Dark, Mysterious Costume Ideas for Halloween

Dark, Mysterious Costume Ideas for Halloween

Photos by Sophie Odelia Bauer

October is here and with it comes one of my favorite times of the year, Halloween! October is full of dark beauty and mysterious weather with a change of the season upon us. I put together two favorite/contrasting looks for this fun month and potentially as inspiration for some costumes.


This first look is worn by Desiree Easley, a local bartender at Smoke & Barrel Tavern, and is a twist of the black raven bird.

I created a mimic of the “oh so beloved black swan” makeup look from several years ago, adding some skinny fine feathers from Hobby Lobby. To give almost a wing effect on her eyes, I used eye lash glue to secure them to the face around the eyes, which lasted for hours. Add any sleek black clothing, high black heels and some kind of cape or black shawl for a wearable and moveable black raven get up!



This second look is modeled by Tryphina Szabo (local mamma and manager at the Hilton Hotel) and could be a golden angel or Greek goddess, whichever you prefer.

I used burgundy tones around the eyes to deep set them and to contour the cheek bones. I then used some homemade salve and lightly patted it around the eye area to create a mask effect, then sprinkled extra fine gold glitter over eye area, it stuck beautifully and stayed in place for hours. Note: feel free to set the glitter afterward with any setting spray for extra hold.

I then created a makeshift halo out of gold Christmas floral decor, purchased from Hobby Lobby as well.

Tryphina is wearing an old vintage lace slip with a makeshift white lace drapery, found at Goodwill, pinned into a goddess dress. Note: very minor sewing could be done with a piece of elastic added to make a more wearable dress and or any type of hemp or rope, any off-white or white fabric could be used as well.


I hope you enjoy these looks, I have attached a few photos that inspired my creativity for these looks. I hope you are inspired to create your own version of these costumes and or any costume idea that catches your attention, after all, this is the time of the year to let your full imagination and creativity flow!



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