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Esoteric Astrology as news for week March 1-7, 2007

Lunar Eclipse – Something in Form Shimmers Away

This Full Moon eclipse week celebrates the Chinese Lantern Festival, Purim (Sunday), and Mercury going direct (Wednesday). The Pisces/Virgo Full moon lunar eclipse at 13 degrees occurs Saturday along with the Chinese Lantern Festival Lunar eclipses inform humanity the outer appearance and form of something, completing its usefulness, will disappear. It’s good to know what area of life is “eclipsed” (disappears, hidden, falling away) in everyone’s chart. Participating in this Full Moon eclipse Uranus (revolution, new culture and civilization, Ray 7) and the nodes (the geography of our past & present/future). North node signifies our present/future and south node our past. With south node joining the moon, we are to realize our past as we know it is over, complete, and thus dissolving.

As it (the past) shakes, rattles, and rolls away new archetypes (Uranus) and Path (North node) are being introduced. This is subtle and yet not so subtle if we acknowledge the following realities – we are in transition; time seems compressed; the past is over; memory has lessened; attachments are disappearing; there is struggle at every level of life; patterns no longer work; all rules are changed; the new rules haven’t appeared yet; we are in chaotic times and everything’s in conflict. Why?

What is occurring is that the atoms of Pisces (Ray 6), vibrating within our earth and bodies for the past 2,500 years are slowing down and they are slower than the atoms of Aquarius (Age, Ray 7) now entering our earth. This is of profound significance and as the truth of the reality of our present times slowly comes into our consciousness this Full moon eclipse of Pisces Virgo will assist us.

The week of overall revolution with Venus in Aries, Mars in Aquarius & Sun/Uranus: Thursday is St. David’s feast day and Wednesday’s Saturn opposite Neptune (breakdown of structures) remains in effect even though Leo moon wants everything to be fun, easy, glamorous and just like it used to be. It’s not anymore. Friday is v/c till 1:32 pm (Pacific time) when moon enters Virgo and the NGWS begin to prepare for the last Full Moon eclipse of the spiritual year occurring Saturday at 3:17 pm.

The Pisces meditative seed thought invoked with the Lords of Compassion is “I leave the Father’s home and turning back, I save.” Armed with the compassion and love for humanity, we understand this seed thought and radiate our intentions toward humanity. This is the task of Pisces during festival times (new & full moons). Saturday is also the Chinese Lantern Festival ending the two-week celebration of Chinese New Year. The Lantern Festival is beautiful and ancient; signifying in art and metaphor the coming new light of Spring. See http://www.index-china.com/index-english/Lantern.html.

Sunday, 2nd Sunday of Lent, is Purim, the Jewish festival of Esther who delivered the Persian Jews from death at the hands of Haman, the evildoer. Purim is also an ancient spring festival, the delivering of the light from the darkness. Purim is a time of giving, friendship, festive eating, story telling, Jewish songs, and giving to the poor. The Book of Esther is read and there is great joy and gratitude.

Monday, Libra moon, Uranus joins the Sun. The day may contain unexpected events that are quite revelatory. The future comes to the present and an electrical charge passes through the earth further activating our Aquarian atoms. Expect interruptions and nothing to occur as expected. Tuesday continues the Ray 3 Libra atmosphere. Money and economics and relationships are the focus. Wednesday’s short v/c (11:51 am – 2 17 pm) ends with as Moon enters Scorpio & everything goes into hiding. Wednesday night, 8:45 pm, the Mercury retro, 25 Aquarius, is over. Sigh.

ARIES: Well, with Venus in your sign, lots of passion and seduction and temptations may take place either through you, through another or both. If married do be careful, ethical and remember your vows. If not, do be careful, ethical and maintain safety. Everyone knows what this means. All Aries, through identity with either money or sex or relationship or…will be redefining themselves seeking a new self-identity within a background of tumultuous intensity. Have fun through it all. And maintain awareness.

TAURUS: You’ll identify with more spiritual things and others will identify you as one who leads us into the future with pertinent information needed to overcome difficulties, the dissolving of realities and the sustaining of life. You will create the template that articulates everyday needs should disasters befall us in the near or far future. This is your task and deep down you know it.

GEMINI: Something at home shifts and changes, goes into a reversal or moves swiftly into the future. Something new and unusual occurs within the groups you identify with and something revelatory occurs in your mind. Putting this all together I have to ask – what is occurring in your life, what structures are dissolving, and what are you thinking these days? I’m curious. Perhaps more than you.

CANCER: The eclipse affects the way you think and speak, the way you process information and what your goals are and will be. Since you are ruled by the moon, the lunar eclipse deeply affects you. Observe carefully how you feel during this and next eclipse in two weeks at the new moon festival. You’re thinking about travel. It will occur all of a sudden. Hang lanterns.

LEO: Money and finances, income and resources become a focus and you again concentrate on who and what’s of value and with whom you want to share everything. Is there someone? All the planets seem to be hovering in your houses of relationship and intimacy (7th & 8th). Intimacy and closeness, though deeply important to you, need to begin with trust. Something new is revealed at the eclipse. It’s been hidden for too long.

VIRGO: The eclipse is in your sign so you are deeply affected. Also your daily life and how and who you serve, and what your focus is every day and what your interests are and all your thoughts and if you’re discriminating enough and if you’re using your mind so that it creates Right Human Relations enough. All will be assessed even after Mercury, your ruling planet, turns direct. Your ways of thinking are challenged.

LIBRA: You want to have fun and to play this week. But things keep falling this way and that and what you want and seek are interrupted and then you feel upset and at loose ends. This entire time challenges you ’til you become oversensitive and question everything even your relationships, which always can use a bit of an overview. The big thing is your need for independence. How would that come about?

SCORPIO: Do you feel the need to work at home more, to go out and play more, to concentrate on creative endeavors not often thought about? Everything old seeks to be new again and you’re the one to reorient it but you need time and resources to do this. Your heart has a longing. So you march forward with your own dreams, you tend to family and make contact (contact releases love) and everything becomes a revelation. Record what you think, feel, see, wonder about, and hear – all revelations.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re pulled once again in two direction and everything’s in competition especially your inner life and outer, work and home, family and friends, long range goals and responsibilities close by. Consider if you were a great leader, president of a country or a nation. What would you do and how would you solve the dilemma of so many opposing choices (and forces). You may also feel emotional. Did I hear a “duh” in the background? If affairs of the heart too seem conflicted just know conflict and tension create “attention” and are grounds for later creative work. Be in touch with la familia.

CAPRICORN: Should you feel the need for anything, just ask. It will be given, available, come forth, and be abundant. Things may seem to move a bit slower than usual. This is so they can be completed in a sustainable way. Children, young people, your own child-self need tender loving care, close careful attention and consistency even as everything is new. You will know how to do this. Begin with slow communication, maintain eye contact, and move into love.

AQUARIUS: A new two-year cycle has begun and you may feel exuberance and so watch out, don’t fall (for or over anything) and life will be up and down for a long time to come and this will release your brilliance which is needed for the times to come and the future yet to be revealed. You’ll be so busy you might miss most of this. Seek and you’ll find, ask and it will be given. Expect excitement along with bewilderment. Call home when in doubt.

PISCES: Tend to relationships carefully. The lunar eclipse occurs (makes changes) with your relationships and close intimates. Observe what occurs with others all the while reaching out to bring them close. Something quite new and good will enter your life in the next few months. For now tend to those in need. Take seriously that your task is to help others. So much about your life is hidden now. Much will be revealed soon. Part of that is a new independent identity.

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