Risa's Astrology for March 22-28, 2007

Esoteric Astrology as news

Mars the Benefic

In this first week of Spring, Mars (Ray 6), the planet Aries uses to activate the personality, makes contact with Saturn (Ray 3), Jupiter (Ray 2) and Neptune (Ray 6). Mars, the great test-giver, circulates 6th Ray force which leads to humanity experiencing desire, aspiration, idealism, destructive fanaticism (frequently), struggle, strife, war, effort and finally evolution. In all cases of human endeavor Mars leads to the battleground (of Scorpio). It is through the fiery processes of war and strife that Mars, the God of War, brings about the needed purification on our earth. Mars produces the conflicts leading to that purification. Later Mars reorients our focus from matter to Spirit. Mars establishes relations between opposites and esoterically Mars is a benefic. Through Mars, revelation occurs. Thus Mars is called “the benefic star of revelation”.

We can apply all this information to world events today. In this upcoming week we may experience oppositions and battles leading to conflict. We remember the purpose of conflict (Ray 4) is to forge a new reality that reflects the next level of harmony.

Mars and Neptune (both Ray 6) rule our emotional fields. We may feel deeply religions or observe religions fanaticism. Mars and Saturn blend emotions, desires and aspiration with mind. Mars and Jupiter potentially create great love (or jealousy). We must observe ourselves, each other and the news to see how everyone responds. Perhaps Mars itself will be in the news. Mars is the planet of revelation

And so the week: Thursday, v/c all day and night till an hour before midnight (Pacific time) when moon enters Gemini, could be a difficult day with Mars opposite Saturn. Push, pull; here, there; up, down; do it, don’t do it; yes, no! What will it be? Do nothing but observe. That’s the key.

Friday Mars is at it again. This time a bit friendlier as the red planet sextiles (60 degrees apart in signs whose elements are compatible and work together) Jupiter. Therefore we have big and loving (Jupiter, Ray 2) actions or desires or aspirations or war (Mars, Ray 6). Watch as everyone is influenced. Saturday is quiet in comparison. Sunday is the 3rd appearance for Mars as it joins Neptune which is a perfect alignment for the 5th Sunday of Lent. A deeply religious day.

Monday is the Feast of the Annunciation of Mary. We ponder upon and celebrate the day in which Archangel Gabriel (Angel of Incarnation. Consolation & Mercy) appeared to the young woman from Nazareth asking her to be the mother of Jesus. Mary, born into the community of Essenes and prepared for this holy task of conception, pregnancy and birth wherein a new generation of God’s children would emerge, consented. Mary is the new Eve and the new Isis. What do these three women have in common? What sign and significance do they each represent? Monday is v/c all day and night till 10:04 am

Tuesday morning the moon enters Leo. We tend to our individual tasks all day. Wednesday we’re disciplined. The New Group of World Servers continues to prepare, with the Hierarchy, for the Three Spring Festivals, the first of which is Easter or the Aries Festival of Resurrection.

In preparing for the Aries Festival, it is good for everyone to follow the tasks given to Aries. Does everyone have spikenard oil for the symbolic Washing of the Feet ceremony?

ARIES: Mars, your ruler, quite active this week, presents you with three tasks lasting all year long. First, to refine future goals, hopes, wishes and dreams. List and do daily reviews to refine them. Second, do what is needed to pierce those mental veils. In other words, learn something new. Third, love more. Unconditionally.

TAURUS: The tasks for Aries apply to you also, plus intentional focus on your professional aspirations (how the world recognizes you), and how to serve others as the Lords of Compassion would. Group endeavors are most important and it’s within groups that you will be a leader for the emergence of the New World order.

GEMINI: Aries tasks are for you also but with added focus on money and how you use it for self and the world. Are you tithing? Do you share what you have? Giving to others helps them have greater control. What you give to the world reflects how successful your life becomes. I am speaking in spiritual terms. What you give freely, returns with a golden halo.

CANCER: You’re looking to the future wondering about many things, worried perhaps, too. It’s best to drop the worry. The future is mostly created. All you need to think about is how to improve what you already have. Careful with money but you already feel this. Do not use it indiscriminately in the next couple of weeks. Money could flow from your hands like water. Do not allow this to occur.

LEO: It may be time to discuss with intimate(s) all issues not dealt with prior to now. Issues like intimacy, desire, and the aspiration for a better relationship. Perhaps money and how each handles it. Or it could be one feels restricted and one abandoned. One singing and the other not. Mars this week assists with all endeavors related to self and others. Be kind and be good and extend your heart.

VIRGO: Whatever hasn’t been tended to, whatever you couldn’t talk about before, rises to the surface, stands in front of your consciousness, and asks to be dealt with. And you do just that. Therefore you’re very very busy and task-oriented as you should be. Take a few deep breaths here and there, do a few yoga poses, and then back to work till all’s done, completed and composed for the year.

LIBRA: The future’s on your mind and while completing tasks (someone impatiently?), you consider what your needs are. Perhaps you feel restless and eager for what’s to come and overlook what’s in front of you. Don’t do this. The present creates the future. Goodness now creates greater goodness later. This is a law. So tend carefully to tasks with appropriate attention and focused love. Don’t worry, there’s happiness and play in between. Include exercise.

SCORPIO: Family and home responsibilities call you to attention. Then work calls, too and you’re in a quandary as to how much to give where? You have to give to both equally, even if the two overlap. Though your focus may be home, your responsibilities are at work? What to do? This is where angelic help comes in. Write a list of what’s needed, when and where. Make the letter out to your angels. Inform them you are depending upon them to balance everything. Be detailed and specific. Now infuse the letter with love.

SAGITTARIUS: You could feel irritability amidst desires and aspirations. You could think about the family’s needs and then pull back from them. You could have frustration with fellow workers and feel guilty. Then you could rush out and communicate too much for your own good. There’s no happy pause, no happy outcome or medium. Just be as you are, know Mars is in charge and you’re just perfect whatever you do, think, feel and say. Planting something in solitude soothes.

CAPRICORN: First you share all that you know with others. Then you come home and devote all activities to family and loved ones. Then you must go out and about, freeing yourself from all responsibilities. The latter is what you need most of all though the family would like to share your erratic behavior of freedom with you. Can they? Will they? Are you concerned about money? It’s coming.

AQUARIUS: You may feel the need for art and dance. It’s possible, and I hope so, you define yourself more definitely as an artist. Some things good and kind come your way helping in this needed identity. In the meantime each day becomes more and more structured and you revel in this for structure is your middle name actually though you didn’t realize this till now.

PISCES: Money situations converge and you will need to tend to them with careful focus and detail. Do a little day by day till every paper and bill and receipt is carefully filed and organized. This prepares for a future task. Study the New World religion, the foundations being the new and full moon meditations and the Three Spring Festivals. Prepare for the Aries festival by studying the Resurrection. What is it? Did you have pizza yet? Do you need a pizza dough recipe?

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