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The Foley's Van Harvest Fest Experience

Things are picking up pace it seems for Foley’s Van, Fayetteville’s resident progressive bluegrass band.


He Can Funk All By Himself

Henry Roland, from Austin, Texas, is a one-man-funk-band who utilizes loop recording pedal technology to live record several different instruments to create a funk fest of sounds.


Carolina Chocolate Drops Revive Roots Music

Their Friday night headlining set was truly a roots music performance, inducing trance-like vibes with their originals like “Snowden’s Jig.” Despite being strictly acoustic, their performance was electrifying.


Review: The Flash, Ep. 3 "Things You Can't Outrun"

It’s a testament to just how good The Flash is already that they have me so very invested in what is going to happen to Barry Allen this season.


Review: Gotham, Ep. 5 "Viper"

So now Bruce has a murder wall. sigh. Look, I get it. He’s determined. This is just nonsensical to me because he’s a ten year old. His parents just died.


Walking Dead: "Strangers" Ep. 2 Review

After the tumult that kicked off our fifth season, our group of survivors deserves a moment of respite.


American Horror Story: Freakshow

I’m doing something a little different with the AHS reviews and have decided to combine the first two episodes into one piece, which is why there was nothing out last week about it.


Queer and Transgender: A Wider View

I’m fascinated that anyone in Fayetteville would suffer from gender madness. As a typical Fayettevillain (peace activist, musician, etc), imagine my surprise when I looked at the list of folks who would repeal our new anti-discrimination law (, and found names of folks I love.

Advice Advice Goddess

Will Onesies Never Cease?

A lot of people use Facebook to announce their accomplishments: “I became CEO of the company!” “I got into Juilliard!” And then there’s your friend: “We had sex without birth control, and look at what happened!”

Advice Risa's Astrology

Libra’s Two Choices

Libra (our last week) is the sign of creating Right Relations & Values. In Libra we are asked to choose how to be, our identity, in the world.