Risa's Astrology for March 29-April 5

Aries Full Moon Festival

Dear Readers, I have written an update on my present state of health and well being along with further words of gratitude to you. It can be found on my website at www.nightlightnews.com.

We know what is above (vault of heaven containing movements of and events upon and between Sun, moon, planets, asteroids and stars) occurs below. It informs humanity of tasks to accomplish, events to be experienced, opportunities and the path/Paths available to take. In the sky this week two events of astrological & esoteric importance occur along with important religious events.

On Palm Sunday & April Fool’s Day, Uranus (Ray 7) and Mercury (Ray 4) join North Node (our present/future experiences) at 16 degrees Pisces (Ray 6), sign of saviorship, sacrifice, faith and compassion. Uranus creates disruptions and sudden changes in our social fabric and perceived goals. We can be swept by a tide of emotion (Pisces) into another way of life. Everything becomes unusual as the call (Mercury) to revolution is heard (Ray 7). An awakening (Uranus) occurs and longing to serve (Pisces). As a new frequency (Uranus) penetrates Earth’s electro-magnetic field a lightning bolt or energy pierces our awareness. With our world already at the edge where will we go from here? Something’s coming! Let’s watch!

Monday, April 2nd, at 10:15 am (Pacific time) is the Aries Full Moon (12 degrees) festival, linking Hierarchy (Ray 2), the Love aspect of God and humanity. This festival is the first of three Spring festivals creating a triangle of energy for the coming year. They are also the foundations for the coming world religion.

The Aries festival esoterically represents the Christian Easter and Jewish Passover festivals. In essence, the Aries Festival presents and radiates to humanity the Loving Will (Ray 2 distributing Ray 1) of the Father shed over the world. To everyone’s eyes, this is Spring. Join the NGWS for this Resurrection festival where the meditative seed thought reflecting the work of the Soul is “I come forth, says Mercury (Raphael, Archangel of Healing), and from the plane of fiery Mind I rule.” More on the Aries Festival at www.nightlightnews.com.

The week: Thursday evening is v/c for several hours from 6:23 pm till 8:27 pm (Pacific time) when the moon enters discriminating Virgo. Discrimination – what we will need in the future should there be more strange (and cruel) videos like YouTube’s anti-Hilary video. Friday is free of planetary aspects. Saturday Pluto is stationary retrograde at 28 Sag which means Pluto is hovering around the Galactic Center for awhile. The Galactic Center, found in the direction of Sagittarius, is the center of our Milky Way galaxy and where our galaxy appears brightest (Wikipedia). See our “barred spiral” Milky Way galaxy at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milky_Way. Pluto, the transformer, may be making needed “corrections” to our solar system while it visits the Galactic Center.

Sunday is the Mercury (builder of the Antakarana – Rainbow Bridge), Uranus (new culture and civilization), North node conjunction. The template for the new is being brought forth. The old is cast away. Monday is the Aries Festival. Standing with enlightened spiritual purpose, during the Festival we call forth the Forces of Resurrection & Restoration. We burn all hindrances, we wash each other’s feet in spikenard oil, we baptize each other as disciples and we say the Great Invocation for humanity’s evolutionary upliftment. Above all we radiate Love for the Aries festival is a festival of Love from Sirius, the Christ & the Hierarchy.

Tuesday and Wednesday are days of radiatimg to humanity the Love gathered at the Full Moon festival. Wednesday could be a rather difficult and conflicting day with multiple challenges, confusion, and expansions we don’t understand. Everything could be topsy-turvy. Hold onto one another.

ARIES: Things have become secret and private, yes? All of a sudden you’re like a Scorpio, protecting yourself, your ideas, possessions, hopes, wishes and desires. Nothing you think or feel is available to come out of the shadows and this is good for your ideas and for you. You feel different, too. Like a seed in the dark rich soil, new ideas are gestating. Read Wayne Dyer’s book Inspiration.

TAURUS: You too are secretive, but more so than usual. Your secrecy is so you can have solitude enough to tend to a multiple business, investment, financial, insurance, and day to day practical matters. Unexpectedly events occur with plans made. You may find yourself so impatient you’ll need to do something (run, swim) that cools you off. You plan for the future.

GEMINI: You have one more year of Pluto in your opposite sign. You are now experiencing an “ending year”. Next year will be a completely new situation, song, reality and perspective. This is a year of gathering perspective and of comprehension, of reviewing and of putting the puzzle pieces together. You might make waves professionally and upset a few apple carts. Tell everyone you’ve changed your name to Eve.

CANCER: You may not be at home. You may need to be far away visiting far-away family and those in your heart. You leave as fast as you can and then wonder where home is because where you came from doesn’t feel like home. As the scenery changes, you begin to rearrange your values as ideas from the Mind of God stream swiftly into yours. So now what?

LEO: The architecture and atmosphere of your relationships may need to be dis-assembled and then re-assembled once again so that you can make space for each other, for new realities within your relationships and for the possibility of more intimacy. How does this sound to you? If you don’t have any relationships, then think friendships. They can use extra space, too. How is the monetary situation?

VIRGO: Go slow and be thoughtful so that misunderstanding doesn’t occur. The retrograde is barely out of its shadow and thoughts and communication are beginning to adjust to regular non-retro speed. Unexpected communication can simply jump from you to others and back again at the speed of light. That’s the name of a book, by the way, out of print but extraordinary.

LIBRA: You find that although you have more work to do than hours in the day, you still aspire to create and work at something new, original, creative, revolutionary and in your own timing. You need this new work to serve your sense of confidence but to serve many others as well. Keep your mind aware of ideas occurring at the strangest times. One of these, precipating down, you will “catch” and manifest quietly into form and matter.

SCORPIO: Things are a’changin and you feel it. Where you live, how you live and who you relate to are all coming into questioning appraisal. First you will be uneasy, then you will imagine what you want, then you will push through all obstructions to get to the other side. This to you will signify liberation (one of them). Then you’ll express yourself radically and differently. You too should read Inspiration by W. Dyer.

SAGITTARIUS: Pay attention to what’s around you. Though you may feel you need to run as fast as you can from here the reality of newness and change will actually occur right where you now. Though this may sound boring, it’s not. We live within forty-nine different levels of reality. You will pierce other levels standing right where you are. It will be as if veils simply dropped.

CAPRICORN: In the coming weeks, beginning this week, a great change will occur in how you think and communicate. It will be as if you’ve been given the secrets of the universe in terms of making contact that releases love in all that you do, say, think, feel. You will understand more fully the choices you’ve made and anything that you feel saddened about your will make appropriate reparations.

AQUARIUS: A new financial structure and a new way of viewing and valuing your resources have begun. It’s not time to actually invest. But it is a good time to research investments. It will be best to consider what would assist in the creation of the new culture and civilization, what is “green” and what is most ecological to you, your environment and the planet. You’re the future, remember?

PISCES: Tending to the care and maintenance of yourself is most important now. Not only do you create a model for others to follow but you actually strengthen your physical, emotional and mental bodies (personality) to withstand the potent energies and forces to come creating within you a greater more forceful leadership. Gradually step up your pace of exercise and dietary awareness. Praise more.

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