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Keeping Tabs On Congress: There’s an App For That

Countable is a smartphone app that tracks Congress activity and streamlines the process of contacting national representatives.

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Present Tense

Unfortunately, you can’t just tell her that your relationship was “a gift from God.” So was the plague of locusts.

Cover Story

Sex Trafficking In Arkansas Continues To Be A Concern

In Arkansas this year alone there have been 26 human trafficking cases reported, and 23 of those cases were sex trafficking cases.

Making Ripples

Ways To Make A Difference This Holiday Season

Do you have a favorite holiday commercial rerun? Some commercials have been playing for nostalgic audiences for decades.


Victory At Standing Rock

On Sunday, Dec. 4, the Army Corps of Engineers denied permits for the construction of a crucial easement meant to run under Lake Oahe near the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation.

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Light in the Dark – Full Moon on Santa Lucia Day

Tuesday, Dec. 13 (Winter Solstice, Julian calendar) is the Feast of St. Lucia (Lucy). Lucia, from Latin “luc, lux”, means “light”, “lucid.”

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Focus on the Silver Lining

The election is over and Trump won. In a country with a sane election system, he would not have, but we have the Electoral College, so he did. In Joe Hill’s immortal words, “Don’t mourn; organize!”