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Esoteric Astrology as news for week March 8-14, 2007

In Free-Fall Everywhere

Remember to set clocks forward before the Nightly Review (Esoteric Task for Disciples) Saturday night. Intense and increasingly focused activity continues everywhere this week with nine planets and asteroids clustered in bucket formation in two signs – Pisces (sacrifice) and Aquarius (service). Opposite and acting as handles are South node (past realities) and Saturn (structure). This formation reminds me of the children’s jingle “Humpty Dumpty had a great fall and all the Kings horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again”. Our past realities are falling down. New realities aren’t formed yet. Everything’s in transition and in free-fall everywhere.

It’s fun to watch the news through the lens of the transits (movement of planets). For example with Mercury retro in Pisces last week (Feb. 27th), a very long moon v/c, and the day before Saturn (structures) opposed Neptune (dissolving), of course the Dow plunged 400 points within 3 minutes! And on Thursday of last week the Dow fell 200 more points. The stock market is influenced by the emotions of the investors. With Saturn (fear) opposite Neptune (confusion then spiritual clarity) emotional fields of everyone involved in the stock market were affected. When there is fear there is a withholding and a pulling back especially with money. Thus the market fluctuates.

The transit of Saturn opposite Neptune (Ray 3 of money and economics & Ray 6 of faith and hope falling away) has much to do with the economic situation. Money is many people’s hope. The energies falling to earth on February 27th created great difficulty for moving forward. It felt as if we were moving through molasses, thick, sticky and dense. Eventually though form became fluid and the money simply drifted away.

See beautiful (like art photography) new photos of Saturn at: http://news.search.yahoo.com/search/news?ei=UTF-8&p=Saturn&c=news_photos&datesort=1&fr=

Another observable and serious event last week was the extreme weather – tornadoes in the Midwest and massive snow in the northwest. Then a 4.2 earthquake shook San Francisco (Lafayette, CA) the day before the eclipse Pisces full moon. An intense week indeed with tornadoes in Alabama, earthquakes (increasing) in the Bay area and severe weather on the east coast continuing.

The upcoming week: A harmonious day for humanity occurs Thursday due to Venus and Jupiter (expansive intelligent love) in trine (120 degrees apart) and both in fire signs (Aries & Sag). Money, economics & relationships are uplifted. Friday just after midnight, seriousness befalls us. All day we’re shadowed by responsibilities. Friday is the birthday of Mircea Eliade, Pisces and of course, religious interpreter. It’s v/c Friday night. Saturday, Sag moon, an easy, lighthearted and joyful day. Remember to set clocks forward (spring forward) one hour before sleep.

Sunday, beginning of daylight savings time, deep feelings emerge and we must transform something. Monday the moon enters serious-with-a-dry-sense-of-humor Capricorn at 12:34 pm (Pacific time). We’re concerned with being responsible no matter how difficult the task, maintaining self-discipline and conforming to expectations. Somehow though we must rest and back down off the ladder we’re perpetually climbing lest exhaustion set in. Tuesday & Wednesday have the same Capricorn concerns. Wednesday is v/c from 1:21 pm till 6:52 pm when independence-seeking Aquarius moon begins. Capricorns finally climb off their ladders to rest in the light of freedom (from tasks) and ease. Relief is expressed all over the earth.

Question to readers: Due to the lunar eclipse, the influences of Neptune and the Mercury retro in Pisces (ruled by Neptune) what in your life recently has or is presently ending? What area of your life is being affected? Email me at risa@lrec.org.

ARIES: What are those new ideas and hopes, dreams and wishes concerning your future. We would like to hear them. Simultaneously notice that you are thinking differently and perhaps many of your viewpoints have changed. How are you doing with present friends and intimates? Do they see a change in you and are they challenged by it?

TAURUS: It’s important to be cautious and careful with those around you, especially around work. It’s possible you can become quite rebellious and perhaps angry with everyone. Also impatient, overworked, and ambitious. Impatience and anger are red flags that something’s not right. New types of work may suddenly pop into your mind. Boldness and courage will be needed for the changes coming. Gardening allows you to ponder on things.

GEMINI: You may be seeking greater knowledge so you can discover what your place in the cosmos and then begin to know what your purpose is along the Way. You have an ethical and philosophical value system but perhaps it’s not defined quite yet. Through insight and intuition, the faint outlines of your value system will begin to appear. In the meantime you absolutely must be traveling. Now and later, too.

CANCER: The past months were difficult. Now you find you’re less self-involved and more able to experiment with new ideas, be inventive, insightful, and more easily tend to psychological situations that before felt like crisis. For Cancers seeking passionate relationships you must not be jealous or envious lest you lose what you love. All Cancers must look after talents and resources with loving care.

LEO: It’s possible that rebelliousness and independence once again will affect your relationships. Long ago this occurred and the one who loved you was deeply harmed by your actions stemming from anger, rebelliousness and seeking freedom. If you allow this cycle to occur once again you’ll lose what is most important and suffering will overtake you. Be kind, be caring, be wise, be appealing, be creative and love more. This latter is a choice even the Hierarchy makes.

VIRGO: Every aspect of your daily life is up for change and you have the energy, willingness, and ability to make those changes. From morning till night, all areas of life from breakfast to afternoon and evening meals, from gardening to house cleaning, from work routines and agendas to pet care, from how you dress to future goals and making decisions – all you will review for updating and restructuring. The details make you happy. Life will be different in several months.

LIBRA: Your old dreams are slowly dissolving. That’s OK. A new structure of everything is attempting to emerge. In the meantime, there’s so much work to do in your daily life that you can’t even begin to observe in depth the changes your life is making for you. But a new level of creativity must emerge which you feel. So look out and be aware for at strange moments your intuition will tell you things never considered before. All good. Some intensity is involved.

SCORPIO: It’s best to be aware that hiding feelings, getting back at someone, focusing solely on one person, thing, or event and not tending to mother could get you in hot water. Scorching may be a better word for the outcome. What is needed instead of anger and frustration is an attempt to understand many other points of view. Some Scorpios will experience the Nine tests all over again. And some will up and move. All of this can be exciting if thought of as a journey of observation and new life choices.

SAGITTARIUS: You might find yourself talking, talking, talking and hopefully writing, writing, writing and having bursts of philosophical insights that lead quickly to new and unusual goals and you need to be careful because so much fire is moving through you that you may have a kundalini experience that’s too much to bear. Instead of this scenario, begin running, swimming and working out. Aggressiveness with friends and siblings and the environments you find yourself in isn’t allowed. Be like Mr. Rogers.

CAPRICORN: There may come a time when you consider what, where, and how much daily, weekly & monthly the money you’re spending. This is a good exercise allowing you to make choices and create solutions for what you may think of as financial difficulties. There’s also an issue here of values. I want to say here and now that, no matter what you do or how you do it, you are the most valuable being on earth. Get a big blue ledger book.

AQUARIUS: Many of your qualities are accentuated now like your creativity and inventiveness, being capable, innovative, original, and ingenious in all situations. Others observe you for clues as to how they too can be so bright, skilled and artistic. Be kind to those not having your illustrious and favorable qualities. By watching you carefully they become inspired to be greater than they are. Uplift them with your goodness.

PISCES: Dreams may more and more inhabit your sleep. They contain mysteries to be unraveled. They also release you from daily difficulties. Spray lavender (pure) water on your bedclothes and pajamas. This helps you sleep better. A synthesis is occurring in your mind bringing together multiple ideas, thoughts and endeavors. You will offer this to others and they will benefit. Stay quiet and in hiding for now. Begin to grow wheat grass, sprouts and mushrooms.

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