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New Moon, Solar Eclipse and Spring Equinox

Thursday begins an astrologically dynamic week: Three planets change signs, there is an important Pisces new moon solar eclipse and Pisces waters encounter Aries fires and spring arrives.

Thursday is Aquarius moon that frees and liberates. Friday is a complex astrological day. Every planet and asteroid, from Sun through Pluto comes into play. We have Jupiter to expand us, Saturn for discipline, Pluto for the wisps of death as transformation to deal with. We have Mercury and Venus for relationship tending, Neptune for confusion and deep spirituality and a moon to soothe us, if that’s possible. After a short v/c moon enters compassionate (Lords of
Compassion) Pisces to end the darkness of matter forever.

Saturday Venus enters Taurus (desire for light, knowledge, increased understanding, and wisdom). Sunday, fourth Sunday in Lent, is the birthday of Edgar Cayce. Mercury enters Pisces (Lords of compassion, sacrifice and will), and the New Moon solar eclipse (18 degrees) occurs. This Pisces new moon reveals that Sirius (Ray 2) is involved flowing through Uranus (Ray 7). The nodes
(past and present/future) are involved informing the NGWS that great  tasks are still before them. Great tasks are still to come for  humanity, too. We are to be prepared.

With the solar eclipse something essential disappears and things
hidden come to light. The meditative seed thought that assists and
directs the growth of the personality is “Go forth into matter.”
These are the instructions to the Soul called into manifestation in
order to refine the personality (physical body, emotions, lower mind)
and to create out of it an appropriate tool so the Soul (bridge
between Spirit and matter), living in form and matter, can inform
Spirit of its experiences.

Monday the Sun and Pluto square. This is the final planetary aspect
before the equinox and at the end of the Spiritual year prepares &
transforms us for the arrival of Spring. These two planets create a
crisis of transformation and reorientation. We are asked today to use
our will power appropriately. We are not to be cruel. This is our
test before Spring.

Tuesday afternoon at 5:08 pm (Pacific time) Spring arrives in the
Northern Hemisphere. Spring means the Sun has entered the field of
Aries and the Light of Life Itself shines forth inaugurating the new
spiritual year. Raphael, the Archangel of Healing, sounds his horn
assuming protection of the Earth till Summer. After a short v/c
Tuesday night moon enters Taurus at 10:15 pm. Therefore, Wednesday is
comforting Taurus moon.

Although we are no longer in Pisces Lent continues and from now on
the New Group of World Servers spends an hour or more each day
preparing for the Three Spring Festivals of Aries, Taurus & Gemini
festivals by preparing the soil for planting, making contact with the
devas and plant kingdom, meditating, and gardening. These festivals
are also called the Festivals of Resurrection, Wesak, and Goodwill.
Join us everyone for the Pisces new moon and each day in preparation.

Many readers responded in great depth to last week’s questions
concerning the lunar eclipse & Mercury retro. This week’s questions
to readers concern the solar (Sun) eclipse (hidden). What INNER
reality has or is ending in your life? What hidden things came to
light? Write me at risa@lrec.org. Read more at www.nightlightnews.com.

ARIES: Do take stock of all you’ve done in your lifetime. This
prepares your for the new realities (appearing just for you) in the
coming times. The new moon eclipse brings something about you to
light and it hides something, too. Something that’s no longer needed.
Observe carefully in the next three months what that is unless you
already know. But then maybe there’s more that comes to light.

TAURUS: All things within the groups you are participating in carry a
seed of your own aspirations. The groups will assist in the growth of
your hopes & wishes. Like a cactus that grows slowly yet consistently
and grows often without water, your seeds of life see no obstacles.
Soon your ideas will sprout. They are the “seeds of life itself.”

