend to both simultaneously for each will feed the other. As you move from finances to imagination and back again, you’ll realize how your resources can pay for travel, school, a seminar, or exploring an island far away. Perceptions are changing.

LIBRA: Careful with driving in the coming weeks. Others may not be as safety oriented as you. Communication with partners, intimates, close friends, may be difficult. The controversy could include different ways of being in a relationship, how each handles money, how anger is resolved, unspoken or unsupported needs. Your mind and heart will fluctuate. Maintain equality and trust in yourself.

SCORPIO: Something new should begin soon having to do with relationships and money. Be aware of this. It’s time to plan a trip, perhaps a cruise with someone close and intimate and caring. As work seems to take on all these responsibility and duties you’ll need to be the efficient, capable and reliable one. You may rebel or you may overwork. Remember harmlessness as a behavior choice.

SAGITTARIUS: Daily life feels like a tide pool, with waves and fishes and little wet creatures coming in and going out. This affects your emotional system. It may be difficult to work. Your mind brings up wounds, your heart gets confused, you want the nurturance of family, mother – no, a relationship – and no one’s around. Don’t overwork or stress. Have massages, swim, do yoga. Play. Work at home. This will pass.

CAPRICORN: Relationships of all types, partnerships, intimate alliances and even business colleagues exhibit an unusual happiness. It reminds all of us how we really want to live – in peace and harmony, through sharing and community thinking. Let this offset any feelings of not having enough money or resources. The new Taurus moon brings imaginative and creative ideas, more leisure, romance, and the nurturing you seek.

AQUARIUS: Beautifying the environments enclosing your life and work becomes a primary focus. You remember past experiences when you were a child. Perhaps a grandparent or a special food or a religious experience. There is something in that memory for you to return to and to make contact with. What is it? New ideas alert you to new experiences and new people. Writing is easy now. Buying a car is too.

PISCES: Let harmlessness be the keynote of your life. Harmlessness in thoughts and speech (mental), in desires (emotional) and in actions (physical), produce inner and outer poise, skill in action and harmlessness releases the creative will. Harmlessness produces the supply that’s needed and it helps create a healthy physical body. Animas (non-injury) is Sanskrit for harmlessness. Find the Sanskrit letters for Ahimsa, practice writing them and place the word on the walls where you live.

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