Risa's Astrology April 12-19

May We All Do Our Part

During the months of the Three Spring Festivals (Aries, Taurus, Gemini) the NGWS invokes (ask) great Beings from Shamballa (where the Will of God in Known) and beyond (Spirit of Resurrection to release the Forces of Restoration, Enlightenment & Reconstruction) to assist humanity. Simultaneously each of us is to reach out to our human family and attempt to uplift (help) them especially as we see the ongoing and ever-present struggles increase worldwide.

“Everyone Has a Calling”, a precept and foundation within the Ageless Wisdom teachings (Love one another), was the title of Oprah’s April 3, 2007 TV show highlighting two individuals “called” to help children (and thus families) in need. They asked us to help, too.

Ex-corporate-ladder-climber-turned-child advocate Genevieve Piturro (www.pajamaprogram.org), collects new pajamas for foster children who have no pajamas (many don’t know what pajamas are). John Wood (www.roomtoread.org) quit a senior position at Microsoft to bring books by donkey to children of Nepal. John, now building schools and libraries, is still gathering books. Pajamas and books are still needed. Another model of helping is knitting blankets and clothing for Mongolian children and their families. Called the Dulaan (meaning warmth) Project, go to www.fireprojects.org/dulaan.htm.

In Aries we are to initiate new work. In Taurus we are to offer comfort and warmth. In Gemini we are to educate. It is also said that world change begins with educating a child, especially a girl child who then affects change first within her family and then to her entire community. The world will change (reorient) one person at a time, one project at a time, one moment at a time. All together and all of a sudden one day, the shift occurs. May we all do our part. Jupiter’s retrograde allows us to rethink how we give to others, uplift them, what joy we provide. With Mars in Pisces our aspiration is to save the world. Is there any other life endeavor?

The week: Thursday is Aquarius moon. We are concerned about humanity’s well being. Though friendly, we’re also dispassionate. We seek freedom in order to bring about the change needed. Everyone’s unique. Careful with ankles. Friday, after a short v/c till 8:39 am (Pacific time), the moon’s entrance into Pisces makes us imaginative. Visions come, music uncovers sensitivities, and sacrifice is our aim. We could be withdrawn and drift on by everything. Memories return. We’re often sad. Guard the feet and wear strong shoes.

All this applies Saturday and Sunday morning till 9:47 am when moon enters unruly Aries. The waters of Pisces are lit with the fires of Aries and life shoots forward unobstructed by the past. Aries moon is Martian. We’re somewhat fierce, often on the verge of war or some impassioned endeavor. We’re active; we begin things and can’t finish. We’re impulsive, not reasonable. All Aries qualities which is as it should be. It’s good to remember that others exist. We must be careful of our heads. Wear helmets.

Tuesday, 4:36 am, is the new moon at 27 degrees Aries. The meditative seed thought for building the personality is “Let form again be sought.” This is Ray 1 (Spirit) pouring through Mars seeking to anchor in form and matter. Aries is the “searchlight of the Logos” incarnates, thus the Soul develops in experience and expresses itself. Join us, the New Group of World Servers (NGWS), the night before, for the new moon festival by reciting the Great Invocation.

The moon’s v/c Tuesday morning. At 9:11 am comforting Taurus moon takes over till Wednesday evening’s v/c at 7:29 pm. On Taurus moon days we feel cautious, change is difficult, we protect what we have, we tend to material, financial and gardening matters, and complete projects Aries simply cannot. Venus rules Taurus moon days. Thus we also seek comfort and enjoyment, ease and beauty. Taurus is Ray 4, Harmony Through Conflict. We guard our throat.

Note to readers: Around noon, Tuesday, the day of the Aries new moon, my 2nd surgery is scheduled. Please pray with me for ease, success, precision with the surgeon’s eyes and hands, and afterward, rapid healing. Thanks, everyone.

ARIES: So much self-awareness is occurring that you could simply split apart. Lots of daily running and water exercises will assist in this not happening. Create a schedule to help you not lose time and interest, money and energy and all things important to you. Watch as you review what you believe in, think, all goals, and travel plans. Find a walking stick.

TAURUS: Money analysis, which you have needed to do for years now, comes into such focus you simply can’t ignore it anymore. You’re being given another chance to tend to financial and legal issues looming over your life for so long they now cast great shadows and keep you anxious. You can do this. Visualize first. Say “help!”

GEMINI: Your relationships and all encounters with others, even the others kingdoms, reflect to you information about inner realities you often don’t realize of deepen into. This is a very productive time for you, as a great self-identity will emerge. The greatest gift is the realization that helping and serving others is the only job there is. This is the secret.

CANCER: We have inner duties to fulfill. One is health. In your everyday life you will concentrate on your health and well being, beginning with your physical body. As you progress though a new way of exercising and eating, you’ll experience freedom and fulfill needs different from before. You will work hard and have high standards and satisfaction will result.

LEO: You find the courage to express yourself with greater ease. If you have children you will realize in greater ways their importance and value. You are proud of them. Artistically you will seek greater potential, more work, and perhaps a new craft. Play will occur to you, as a specific needed new expression. Love occurs, too. Unexpectedly.

VIRGO: Inner peace and security within your home and through what nurtures you is the primary focus for the next year. Your family is included in this. All things domestic take on a new significance and it’s your family where you seek care, love, and comfort. You’ll find where you belong, your sense of true place in the world. Then the bloom of you grows tall.

LIBRA: Internally you continue planning a future that is larger than life and ever more expansive. You then realize limitations. Limitations are good. They create practicality, effectiveness, and shields from disappointments. Old thought patterns fall away, old belief systems, too. Why this is good is your mind and heart have been and are being limited. As kindness and understand expand, so does your good future.

SCORPIO: You seek growth in the material realm of making money, having more resources, and expanding possessions and value. This takes inner thinking and pondering and now’s the appropriate time. Actualizing potential increases the experiences and deeper dimensions of life. The first step is stating goals and studying how others have achieved them. Only study is the right course of activity now and observation of changing values.

SAGITTARIUS: A new and major cycle of reality has begun and you will, over the next year, discover that you are very much more than you thought, you will see that you’ve accomplished a lot, and a sense of inner security and self-containment will gradually being to occur. You will learn and gain new experiences and your idea of the world will also change. People will be drawn to you. Careful. Use discrimination and Goodwill.

CAPRICORN: As you interact with and learn deeper dimensions of life all fear and resistance will fall away and you will come face to face with who you really are and find that you like that person. You find that there is compassion for yourself and less judgement, understanding and less impatience. Something within you heals and you, in turn, heal others. This is long in coming, it’s subtle, and a culture of yourself emerges.

AQUARIUS: I can imagine that you sit and contemplate the future. Most important to you are friends and groups, especially the ones who value you and see your inner, though unusual, gifts. It’s not a good time to be alone, though at times, you will feel this way. Being with others helps work through issues concerning how you feel about yourself. You must feel good about yourself before you can improve the world—a task calling you some time soon.

PISCES: Concerning your work in the world you assess whether to move ahead or stop what you are doing completely. While this inner appraisal occurs and when out and about in the world be sure to tend carefully to communications and interactions. Misunderstandings, non-clarity of thought, ideals too large to understand may occur leading to anger (Mars) leading to wounds (yours). There may be dealings with the legal system. It is best in all endeavors to maintain as much silence as possible. Find someone to be your advocate. Observe.

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