Risa's Astrology- April 5-12

Passion Week, Holy Week

The first half of this week, in Catholic Theology, is referred to as Holy Week or Passion Week—Holy Thursday (Last Supper), Good Friday (death), Holy Saturday (in the tomb), and Easter Sunday (Resurrection). Each day signifies profound Initiatory rites hidden not only in the “mists of time” but coded esoterically. Though many consider Easter a Christian religion starring the Christ who overshadowed Jesus. Easter is actually a cosmic festival and each day leading up to Resurrection morn symbolizes the spiritual historical (including the future) and developmental narrative of Earth and her kingdoms, especially humanity, God’s Beloveds.

Simultaneously this year, each day of Holy Week is amplified by an astrological planetary shift. On Holy Thursday, when the Last Supper or Passover occurred, Jupiter (Ray 2, ray of Christ) retrogrades. Good Friday, when the vigil of the Christ carrying the Cross (made out of the Dogwood tree) occurs, when Simon helps Him, when Christ died upon the Cross-, Mars enters Pisces (appropriate for Passion Week). Holy Saturday, when the vigil at the tomb began, when Christ entered into the Earth to redeem the earth spirits, Mercury and Venus sextile and the Paschal candle is lit in the darkness. And on Easter Sunday when feminine initiate Mary Magdalene discovered the tomb was empty signifying the Resurrection (humanity’s upliftment) occurred, Sun trines Saturn (appearance of the Teacher).

The week: Thursday’s Jupiter retrograde (19 degrees Sag) continues until August 7th. Jupiter helps us seek the truth. Retrograde Jupiter asks what is our inner Truth, have we betrayed it, and what, if any, goals do we create for a later manifestation of our Truth? Retrogrades always allow a reassessment of prior choices. Where 19 degrees Sag occurs in our charts tells us what areas of life we will re-evaluate. We remember to use holy spikenard oil to wash the feet of our loved ones. We also prepare the Last Supper and distribute the Eucharist and teach our children and families about Holy Thursday. On this night Judas (doing his “job”) betrayed the Christ for 30 pieces of silver. The number thirty equals #3, the three levels of our personality. When we use our personality for matters that do not include virtue, ethics, love, and goodwill, we “betray” our spiritual birthright, the Soul. It is said Judas hung himself on a limb of an Eastern Redbud tree (therefore also called the Judas tree. Judas was “doing his job.”). The Redbud is Oklahoma’s native tree. It’s magenta flowers, rich in Vitamin C, are edible.

Friday, Mars, the planet of war, desire, and aspiration (higher level of desire) enters Pisces the sign of Compassion. We aspire to have the compassion of the Buddha, the Love of the Christ. We can have these for all that we aspire (Mars) to, occurs. Eventually. Mars in Pisces creates great dancers and swimmers and sensitives. Mars in Pisces makes us vulnerable, spiritual, tender, innocent, a crusader, a Pope, and a spiritual warrior. Christ died on Golgotha (Hill of Skulls) today after having a conversation with two thieves – one depicting the personality and the other the Soul.

Saturday is easy and friendly, kind and personal. We prepare through vigil for Easter morning. Sunday, the feast of Resurrection when all of Earth’s kingdoms are uplifted, Sun trines Saturn and we feel firm, held steady and steadfast. Saturn and Sun are planets of kingship and of command, of strength, influence & prestige. We feel safe and productive under these two planetary giants (Fathers). In the evening Cap moon brings a practical closure to our Holy Week festivities preparing us for our spiritual work of uplifting humanity for the following days, weeks, months and year ahead. We become disciplined in our new aspirations to serve others through the Soul qualities of Goodwill and Right Relations. “And so it is. And help us do our part.”

Monday we’re joyful and hopeful (Sun trine Jupiter), Tuesday we’re critical and highly directed. Mercury enters Aries and settles into its Soul work (Soul ruler of Aries) which means the serious development of the mind. Wednesday is imaginative, inspirational and play is in the air. It’s Aquarius moon!

There may be more on Holy Week from an esoteric perspective at www.nightlightnews.com.

ARIES: Some parts of you may feel obscured and hidden, Just for a while your identity planet, Mars, is working a “camera obscura” and taking pictures of your inner life in order to ascertain what your mind needs to further expand and develop. Mind is Mercury, the Soul ruler of Aries, and thus yours, too. While things may seem behind the scenes, including you, use this veil to spruce yourself up a bit. It’s always good.