GEMINI: Whatever in your profession isn’t right for you, doesn’t
allow your gifts and abilities to come forth, isn’t fulfilling or
intelligent will begin to disappear in this solar eclipse Pisces new
moon. You and Pisces have lots share the same Ray 2, the ray of
Love/Wisdom. Therefore you must ask what professional work brings
forth the compassion of Pisces and the intuitive communication skills
of Gemini. Both are to be developed in a professional arena.

CANCER: You seek new information in order to have a greater
understanding of what you’re doing and why and where and how you can
either deepen into your present state of work and life or change
them. Are you happy? Are you satisfied with your environment? Are the
knowledge and belief systems you’re working within sustaining you?
Something will occur that enlightens your mind and allows you to
evaluate your life so that change comes forth. Freedom rings out.

LEO: What situations are you encountering or pondering concerning
finances and working with others? Are you thinking of a venture that
includes sums of money? A move somewhere? Is everyone involved
responsible and reliable? If not, think again or do it alone. Tend
also to insurance and tax responsibilities. Accomplish tasks before
they’re due. In this way your inner creative gifts will come forward
to assist you. But only if there is no time pressure. Do prosperity

VIRGO: You continue to think about everyone close to you, all those
you love, care for, work with. This includes family, friends, and
intimates. As you think and ponder new insights occur allowing for
greater and deeper understanding of and gratitude for everyone in
your life here to serve you and you them. Changes will occur with all
these relationships. Either you will change or they will. Knowing
this prepares you. Work hard now. This is a shield and a protection.

LIBRA: You’re very busy with lots more responsibility. It seems like
this is the year of more work than usual and this will continue for
some months. Therefore plan the day before arising. Plan each hour.
Plan what you will eat and when and where you exercise (daily). Plan
even the amount of water you drink (drink 8 ounces each hour for
eight hours). Plan sleep and do exercises just before sleep. Plan
everything. Then you have strength and courage.

SCORPIO: Home is a place where unusual things should occur this
month. Unusual décor, music, ideas, writings, people invited in, and
planned events. Unusual parties, get-togethers and dinners makes home
a perfect place to discuss, ask questions and discover what the new
culture and civilization could be. Most of all though you should be
having fun, enjoyment, play, leisure, romance, sports, and be with

SAGITTARIUS: Tend to your home situation, all affairs domestic and
familial. Clean as if mother’s coming to visit and, if your home
needs to be embellished, bedecked, festooned, or trimmed away, do so
soon. Fun will be had by all if you invite others over. Hang things,
too, that jewel, bedeck, filigree, veil and otherwise create a
certain, um, fascination. Like Scorpio, you’re to have fun while
focusing on self as domesticated. It’s all about you for now, anyway
(for awhile).

CAPRICORN: This is a good time to be in touch with neighbors, friends
and family – offering each of them something special (if you have the
time) acknowledging their presence are in your life. It needn’t be
much. A thank you along with several cookies, three flowers, a
flowering plum or almond branch. This insures their sustaining
response when and if you need help in the future. In off hours (are
there any?) ponder on and tend to money in new and different ways.
Like giving to a charity that’s in great need. Do you need listening

AQUARIUS: Something may come along and hurt you this week. Or you may
go along and hurt another. Chiron (ouch) in the sky is settling in
with Mars. Be extra careful with what you do and how you do it. Drive
carefully. Move slowly. Be aware if using sharp instruments. It’s
most important also to be mindful of feelings and consequent
communication. Anger may arise along with lashings out, hurting self
and others. Is this useful and is there another behavior more
appropriate to the situation? Tend to financial things also very
carefully. Do this now.

PISCES: Certain values will go through a metamorphosis. They will
mutate, change and evolve. Observe your inner self in order to
understand and know what these values-changes are. Finances will be a
focus along with being aware of who you have been, who you are now,
and who you will become. Each day and each hour everything seems to
change. Notice your constant changes of mood. You belong to Neptune
and to Pluto. A special sort of penetrating power radiates from you.
Let’s stop now. It’s time for pizza.

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