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BB&BBQ: Love It or Hate It?

By Blair Jackson Editor Even though Bikes, Blues & BBQ has become a firm tradition in Fayetteville, there are some locals who cannot be lured to Dickson Street during the

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In the Shadows of the American Dream

A majority of the new homeless population is circumstantially homeless as a result of the economy and job market, divorce rates and domestic violence. — John Woodward By Blair Jackson

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Tackling Tradition with the Hearts of Champions

By Blair Jackson Editor A group of Northwest Arkansas women are donning shoulder pads (specially crafted for the feminine physique) and lacing up their cleats for a championship game scheduled


5 Girls: One Cardigan

Five Girls: One Cardigan Five fashionable females from the fabulous town of Fayetteville show us different ways to play up a gray, vintage “Ward Cleaver” cardigan. Something you may find


Fest of All

You can find more photos from Fest of All on our facebook page! Tag yo’ self. http://www.facebook.com/freekly

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Dancing with the Giant Mountain Troll

By Zan Jarvis TFW Contributing Writer Ralph Odom knows how to get the girls. For two hours every Friday night, the man holds more women in his arms than most


Listen Up

Northwest Arkansas has a love affair with music from the hills and valleys of Eureka Springs to the Fayetteville scene to the square in Bentonville and beyond.

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War Games

I traveled around the area to observe the aforementioned war game activities, and what I saw was anything but violent. I saw friends competing against friends and fathers having fun with their sons.


Welcome To The ’Ville

Fayetteville isn’t just a great place to go to college, it’s a great place to live in and experience with a top-class public library, a nationally recognized farmers market, a political system that’s always rich with debate …


Local To Open Brewery

J.T. Wampler is on the verge of opening his own beer brewery in south Fayetteville. If all goes according to plan, area folk will be sipping on the nectar offered at the Tanglewood Branch Beer Co.