Risa's Astrology for May 3

Esoteric Astrology as news for May 3-9, 2007

American Idol Gives Back

Preparations begin now for the Gemini Festival and World Goodwill Day
(May 31, blue moon). Restoration (Aries), Enlightenment (Taurus) and
Reconstruction (Gemini) are the forces needed worldwide to “restore
the Plan for Earth” and to reorient humanity from focus on resources
for self to resources shared and used for those in need. This
reorientation creates a “values (Taurus) shift.”

The television show American Idol Gives Back, April 24 – 25, was a
historic and present-day example of a “reorientation of values”
occurring in the U.S. (now Pisces Sun, sign of the World Savior) and
worldwide through ONE.org organization to fight against extreme
poverty. Let’s take note that this shift and reorientation of values
is being led, guided and directed by the “stars.” First the celestial
bodies (rays, suns, stars, constellations Taurus and Pisces, planets
& the Aquarian Age) influence us. Then their force and energy
precipitate down to Earth and “fall” into or are “grasped” by the
minds of men (thinkers) and those who have global influence – stars
in Hollywood and the music industry. Because we love them we emulate
them and follow their direction. Humanity has always looked “to the
stars” for direction. And this is as it should be. Idol Gives Back
collected over $30 million, half for the African children and
half to UNICEF for America’s children. This is Goodwill work and it
is part of the work of the New Group of World Servers.

Those of us who didn’t give can still do so. Let’s give and give so
we can give again. When we send our gifts let’s write on our checks
or say in our letters: “From the New Group of World Servers to the
children in the world. For Goodwill leading to Right Relations,
leading to peace for all.” To give go to ONE.org, www.unicefusa.org,
or www.SavetheChildren.org.

The week: Thursday is v/c all day till 3:47 pm (Pacific time) when
moon enters Sag. Nonetheless, Thursday is National Prayer Day
designated by the US Congress as a day when all Americans of all
faiths come together in prayer. This day goes back to the original
day of prayer in 1775 to pray for the formation of our new nation –
the USA. Let us pray together. We’ll be saying the Great Invocation
in the Meditation Room of the United Nations at 12 noon. Join us in
spirit. For a collection of world prayers see www.worldprayers.org/.

Friday is unfettered and unencumbered. Sag (goals, joy, pilgrimages,
journeys, travel, philosophy, walking sticks, libraries, religion,
etc.) rules. Saturday, filled with maximum planetary influences
affecting us, is Cinco de Mayo celebrating the victory of the Mexican
army over the French occupation in the Battle of Puebla (state in
Mexico) in 1862. We’re challenged all day, there’s chaos here and
there but mostly we feel we can’t compromise.

Sunday, Capricorn moon. Is structured and then it’s not. An
interesting duality to observe. The evening borders on severe and
unyielding. Careful. Venus and Pluto oppose each other. Who’se in
charge? Monday is completely in a cloud. Our minds are veiled. The
world’s underwater.

Tuesday is the feast day of St. Julian of Norwich (14th century
English mystic and visionary, author of Sixteen Revelations of Divine
Love, considered to be the first book in the English language written
by a woman). On Tuesday morning v/c till moon enters Aquarius at
11 am, Venus enters Cancer. We turn to home, mothers, children,
family. Wednesday Sun squares Saturn. We’re challenged to
restructure our way of doing things. We feel restricted, disciplined,
and alone. Focus on the will (Ingness), courage and the intelligence
of Goodwill to all. Isn’t Mother’s Day next week? How will you
prepare and what will you do? I’m curious. Write me at risa@lrec.org.
(Read the astrology of Idol Gives Back, Rosie O’Donnell’s
communication, the Three Spring Festivals and more at

ARIES: There may be a deep struggle within to bring forth two
different realities. One reality is your true sense of what to do.
The other is what you think others expect. One is Vesta-like – what
you truly love. The other is simply about change. Both are good
choices. One brings the light of day, the other summons the past.
What to choose? The dilemma teaches you a new value.

TAURUS: Everything about money and values keeps reoccurring as if to
provide you with a message. What could it be? Perhaps it’s that you
have so much to give. Did you know that we are given much so we can
give and give again? This is a law. We know you’re willing to share
with others all that you have. But only if you trust them. We trust

GEMINI: Things may be occurring at home reminding you of the past.
This is good if you use it as a way of cleaning out, getting rid of,
and hopefully giving away all that is no longer needed so the
present/future can be clear and purified and an originality can
permeate your life. Take moments out of each day to assess the
quality of both your professional work and work at home. Both have
been unusual.

CANCER: For many months now your needs have been hidden. For so long
you haven’t known what you want, how to plan your future, or even
where you really want to be. Now you wonder if your brain is somehow
damaged. It’s not. Soon, your needs will emerge clearly. They’ve been
hibernating so you could perform a certain task of service.

LEO: What has been occurring in your personal relationships? I see
week after week Chiron (healing wounds?) and Neptune (is it real?
What’s love?) in your house of intimate relationships. Looking at
your chart it seems that at this time intimacy is most important. But
then so are resources needed from others to help others. And then
there’s your work in the world. Somehow all of these relate. Through
intimacy of heart and mind, combined.

VIRGO: How is your home, what does your living space look like? Are
you feeling your base and foundation (home and/or self) are in need
of expansion and before that can occur, some sort of transformation,
not unlike a death and regeneration (metaphorical) must take place?
It would be good to add cultural items, several stone and golden
buddhas, and religious icons from regions far away. And then add a
fireplace somewhere. Vesta calls.

LIBRA: Honesty is most important at this time. It always is but
honesty and truth are now prominent in all your communication. So
many events have occurred in the past year. There hasn’t been time to
discuss them all. Realize there are two sides to everything. Listen
to both. Then choose what’s relevant, truthful and real. You’ll know
the difference. Careful now with foods. Oils, fats, and sugars can
upset the delicate balance of the liver. The homeopath Celidonium
Majus helps.

SCORPIO: Although your creative self expression may be stimulated you
may not be kind enough in relationships and interactions. Be aware of
challenges presented in terms of kindness and care toward others. Are
you experiencing mental pain or wounding? Assess this and allow
whatever hurts to come to the surface. You will heal others by what
you learn now.

SAGITTARIUS: You inner feelings, strong and at times impatient, kind
and at times joyful, are attempting communication with you. They leap
up and out like a fire at times trying to get your full attention.
You will need to have a few conversations with them before moving
onto your next developmental stage. They also need to tell you what
type of home is appropriate now. Something moving and shaking in your

CAPRICORN: Be in touch, if possible, with family, brothers and
sisters and create between you right relations through the intentions
of Goodwill. If you observe your behavior notice you’re expressing
yourself more efficiently and effectively. Writing and speaking in
public can be successful endeavors should the opportunities be given.
Don’t shy away from explaining your beliefs and knowings. People need
leadership. Yours is being honed.

AQUARIUS: Are you feeling a bit down and perhaps isolated? Are the
changes created the reason for feeling blue? Being alone is the
proper time to examine what you most value. Though one part of your
life is not available, a larger, more expansive part of life is about
to emerge. Tend to money carefully in the meantime.

PISCES: Action is your keyword now, and like the meditative seed
thoughts pondered upon at the new and full moons, it magnetizes new
realities. Actions in terms of letting others know who you really are
(perhaps it’s new to you, too), creating new plans that project into
the future, and choosing no more conflict with others. Instead your
other primary keyword is goodwill. Have that as a daily intention for
one year.

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