TAURUS: It’s important to feel appreciated and perhaps, for your futuristic and selfless work, you don’t. Should this be true, and with Leo at your midheaven (sunrise chart) it’s important to take in all compliments and accolades. And if they aren’t enough during this Aries month and almost birthday you are to initiate a campaign of praise and acknowledgement directed at you alone. You can do this. It will polish your Grail.

GEMINI: Next week Venus enters Gemini and the Love/Wisdom aspect that you hide away so well will come out for display. Till this occurs you have one week to concentrate on what you consider to be of value. Begin by creating a list of what within yourself is of value; then the value of all those you know, and then what you find of value about your environment. This is an in-depth exercise so Ray 2 can emerge unobstructed.

CANCER: I think you would like the newish book by Wayne Dyer called Inspiration. I think it’s just what you’re looking for. As things slip and slide in your life on their way to disappearing and while you feel there’s nothing left inside, Dyer’s words and ideas may make more sense than the world seems to these days because the future for you is hidden, the present/past isn’t anywhere to be found and you’re in a state of almost transition. Read the book.

LEO: Being a Leo you always expected others to be the change you hoped for, demanded, and wanted for yourself. Always you were disappointed. But the other signs were simply following your lead. They were not to lead in your relationship. When this realization occurs to you, all the wounds you experienced in relationships should slip away but not without lending you some Chironic (wound that heals) advice. Lead with your heart and nothing else. Learn about the heart. Drop expectations completely.

VIRGO: The Dweller on the Threshold is coming around for a little one-on-one talk. I wouldn’t call it a showdown. More like a meeting, a rendezvous concerning the state of your spiritual reality, the level of your meditation and the thoughtfulness and truth in your relationships. The Dweller is very rigorous. This doesn’t mean you need be (rigorous or critical) with yourself (which you can be). Simply allow a pensive review of your life to unfold. It will happen anyway.

LIBRA: So all you’ve done in the past is making its way into your present and your work is commendable and actually as you wanted it to be, it’s an investment into the way you want to live now and in the future. Creating and then sustaining resources has been your guiding light and though no one taught you how, you’re doing quite well. Proceed forward, don’t loose sight of your aspirations, and know that abundance follows you wherever you go.

SCORPIO: In the outer world you present yourself as a person of strength and integrity. In your inner world you struggle with maintaining that strength. Integrity is never an issue. Well now, as you attempt to leave the past behind it’s quite a struggle and it seems you’re bearing the guilt and pain of many. This is the life of the Scorpio and we welcome you. The first way toward relief is to forgive everyone all they’ve done that hurt others. You’re doing this for humanity.

SAGITTARIUS: You’ve become the mother of the world and this is in effect for several months. You’re building the safety of your future. It’s not constructed yet. You build it through service and goodwill to all. Don’t ask what you’re to receive. Only know that you are to give and give again – quietly. Be devoted to the tasks of helping others. Allow the light to pour through your hands like the Mother of the World with twelve stars above her head. Remember, whether man or woman, “mother” is your identity. For awhile. To learn.

CAPRICORN: On deep and inner levels your Soul is assessing and appraising what you value, what to keep and not to keep, the quality of choices now as opposed to the outcomes later. All Capricorns must climb the ladder of success but that’s a slippery ladder, isn’t it? Of most concern to you, your family and future is education, its quality, consistency, and that it maintains the highest of standards, ethics and values. Only go where this is offered so that later you can offer this to others. The standard of excellence.

AQUARIUS: It’s important to place your life is perspective and since you’re Aquarius saying that you life is an experiment is the best way to describe it. Therefore continue to experiment with expressing yourself in many different ways. Aquarians have a tremendous potential to be Renaissance people – having and displaying multiple skills, abilities, gifts and aptitudes. What at present interests you? Allow your imagination to articulate your vision to articulate your desires and aspirations. Do not ever be discouraged.

PISCES: What inner landscape are you observing? What ideas are you pulling from the Mind of God and when they precipitate what are you doing with them? Do you feel disappointment that you cannot bring them into form and matter? Know that in time all that we aspire to do and be is truly the calling of our future. And all that we aspire to do and be will come true. It’s a matter of appropriate timing and for now we are all tending to the maintenance of things falling down. Just for now. Stay (at)tuned.

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