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Common Grounds Restores Faith

Eat It By Rachel Birdsell TFW Contributing Writer Preamble Ramble I broke up with Common Grounds a few years ago after a couple of rounds of bad service and even

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The NWA 'Bucket List'

Every city or region has them.
There are the people you must know and the places you must go.

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Pay parking. Does it make Fayetteville entertainment district patrons, business owners and Dickson Street employees want to smash the system?


Food For The Soul

If you’re the type of person who wants the decor of the restaurant you’re eating at to match and wants to drink out of stemmed glasses rather than Mason jars, then you should probably steer clear of Momma Dean’s.

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Say Cheese

With sandwich names such as Edam and Weep, Parmageddon and Jack to the Future, I couldn’t resist trying Hammontree’s.

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Get in Shape Economically

Getting in great physical shape can wreak havoc on your budget.

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Crank it to 11!

Sound techs get no respect.