Fayetteville Public Library Expands Digital Offerings

Fayetteville Public Library

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Fayetteville Public Library officials announced that it has expanded its online offerings to include movies, television shows, music, audiobooks, e-books and comic books from hoopla digital and streaming music from Freegal Music.

Both services, which allow patrons to check out materials at any time and from any location, require a valid library card.

hoopla digital, a new offering from Fayetteville Public Library, allows patrons to check out movies, television shows, music, audiobooks, e-books and comic books. Unlike some online services available from the library, all materials checked out through hoopla are available instantly. Materials that have been checked out can also be downloaded to individual devices for offline playback during the duration of the loan period.

Patrons are allowed to check out up to eight items a month from hoopla. The loan period varies by material: video checks out for three days, music checks out for seven days, and e-books, audiobooks and comic books check out for 21 days.

Additionally, the library recently added streaming music to its existing service with Freegal Music. Library patrons will still be able to download up to five free songs per week. In addition, library users can now stream up to three hours of music per day through either the Freegal website or the Freegal app. Freegal’s music library contains thousands of albums, including albums from the Sony Music catalog.

Cardholders can get started with hoopla and Freegal by clicking on their respective icons at faylib.org/downloadables or by downloading the apps. To get started with hoopla, cardholders will also need to create a username and password. Freegal does not require a username or password – patrons log in using their library card and pin numbers.

In addition to these new offerings, the library gives patrons access to downloadable e-books, audiobooks, magazines, music and video through a variety of services. For a complete listing of all the library’s digital offerings, visit faylib.org/downloadables. For more information about the library’s digital collections, contact Willow Fitzgibbon, director of library services, at 479-856-7210 or wfitzgibbon@faylib.org.

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